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The price of rubber remains high, why not report ikbc to the banshee!

If you are also a rubber lover, then you must have witnessed the rise of rubber prices in the past two years like me. The HG series that were originally available for fifty or sixty yuan have now risen to more than a hundred yuan. The RG series has already broken through the 200 mark, not to mention the MG series. The classics such as MG beef and MG hawthorn cake have all gone directly to 500 or 600. I can’t really comment on this phenomenon. If you can tell yourself to wait, it will always come down.

Even so, I don't want everyone to say that they just grit their teeth and buy at a high price because there is no glue to play with. There is no harm if there is no sale. Not buying is the most effective way to resist the premium in my opinion. What to do if your hands are really itchy? If you don’t win in quantity, you should improve in quality. There are so many masters who play glue. If you take out the glue you have made, you will always find a direction that can be optimized. For example, I recently took the RG Banshee I played before. After it came out, it took a few days to make the fluorescent infiltration line, but the protagonist of today’s sharing is not it, but the Banshee model of the Gundam series wireless mechanical keyboard from ikbc that I just bought recently.

In fact, this is my second ikbc Gundam series keyboard. I have shared the RX-78-2 keyboard and mouse set before. After using it for a while, I feel that the white color is not resistant to dirt. After cleaning it, I put it in the cabinet for collection.

This time, this Banshee has no such troubles at all. From the packaging to the main body of the keyboard, the overall color is mainly black, and some keys are in yellow color. The combination of black and yellow is undoubtedly the essence of the Banshee.

Considering the convenience of desktop organization, I finally chose the 2.4G wireless version. This is actually the classic W210 model of ikbc. Friends who are familiar with ikbc should know its hardware parameters well, 108-key arrangement, CHERRY MX axis, PBT Keycaps, 2.4G connection, six-button non-retouching, and others, I will not repeat them too much. In one sentence, the quality is stable, classic and easy to use.

For power supply, you need to use 2 AAA batteries. The battery compartment, 2.4G receiver, and keyboard switch are all on the back of the keyboard. You don’t get the battery, you need to make another one yourself. In terms of battery life, the two batteries can be used for about half a year.

In terms of the switch body, this Banshee currently only has the MX red switch as an option. It feels light and has no obvious sense of paragraph. It is very good for daily office work or playing games. It is a veritable fever-reducing switch.

The large keys are all designed with satellite shafts, and there is no obvious shaking when pressed.

For Jiao Lao, the Banshee is a classic product that many people cannot escape. This keyboard also has a lot of elements of the Banshee in its design. Horned Beast Gundam Unit 2 Banshee" means, and there is a yellow silhouette of the head next to it.

Two enter keys, one is printed with "NT-D" and the other is printed with "AE". NT-D is the abbreviation of NEW-TYPE DESTROY, which is the destruction mode of the Banshee, and AE is Anahai The abbreviation of Mu Electronics, including the AE logo on the ESC button.

There is also a "GUNDAM" logo on the space bar.

In general, although this keyboard does not have as many design elements as ikbc's Yuanzu 2.0, it is also very careful in color matching and material details. When I put it together with RG funeral, they The two don't match up too well, and they actually give me a feeling of sympathy for each other.

Finally, let’s put a table for the effect. This keyboard has been my main keyboard and has been in service for more than half a month. The connection is stable and the feel is light, which fully meets my needs. From another point of view, isn’t this keyboard the same price as the current MG hawthorn cake? It’s you, how do you choose whether to buy glue or a keyboard?

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