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The percussion is crisp and comfortable, the appearance is attractive and the personality is attractive, and the Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao Bluetooth mechanical keyboard experience

For us migrant workers, it is very important to have a handy device. Especially for people like me who stare at the computer all day and output constantly, the requirements for the keyboard are very high. In order to find a more usable keyboard, I deliberately compared many brands, and finally I fell in love with the Lofree Bluetooth mechanical keyboard.

Unboxing and drying things, full of heart

When I received the packaging, I was attracted by the packaging and careful design of the Lofree brand. First of all, in terms of packaging design, the overall continuation of the brand's consistent minimalist style is built, and the keyboard, bearings, and keycaps are clearly packaged. The Humble Hitting Worker series I started with is just in line with my current state.

I can't wait to open the package, and the internal accessories are displayed intuitively. Through the step-by-step installation of bearings and keyboards, I have fully experienced the fun of DIY.

It is worth mentioning that this keyboard also supports user-customized personalized keycaps, and the brand is quite humanized in this regard. If you want to update the keycaps and shafts in the future, you can go directly to the "Luo Fei Building" applet. There are a variety of personalized splicing accessories to fully satisfy the user's aesthetic vision, whether you are a sweet and pleasant lady, or The little brother who takes the cold route can find a style that suits him. The details show the brand's ingenuity.

The bearings and keyboard are installed step by step. The bearings only need to be pressed with the pins aligned with the holes. Girls can also easily get started. The keycaps are all in one-to-one correspondence, and it is very easy to get started.

The overall installation is effortless and can be completed in about ten minutes. It is worth noting that the position of the pin should be paid attention to during the installation of the bearing, so as to avoid the situation that the pin is bent due to excessive force, which will cause subsequent button failure. In terms of details, Lofree is equipped with several additional shafts to prevent damage during installation, which is quite thoughtful.

Exquisite and beautiful, create an exclusive keyboard

Since I bought this Bluetooth mechanical keyboard from Lofree, many colleagues have come to ask about the same model. The overall design of this keyboard is indeed beautiful and generous, which makes it hard not to be tempted. There are a total of different themes for the keyboard to choose from. The one I bought is the "worker model", which is very cute. With such a good-looking bluetooth mechanical keyboard, I feel that my office mood has improved.

PPT retro keycaps, round and not sticky

The overall look is very beautiful, so how about the design in the details? This keyboard is also very advantageous in the design of the details. It uses PPT retro keycaps, especially the sublimation process, to create a keyboard that is wear-resistant and non-greasy, and its corners are relatively rounded, so there will be no sticking. The first time I used this keyboard for work, I fell in love with it.

Ergonomic design, typing is not tiring

Of course, the key to judging whether a keyboard is good or not depends on its comfort. At this point, this wireless bluetooth keyboard of Lofree gave me a bright feeling. The keyboard is specially designed with ergonomics, with just the right 9-degree tilt, which will make the wrist more relaxed during typing. For people like me who type on the keyboard every day, having such a keyboard that makes your hands feel relaxed is a big plus.

Support three connection methods, great practicality

The practical performance of this keyboard is also very guaranteed. It can support three different connection methods: Bluetooth 5.0, wireless 2.4G, and limited, which can meet 99% of practical scenarios. There are also many compatible devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc., can be used together with it. There are a variety of connection methods like this, and there are many compatible devices, so the practical performance of the keyboard is naturally more guaranteed.

Automatic energy-saving technology, longer battery life

The battery life of the wireless Bluetooth keyboard will also directly affect its use experience. I have also used a wireless Bluetooth keyboard before, and its battery life is very poor, and it has to be charged once after using it for a day or two. But this wireless Bluetooth keyboard has three AAA batteries inside, and its battery life can reach 3~4 weeks. With such a long-lasting Bluetooth keyboard, I instantly feel more motivated to struggle!

Generally speaking, Lofree's wireless Bluetooth keyboard performs well in all aspects. As a keyboard worker who often needs to use it, I have a good impression of this keyboard. I feel that after having it, I am more motivated to work! If you are also looking for a keyboard that is easier to use, you can also consider the brand Lofree.

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