The small fresh table is matched with Daryou A81, and the 300-speed gaming mechanical keyboard of the Zijin axis is so worth it

In the peripheral market, Dareu can be said to be a well-known brand. Its various keyboards and mice, game controllers, and earphones have a good reputation among the user community. Judging from my needs in using the keyboard, I like the 81-array keyboard. Compared with the full-array mechanical keyboard, if you don’t need a lot of input on weekdays, the 81-array keypad actually has a good performance in terms of price, performance, portability, and desktop space.

Take the Dareu A81 three-mode gaming mechanical keyboard (hereinafter collectively referred to as Dareu A81) that I recently got started as an example. Its appearance is well integrated into my home’s small and fresh style table. It also has RGB, full-key hot-plug Pull, full key without punching, PBT two-color keycap, elastic arm Gasket structure and other characteristics. How does Dareu A81 perform in actual use? I think there are the following points:

[Fresh appearance with 75% layout, support three-mode connection]

Since the end of last year, I have been committed to creating a fresh-style desk for myself, changing the computer desk, monitor, etc. one after another! The fly in the ointment is that although I have changed several keyboards, I have not been able to bring me a small and fresh style. The fancy keycap design always feels a bit out of place with the table. Under such a premise, I also want to try the input experience of different brands and different axes, so as to choose the most suitable keyboard for me, so I started with this Dareu A81.

75% are equipped with 81 keys, and the Dareu A81 with a simplified layout is much smaller and more portable than a full keyboard. It can meet my needs for home use, business travel, and outdoor environments. The most important thing is the white and blue keycap style. , it matches my table perfectly. In addition, Dareu A81 also has a more personalized purple-gold version, and provides "sky blue/purple-gold" two shaft models. Considering that I am more used to the feel of the tea shaft, I finally chose a light weight similar to the tea shaft when I bought it. The brand-new purple gold switch Pro with paragraph feel, I hope it can bring me a better input experience on the basis of the brown switch.

Dareu A81 has a strong sense of unity. Its disc body adopts an ergonomic slightly tilted design, so you can get started instantly without changing your existing input habits. In addition, the F key area, number/letter keys and function keys all adopt the white and blue building style, which shows a higher visual impact than solid colors, and does not feel abrupt, and has a touch more than individual patterns. Small and fresh.

In terms of bottom design, Dareu A81 does not have too many bright spots. It adopts the style of a whole flat board surface, directly uses four rather large non-slip foot pads, and does not see the common two-stage support feet; and Under the ergonomic slightly inclined design, its angle can already meet my daily habits.

System switch, power/data port and mode switch are all located in the left front area of ​​Dareu A81 disk body, which provides "MAC, WIN" dual system, USB to Type-C cable, Bluetooth and 2.4G three-mode connection. In terms of details, many brands of keyboards will ignore the appearance of the front side of the keyboard, but Dareu A81 has made a decorative design here, which is bright and smooth, and also caters to the style of white and blue keycaps, making the whole keyboard feel fresh. Be more three-dimensional.

At the same time, Dareu A81 also provides a humanized sleep mechanism to control energy consumption, and automatically sleeps in deep standby and backlight off when there is no key operation for a period of time. If obsessive-compulsive disorder has to turn off the keyboard, you can directly switch the mode to wired mode in Bluetooth/2.4G wireless mode.

In an environment with wide coverage of wireless technology, in fact, the USB to Type-C wired mode is more used as an auxiliary. Most of the time, I still choose the Bluetooth/2.4G wireless receiver of Dareu A81. The use of some electronic devices, the latter can be used on traditional electronic devices without Bluetooth function, complementing each other brings great convenience.

[PBT material two-color keycap + elastic arm gasket structure + purple gold switch Pro, soft elastic and comfortable input feel]

I didn't expect that Dareu A81, which is not expensive, uses PBT two-color keycaps, which not only improves the touch, but also brings good wear resistance and anti-greasing effects in daily use. You need to know a set of PBT keycaps. Material keycaps cost hundreds of dollars casually.

Nowadays, as consumers understand mechanical keyboards more and more deeply, friends with a little brain will no longer consider ABS material keyboards, but choose wear-resistant and non-oily PBT material keycaps, which are durable and round. It is delicate and has a long service life; it is also a feature that can be freely matched with the disc body and the shaft body to create your favorite personality style.

The two-color keycap made of PBT material with the original height of Dareu A81 adopts the two-color closed-end technology. The keycap is designed to be opaque. When the code word is overflowing at night, the RGB light effect is revealed under the keycap, which is dazzling but not dazzling. The sense of atmosphere is quite fascinating.

As mentioned earlier, after being in contact with so many keyboards, I hope to try different styles of switches, and I don’t want to affect the familiar feel due to changes in the switches. The Zijin Switch Pro of Dareu A81 is a customized and upgraded version of the tea switch. It only has a trigger force of 45g, which is much softer than the 55g universal tea switch. In order to improve performance, it also uses a fence core and a light-transmitting cover. , gold-plated springs, cross-contact copper sheets and other designs, make the shaft body as stable as Mount Tai and have a light paragraph feel similar to a tea shaft.

At the same time, Dareu A81 can almost meet most of my needs for mechanical keyboards. In addition to PBT material and customized shafts, it also supports hot-swappable full-key shafts. Dareu A81 is compatible with 99% of tripod switches on the market. and pentagon. That is to say, whether I find a new love or choose an old love in the later stage, I can match different switches according to my own preferences to create a personalized keyboard that is more suitable for me.

If the keycaps and shafts can be freely replaced according to their own conditions, then the discs supporting these are undoubtedly the most important. The first two determine the feel, and the latter is the key factor that determines whether you can fully accept it. , a good disc body can bring infinite possibilities. On this basis, Dareu A81 adopts a T-shaped PCB board + interlayer sound-absorbing silicone + Poron cotton + elastic arm + silicone sleeve + silicone multi-layer sound-absorbing structure plate design, which not only brings quieter performance, but also increases The soft contact force further brings me a soft and elastic feel.

[RGB light effect, full key no impact]

In the process of experimenting with styles created by different devices, I was also thinking about whether I needed RGB. It is undeniable that in the process of playing games, watching movies and chasing dramas, the colorful RGB light effect can greatly enhance the sense of atmosphere and make you more immersed in it; therefore, if you have a choice, it is recommended to use a keyboard with RGB light effect in one step .

In addition to RGB light effects, Dareu A81 also provides a variety of light effect modes to meet the needs of different use environments and people for creating colorful effects and atmospheres.

Like when I usually play games, I will selectively lower the brightness of the screen hanging lights, turn on the ambient light of the computer desk, and enjoy the RGB light effect rendering between fingertips, which is very immersive.

In the course of the game, it is inevitable to perform various combination key operations, such as the traditional membrane keyboard is difficult to meet such operations. And such a problem does not exist on Dareu A81 at all. Its full-key no-stroke feature allows you to enjoy a smooth and unimpeded input feeling even with complex key combination operations.

【Comprehensive compatibility and excellent battery life】

As a mature product, Dareu A81 not only has "PBT material keycaps, purple gold switch Pro, RGB, full key without punching", it also has a comprehensive system compatibility solution, supporting mainstream Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and other systems. With the three-mode support, I only need to toggle the mode switch, and I can freely switch between 3 Bluetooth, 1 wired, and 1 2.4G devices, just like I can use a tablet, notebook, TV, etc. Bluetooth connection, desktop computers use wired, 2.4G is used on some devices that do not have Bluetooth. In today's era of mainstream smart homes, such comprehensive compatibility and small and fresh size have brought me a more convenient experience.

Finally, let’s talk about the battery life of Dareu A81, which is also the factor that many friends have more concerns about RGB light-effect mechanical keyboards. Fortunately, the Dareu A81 has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery. If the RGB light effect is turned off, it can bring about 45 days of battery life. After the light effect is turned on, it still has an excellent performance of 7 days. With the help of its smart sleep function and combination keys to turn off the light effect, according to everyone's usage habits, the actual battery life of Dareu A81 will be even more amazing.


It is undeniable that the reason for buying Dareu A81 is that its fresh style can bring a better sense of unity to my desk, and the small keyboard can save desktop space to a greater extent, making the desktop look more concise and fresh. But after I actually got my hands on it, I realized that the Dareu A81 actually has many advantages. Compared with the keyboards I have already bought, the Dareu A81 has brought me a unique little freshness, as well as a T-shaped PC material positioning board and high Combined with the flexible silicone sleeve, it cooperates with the soft contact force of the enlarged elastic arm to bring a soft and soft elastic pressing feel.

Not to mention, on the basis of the price range of 300, Dareu A81 also brought me PBT material two-color keycaps, RGB light effects, full-key hot-swappable, full-key no-reverse, and support for free switching of up to 5 devices Use; the newly upgraded Zijin switch Pro, while retaining the paragraph habit of the brown switch, further reduces the trigger force and brings a softer percussion experience.

Well, this is the end of the experience sharing about Dareu A81 three-mode gaming mechanical keyboard. What do you want to say about Dareu’s small keyboard? What do you want to know? Welcome to leave a message to discuss together.

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