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The shaft body is installed by yourself, and the buttons are pressed by yourself. Can such a lazy brand be bought? Trial play of Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard

The keyboard you bought should be installed directly, and then connected to Bluetooth can be used. However, have you ever heard of a "customized" keyboard, where the shaft body, keycaps, and bottom plate are all selected by yourself, and then assembled to form a complete keyboard.

Advantages: You can customize the shaft body, choose your favorite keycap style, and choose the bottom plate you need;

Disadvantages: You need to install it yourself, which is a little troublesome.

The advantages and disadvantages have also been answered for everyone. Today I intend to share the mechanical keyboard of the optional version of Lofree’s small warp body, so I received such a bunch of things.

Three bags of things, namely the shaft body, keycap and bottom plate. And I chose Lofree's 68-key cement gray bottom plate, and at the same time I chose the shaft body of Jiadalong G Yellow Pro. Of course, these photos are in the style of Nc filter, just hope that everyone can better appreciate its beauty.

Spread out all the accessories, and you can get the simplest customized keyboard solution. Press the shaft body to the bottom plate, and then press the keycap.

Once you understand it, let's start the installation. Just press it a little bit, just press it in the order it gives, it's very simple.

Halfway through the installation, how about showing everyone? This is the installation process of a pair of keyboards. It would be great if the keycaps can be customized. You can change them according to your preferences, and replace them when you are tired of using them.

Duang~ Done, this is the final effect, the three-mode 68-key keyboard is installed, the simplest customized keyboard style, Lofree Luofei's small warped keyboard is quite coordinated with my desk.

Remove the filter, let's see how the effect is, and turn off the filter to see the specific design style of the keycap. In addition, the style I chose is the beach keycap, and the options are coffee, cat, street attitude, etc...

You can search for the keycap style by searching "Luo Fei Build" on WeChat, especially the shaft body, which can also be chosen by yourself~

The 68 keys have no punched keycaps and weigh about 720 grams. The design is small and does not take up space, and the table is very stylish.

Wired mode, Bluetooth and 2.4G This is the design of the three-mode keyboard. In fact, it is a design that is convenient for office use, and it is convenient to switch between multiple computers quickly. In addition, the Bluetooth receiver can also be stuffed into the cylindrical bottom plate, which is quite ingenious.

The typing feeling is very comfortable, there is a little angle tilt, just lift the keyboard, when typing blocks, the feedback is very good. Of course, the lack of number keys is a detail of the 68 keys, and it will be fine if you get used to it. On the contrary, the angle of inclination is relatively large, and the angle of hand pressing is just right.

The advantage of Jiadalong G Yellow Pro is quite obvious, the action stroke is 2.0±0.6mm, and the trigger pressure is 50±15gf. The yellow switch is generally more suitable for office work, and can also satisfy light games. It is quite comfortable as a mechanical keyboard. Of course, the initial pressure of G Huang is not low in the linear axis, and the speed of getting started is extremely fast.

PBT sublimation keycaps are very good, not easy to oil, and not too much rest and frizzy feeling, PBT keycaps are very easy to use.

The slightly upturned angle and Jiadalong G Yellow Pro are good for office use, especially for light gaming and office use. This customized keyboard is quite easy to use, and the three-mode design is also convenient for multi-screen switching. In addition to the keycap design, the recognition needs to be adapted, but the blue and white color is really good. Of course, do you like the custom keyboard I chose?

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