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The plot person is coming soon, what gift can I give my boyfriend within 300 yuan? ——Rapoo V700 DIY RGB mechanical keyboard can be seen!

With the increase in the number of mechanical keyboard players in key circles in recent years, customization has also caught the attention of many players. Many years ago, the author came into contact with the welded shaft mechanical keyboard. Because the shaft body is fixed, you need to think twice and choose the shaft body when you buy it. The original DIY customization method includes: heating and plugging the shaft seat, changing the shaft (center) ), adding LED lights, changing shells, moistening shafts, etc. With the popularity of customization, many peripheral brands have launched RGB mechanical keyboards that support hot-swappable shafts for the convenience of players, which greatly reduces the cost of customization. the threshold of transformation. I recently bought this V700 DIY mechanical keyboard, which is Rapoo’s first 104-key full-size customized keyboard. It supports full-key hot-swappable, and comes with long-running fast silver switches or spring white switches. It can be used immediately. , very suitable for players who are new to customization.

The front of the package shows the appearance, product model, switch body and other information of the Rapoo V700 DIY RGB mechanical keyboard. I chose the Rapoo Quick Silver switch.

盒内包括雷柏V700 DIY机械键盘一把、USB-A to C键盘线一根,拔键&拔轴器一个和产品使用指南;

The Rapoo V700 DIY RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard has a silver and white color scheme as a whole. It adopts a classic 104-key layout and retains the number area and direction keys. It is very friendly for office and game users. The size of the keyboard is 435×149×48mm (length*width*height), and the overall weight is 835g. The switch body is equipped with the KA-12 linear fast silver switch developed by Rapoo with a lifespan of 50 million times, and supports full-key hot-swapping and 104 keys. No red, with rich RGB lighting effects.

There are M (office/game mode switching), V1 (lighting effect mode switching), V2 (wheel mode switching), V3 (mute) shortcut keys and an independent metal scroll wheel in the upper right corner of the keyboard. Below the scroll wheel is the English LOGO of the brand. When the office/game mode can be switched through the M key, in the office mode, the RGB lighting of the keyboard will immediately turn into a full-key white light, which is very Apple-style; while the RGB lighting in the game mode, with programmable macro keys, has a sense of gaming full.

The upper cover of the keyboard is made of aluminum alloy, and the keys are designed as a floating type. The advantage of this design is that it is convenient to take care of the keyboard, and it is easy to clean after it is dirty;

The keycap of Rapoo V700 DIY adopts PBT two-color injection molding process, with transparent design, and the closed characters are beautiful and generous.

The joint between the frame and the upper cover is very tight, and the frame of the upper cover is also rounded, which is not easy to cut hands;

The bottom shell is made of ABS material, the back of the keyboard includes 5 anti-slip pads and two keyboard feet, and the middle is the keyboard nameplate;

The feet can be folded and stored when not in use, and the end is wrapped with non-slip rubber, so that the keyboard can be placed firmly on the desktop

The keyboard itself has its own inclination angle, and with the one-piece foot support, two types of keyboard heights can be adjusted. The keycaps are ergonomically designed OEM heights, making users more comfortable when typing, and not easy to fatigue after long-term use;

Although this keyboard adopts wired mode, it supports the separation of keys and wires. The interface is located in the center of the top. The TYPE-C interface is more convenient to use and can be well compatible with customized keyboard cables such as aviation plug cables. The edge of the charging port is also retracted for easy fixing. In addition, the elliptical concave surface on the right is very similar to the storage compartment of the wireless receiver. The author guesses that a three-mode version may be released later.

The space and other large keys of the Rapoo V700 DIY RGB mechanical keyboard adopt a satellite shaft design, which is convenient to replace the keycaps. The shafts have been calibrated and factory-runned, ready to use, and there is no fleshy feeling when pressed;

Using the attached steel wire key/shaft puller, you can easily pull out the keycap and shaft body

The shaft body adopts the five-pin hot-swappable KA-12 fast silver shaft developed by Rapoo (total stroke: 4mm; trigger stroke: 1.3±0.5mm, trigger pressure: 45±10gf, shaft composition: PVC shaft + PC High-transparent upper cover + stainless steel spring + alloy copper sheet + high-density nylon base; service life: 50 million times) in terms of feel, it is similar to the red axis, which is a straight up and down linear structure, and this axis rebounds more sensitively. It is also very stable to press, and the keyboard light is located above the shaft body, and the light transmission effect is good.

If some friends still need a faster trigger and lighter acrylic shaft, then the KA-12 bullet white shaft of Rapoo is also very suitable (3.4±0.4mm total stroke, 1.2±0.4mm trigger stroke, 35±10gf Trigger pressure; axis composition: POM axis + high-transparency PC cover + extended spring + alloy copper sheet + PA base, service life: 50 million times), the official price of these two linear axes is 35 yuan a box, each There are 12 in the box, and it also has a key/switch, which can be adapted to most of the five-pin hot-swappable switch keyboards on the market.

The Rapoo V700 DIY mechanical keyboard supports full-key hot-swapping, and its hot-swappable metal shaft seat has a lifespan of 10,000 times, and supports various 5-pin and 3-pin shafts on the market. You can freely and safely replace various shafts. In the picture above, I replaced the shafts of commonly used game buttons with popular domestic ones. "Lynx axis" (Jingwei axis) , only 2 yuan each, and the color matches this keyboard very well.

The Rapoo V700 DIY mechanical keyboard uses a full-key 16 million-color RGB backlight, which can be quickly adjusted by keyboard shortcuts by default. The adjustment method is as follows:

Fn+Scrlk=Adjust backlight color

Fn+`~=light customization

Fn+↑=Brightness increase

Fn+↓=Brightness decrease

Fn+←=breathing faster

Fn+→=respiratory speed decrease

Fn+PgUp=Light effect direction to the left

Fn+PgDn=Light effect direction to the right

After installing the driver, the keyboard supports multiple lighting modes and 4 levels of backlight brightness adjustment. The names of the lighting effects are also very nice, including: thick accumulation, rain, both sides, unity, constant light mode and so on. In addition, it also supports customizing the backlight of each button;

Custom lighting mode You can set which buttons are on and which color is on according to the player's preferences. The above picture shows the lighting mode of MOBA games that I have customized: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 commonly used in the game , Q, W, E, R, A, S, and D keys are all set to be always on, and are distinguished by red, green, and blue colors, so that you can quickly find them when playing games in the evening, which is conducive to the play of the game, and is very Have a sense of e-sports atmosphere;

In the button setting, all 104 buttons can be customized with combination keys, basic functions and macros. With the built-in onboard memory of the keyboard and the custom setting function of driver cloud storage, even if you take the computer to an Internet cafe, you can use it immediately without the driver, and you are familiar with the use. button configuration.

In macro programming, you can quickly record a series of key combinations such as combos, which is helpful for game play and efficient office work

After the keyboard is connected to the computer through the USB interface, the RGB backlight of the Y700 DIY mechanical keyboard will light up, creating a strong sense of e-sports atmosphere; during daily games and audio-visual entertainment, the volume can also be adjusted through the scroll wheel, which is very convenient, and the operation of the scroll wheel feels very comfortable. OK, the scale is moderate, the texture of the surface has been anti-slip, and the operation will not slip even with sweaty hands; the three white indicators N, C, and W on the left side of the scroll wheel will turn on capital letters, turn on the keypad and lock Windows Lights up in the key state.

The standard PBT keycaps on the keyboard feel very good, and it is very handy when typing, and it is not easy to slip when sweating during the game. There is almost no delay, and the angle formed by the keyboard and the desktop allows both hands to obtain a good input experience, which greatly improves efficiency;

Using the keyboard test software, it is tested that the Rapoo Y700 DIY supports full-key no-stroke, and it can easily perform combos even in intense games;

Playing MOBA games like LOL is also very handy, and the trigger is very fast. If you play for a long time, it is recommended to use a bowl holder for more comfort. After turning off the ambient light, you can clearly see the keycap characters when playing games at night, which is very beautiful.

Usage scene display: The matching white mouse is Rapoo’s new V300W dual-mode wireless gaming mouse. While retaining the RGB lighting, this mouse is also lightweight and has a long battery life. It is also very easy to use, and it matches the color of this keyboard very well.

Rapoo V700 DIY mechanical keyboard, all keys support 16 million color RGB backlight and switch hot-swappable, provide friends who like DIY with the opportunity to change the switch to try a new feel, the standard pure white PBT two-color translucent keycap and Thunderbolt The Baikuai silver switch provides users with an excellent feel and is also very durable, and the whole keyboard supports full-key no punching, plus the aluminum alloy light luxury cover and rich shortcut key design, whether it is placed in the gaming room or the office They are very harmonious, which is not easy for a mechanical keyboard that only costs 299 yuan.

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