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The power of faith, the eyes of housekeeping! ROG Dragon Knight II Unboxing Notes

My friend took a fancy to this keyboard last year, but he never had a chance.

Some time ago, I took advantage of 618 and spent more than 1,000 to buy it. After a few days, the keyboard arrived. Just because I was going to come to my house to take a shower, I asked him to bring the keyboard and take a picture of unpacking it.

Because I was filming and playing in the bedroom, the mobile phone was in and out of the post-production, and the picture quality was average, so everyone just made do with it hehehehe.

As usual, post the link first.

Huge SF packaging.

When you open it, you can see the keyboard body and some other gifts. There are three gifts in total, one pickup light, one U disk, and one I forgot what it is.

Very classic ROG red and black style.

On the back is a detailed description of a bunch of features of the keyboard.

And the biggest feature of this keyboard: the separation design is also put in the first place.

At the bottom, the housekeeping eye is watching you.

watching you.

Open inside is a black box, and then a dark red eye in the center, nothing else.

The box is very slender, and it feels like opening an ancient artifact.

Open the inner box, and the keyboard lies in it impressively.

There is no lack of eyes on the flannel, and the belief is in place hahaha.

duang, keyboard family portrait.

The accessories are very rich, including hand rests and usb converters.

Eyes, all eyes! ! ! ! (idiot face

Eyes, oversized eyes (idiot face +1

Among other things, this leather mouse pad feels pretty good.

The back is black matte plastic with non-slip feet with irregular patterns.

Nice texture.

Let me talk about this little pad first. To be honest, I really like this little pad.

It's a pity that it can't be used alone, otherwise, if the price is right, I would like to buy one hahahaha.

The keyboards are connected by contacts, and fixed by sliding buckle structure + magnetic adsorption.

Both left and right can be used, and the left-hand party expressed good comments.

Eyes, eyes! ! ! (idiot face +2

To be honest, the texture of this plastic is very average, and it is a bad review.

This height adjustment device looks great, doesn't it?

flip over.

wtf! ! !

What the hell is this.

It feels like being rubbed over.

The keyboard is equipped with the RX blue switch developed by ROG.

It feels good in the hand, but it is a pity that it is so long that it is not very convenient to change the keycaps.

Very unique satellite shaft design.

The back is from left to right: wireless receiver storage compartment, USB-HUB interface, keyboard switch, TYPE-C interface.

This receiver is really loved.

The irregular design is also engraved with the word ROG, and the key point is that its long version is the same size as the USB interface itself, and will not protrude out! ! ! ! ! !

This is really the gospel of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Compared with the Logitech next door, it is really much better. The receiver design of Logitech is too ugly.

The keyboard is activated, ROG, all you want is the light.

There is an eye logo light in the upper left corner, and the five grid lights should be used to display the power.

To be honest, I think this power indicator light is a bit ordinary, it would be great if it is also RGB.

Here are some more pictures, hehehe.

In addition to the high price and the inability to change the keycaps, after all, it costs 1k+ to buy at a discount, and there are actually not many problems.

The keyboard claims that the delay under 2.4G is 1ms, which is very close to the wired feel.

The battery life is 43 hours when the light is turned on and 144 hours when the light is turned off.

Lighting effects support divine light synchronization. If you have a ROG family bucket, you can make very cool lighting linkage.

Overall, it is a very good mechanical keyboard.

If you are a fan of faith, look no further.

It will be a good choice.

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