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The sequel to SteelSeries' flagship keyboard is finally here, Apex Pro Mini is the first experience, smaller and more usable

As an old fan of steel mills, I believe everyone still remembers the Apex Pro launched by SteelSeries in 2019, this flagship mechanical keyboard that can adaptively adjust the trigger key travel. It has to be said that it is different from the fixed key stroke of the specified mechanical axis keyboard on the market, and it is more specific to the single performance characteristics of the scene. Whether it is for many scenarios such as games, sports or office, the 10-stage key travel adjustment support provided by the self-developed OmniPoint shaft equipped with the Apex Pro of the steel manufacturer has indeed fundamentally solved the key travel triggering of the majority of users for different usage scenarios. need.

After a lapse of 2 years, after a long time of anticipation by the old fans of steel mills, the sequel to SteelSeries' flagship keyboard is finally ushered in, which is the new Apex Pro Mini series gaming mechanical keyboard brought by the author this time. It is worth mentioning that this time Apex ProMini is divided into two versions: wired and three-mode wireless, and the author started with the wired version. In addition to upgrading to the faster and more durable OmniPoint2.0 shaft, what are the different configurations and technological innovations of this new SteelSeries keyboard? Next, let’s share with you through this fresh unboxing experience.

First of all, the main color of the outer packaging style of Apex Pro Mini is still the eye-catching gaming orange, but the background color has been changed from the previous white background to gray. Perhaps the contrast of orange and gray is more advanced. The logo is marked with the comment of CALL as the best gaming keyboard by the well-known "Connection" magazine, which can be regarded as a bonus item for yourself. Accessories are relatively simple, just a simple multi-language instruction manual and a USB-A to Type-C data cable, in fact, there is also a key puller, but it is hidden in other places, and later Reveal the secret to everyone.

Back to the main character, Apex Pro Mini is indeed as mini as its name in terms of three-dimensional size. The size of 293mm * 102mm * 41mm, the length is much narrower than the author's 14-inch notebook, and the weight is only 0.664kg. After all, the Apex Pro Mini adopts a 60% compact design, and the frame part is designed to be extremely narrow. With the aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame, while ensuring durability, it not only controls its own weight, but also brings excellent portability . Moreover, the more compact design is also suitable for different desktop scenarios, and provides a larger moving area for the mouse by releasing more desktop space. This is also the biggest reason why more and more users and players gradually prefer to choose a 60% compact keyboard. .

In addition, the keyboard adopts the current mainstream floating key design, and the ergonomic stepped arc keycap layout. However, subject to the simplification of key positions, the key positions such as function keys, direction keys and F area need to be combined with SteelSeries LOGO (FN) keys. There are corresponding function side engravings on the bottom of the keycaps. Its practical habits Still very convenient.

Not surprisingly, the data interface of the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini uses the popular Type-C interface, which is convenient for users to find compatible replacement cables in a timely and convenient manner in case they forget to bring the original cable when using it in different scenarios. . At the same time, its outlet is designed at the left front end of the keyboard, which is also convenient for users to route cables on the desktop after connecting the data cable.

Unlike many keyboards where the bottom is designed to be too simple and boring like a whiteboard, or to increase the so-called three-dimensional layering through complex pattern combinations, the bottom design of SteelSeries' keyboard is indeed more distinctive. In addition to the large area of ​​rubber feet and feet at the four corners, the bottom itself is also very clean and flat. By designing a snap-on rubber concealed door with SteelSeries LOGO in the center, it instantly becomes unique. In addition to improving the sense of design, the key puller can also be well hidden, and the rubber material also adds a bit of anti-slip coefficient, which is really a wonderful design that serves multiple purposes.

In addition, the keyboard also adopts a two-stage support design with high and low combinations, so there are three adjustable use arcs for the keyboard, which can fully take care of the usage habits of different user groups.

As for the keycaps, first of all, Apex Pro Mini is suitable for OEM high-quality keycaps. The material is naturally made of high-quality PBT material that is durable and oil-resistant. The surface has a delicate matte touch, and it is matched with the molding process of closed characters Not only is the light transmission effect better, but it can also maintain a dry state after long-term use, and the characters can still last forever.

The core axis is naturally worthy of a special explanation. The experience of the first-generation OmniPoint axis equipped with the Apex Pro has been well-known on the Internet, and this time the Apex Pro Mini has been upgraded to the OmniPoint 2.0 axis. Not only the parameters have been greatly improved. Improvement, 11 times faster response speed, 10 times faster driving speed, 2 times durability, not to mention the service life of hundreds of millions of times. It also allows users to fine-tune the stroke between 0.2mm and 3.8mm, providing up to 37 gears to choose from. The short key stroke is suitable for playing FPS competitive games, and the long key stroke is suitable for office typing. In the true sense, the scene of a keyboard The advantage of adaptability realizes full scene coverage.

In addition, what is more interesting is that it is also equipped with the "two-in-one action button" integration function, which allows players to assign two control functions to a single button through programming, and judge the user's expected operation through software recognition of the pressing depth, such as controlling the game character from a young age. The fast state switching from step to fast run, in the form of legal hacking, can walk freely in the game and win the first chance.

| About SteelSeries GG Driver

After upgrading to the latest version of the SteelSeries GG driver, it will be recognized immediately when the computer is connected to the Apex Pro Mini. The first time you use it, you should be prompted to upgrade the firmware. After the upgrade, you will enter the software and you will be familiar with the setting interface. Such as custom shortcut keys, first-press key travel settings, macro settings, second-press key travel settings (that is, the "two-in-one action key" programming function mentioned earlier) and RGB lighting effect settings.

Also supporting 16.8 million colors of RGB dynamic lighting effects is also a major feature. Not only can you customize the color of each button, but also provides multiple sets of colorful presets with cool effects by default. In addition, it is also suitable for lighting effect linkage totally ok.

Lighting effect display:

I believe that many players still like cool light pollution, but the actual lighting performance of Apex Pro Mini is still very wow. The overall lighting effect is perfect in terms of dynamic fluency and color uniformity.

Written at the end, generally speaking, the new Apex Pro Mini gaming mechanical keyboard with a 60% compact design brought by SteelSeries this time has a lot of charms worth noting, such as a finishing touch, in addition to the trendy mini figure. The back design, and the most outstanding feature is naturally the newly upgraded OmniPoint 2.0 axis, which is faster and more durable, and it also provides several times the fine adjustment gear compared to Apex Pro, whether it is daily office or leisure games, or even Even e-sports professional players can also fully meet their needs. In the author's opinion, the only thing that hinders consumers' decision-making at present is the positioning problem of the release price of the Apex Pro. However, it seems that Dong Ge's self-operated side has the benefits of buying a keyboard and giving away the flagship Prime mouse of SteelSeries. The combination of keyboard and mouse should instantly balance the mind. Friends who are interested can consider giving it a try.

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