The pink and fresh Gasket keyboard is newly launched! Hubatu F75 is suitable for young and fashionable you!

If there is any product on the desk that can reflect individuality, it must be a variety of keyboards.

The mechanical keyboard was first reborn with the development of competitive games. It was originally a product that geeks and gamers were keen on. In the past two years, due to the launch of mechanical keyboards with various shafts, shapes, and lights, more women Users have also begun to fall in love with mechanical keyboards. According to the situation in my office, 50% of female colleagues have been equipped with mechanical keyboards, and among them, female colleagues under 30 basically have one. And one is cuter or cooler than the other. It can be seen that the mechanical keyboard has become a carrier for them to highlight their personality and show their preferences.

Today I recommend you a F75 from Hubatu, a super sweet and lovely mechanical keyboard. I believe many young ladies will like it.

First look at the design of this keyboard

Very pink design elements, pink, pink green, pink orange, a small keyboard integrates three colors, and the colors are very comfortable, giving people a fresh and lovely feeling overall.

There is a golden decorative plate in the lower left corner, which is marked with the logo of tiger and rabbit. The golden label and the color matching of the keyboard itself are also very coordinated, bringing a touch of luxury.

The volume adjustment knob in the upper right corner is also designed in gold, and the two golden elements arranged in a diagonal line echo left and right, and echo up and down.

The back of the keyboard also has a decorative strip, which is very beautiful, with the words RICH OVERNIGHT printed, simple and beautiful

The trademark on the back is very cute, and the head portrait of a tiger and a rabbit goes well with the girlish style. And there is also a receiver placed under it, unexpectedly, unexpectedly, this place is still open by pressing! Wonderful

After talking about the shape, let's take a look at the performance of this keyboard.

First of all, this is a three-mode keyboard!

For the office party, I think the three-mode keyboard is very necessary. One is because the number of USB ports in the current office notebooks is generally small, so it is best to use the keyboard and mouse without a receiver, which can save precious money. number of usbs.

And as an office, I often need to switch between two computers. At this time, the multi-mode keyboard will come in handy!

This is a W/M one-button switch keyboard!

Hubatu F75 uses a mechanical structure to switch between Win and Mac. Although this design costs more, I think it is more convenient in terms of usage habits. It can be operated by blind touch on the right side, and the experience is good.

This is a Gasket structure keyboard! Cushioning in place, first-class feel

The current mechanical keyboard, the Gasket structure should be everyone's favorite structure, because the Gasket structure has multiple layers of cushioning, all typing will feel better, and typing for a long time will not be tiring.

In terms of the shaft body, the TTC Neptune shaft is adopted, which is quiet and comfortable

TTC switches have been very popular in the past two years. The Neptune switch is very suitable for female users. The keys have a moderate key travel, are relatively quiet, and have a lighter paragraph feel, which is very suitable for fast typing. With the structure of Gasket, not only can you feel clean and neat when typing, but it also protects women's fingers very well, avoiding the problem of hand soreness caused by long-term typing.

Plus, it's an RGB cool keyboard

RGB is a very important point for women to choose a keyboard now, let's not talk nonsense, let's take a look at a few GIFs!

This is a keyboard with its own screen! super cool!

For female users, it is very important whether a keyboard can reflect information such as battery power and mode status in real time. Therefore, the 1.14-inch TFT color screen equipped with the Hubatu F75 is very important. The above information is very detailed and sufficient, and it can also reflect the time. Compared with the kind of only a few LED lights, it is necessary to interpret the meaning of each light. The expression is more direct, and the upgrade of the keyboard is also obvious, more cool!

Finally, let's take a look at the accessories and workmanship of this keyboard

The accessories are complete, including tools for pulling out keycaps and tools for pulling out shafts.

Comes with 2 height-adjustable support legs, which can be easily replaced.

Moreover, the workmanship of this wire is also rare and exquisite, equipped with a metal adapter. The spiral stretchable wire can match more scenes and be better stored. The wire also matches the color of the keyboard body, and the L-shaped TYPE-C interface saves space and is full of design sense!

last of the last

Now seeing the link of Jingdong, the price of this product is about 800

Considering the TTC shaft of this Hubatu F75, cute shape, exquisite workmanship, and design with color screen, the price of 800 is still very nice, so if you like girl fans, or you want to give one to your girlfriend If you want a digital gift, then this F75 from Hubatu will be a good choice!

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