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The source of my happiness-IQUNIX OG80 happy vending machine keyboard experience

I bought a gaming laptop last month. After playing a few games, I felt that the keyboard of this gaming laptop was a bit uncomfortable, so I decided to equip it with a wireless keyboard. I just saw that the OG80 from the aluminum factory has a new color scheme. This happy vending machine The color matching design has reached my heart, and the 15.6-inch notebook is not suitable for using a full-size keyboard, so I decided to start with the OG80 happy vending machine from the aluminum factory.

The old routine, let’s take a look at the outer packaging of the IQUNIX OG80 happy vending machine. Like other color OG80, it uses the traditional all-black packaging design. The middle one is a slidable paper girdle with the actual picture of the happy vending machine color printed on it, which is very intuitive to see the actual effect.

Considering the needs of the game, it can be found from the label on the side of the outer package that I chose the TTC Quicksilver axis with rgb backlight that is more suitable for games.

When actually choosing the OG80 series, you can choose from TTC fast silver, gold powder shafts, cherry red, tea, green powder, and silver shafts according to your own needs. Users who don’t like RGB can also choose the version without backlight, and the price is more favorable. .

After taking out the keyboard body and instruction manual on the upper layer, there is a complete set of accessories and replacement keycaps on the lower layer.

Through the family portrait, you can see: OG80 happy vending machine keyboard, MAC replacement keycap, happy theme replacement keycap, key puller + shaft puller, cleaning brush, USB TYPE-C data cable, manual, stickers, warranty card, etc. , the overall packaging and storage design are very reasonable and there are a lot of accessories that should be there. It is very friendly for users to unpack the box.

The OG80-Happy Vending Machine keyboard adopts a stepped structure design as a whole, with measurements of 325mm*163mm*65mm and a weight of about 1140g.

The OG80 happy vending machine keyboard I chose uses the TTC fast silver switch, which is also one of the switches that the game party chooses more.

The linear feel of the Kuaiyin switch is very comfortable, and the characteristic is that the keys are short and easy to trigger, especially during the game, you can clearly feel the fast trigger response.

At the same time, the OG80 supports hot-swapping of the full keyboard. Users can replace the shaft body through the shaft puller, so as to customize their favorite keyboard shaft combination.

The keypad area is canceled in the keyboard area, and a streamlined 80-key layout is used. The optimized 83-key compact layout not only retains the functions of the complete keyboard, but also takes into account the volume and exquisite appearance, which can basically meet the needs of gaming and office work.

The main color part adopts the berry red color scheme that makes people fall in love at a glance. It is matched with the graffiti-themed PBT keycap of the happy vending machine. The overall visual effect is lively and lovely. With the red transparent shell, the overall appearance is very coordinated.

Looking at it from the side, it can be found that the OG80 uses the tilted key distribution in the F area, which can improve the comfort of the wrist.

OG80 Happy vending machine supports wired, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth 5.1 three-mode connection. Open the magnetic red cover on the upper left of the keyboard, and you can take out the 2.4G wireless connector and connect it to the computer.

Subsequent charging or wired connection is required, which can be connected through the USB TYPE-C interface on the left side of the keyboard.

There are OG80 logos on the right side of the keyboard and in the middle of the bottom, making it a strong brand recognition.

There is a connection mode switch at the bottom of the keyboard, and the wireless and wired modes can be selected according to your own usage habits.

OG80 happy vending machine can choose the version with built-in RGB backlight, which is about 100 more expensive than the non-light version. Players can switch the RGB backlight through FN+DEL keys.

Users who like light pollution can use the FN key + PGUP PDDN HOME END ↑↓ on the right to switch the RGB backlight effect, color, brightness and speed. The keyboard has multiple sets of lighting effect modes, and players can choose their favorite lighting effects In use, whether it is single-color backlight or multi-color backlight and light breathing cycle mode switching, the degree of freedom is still very high.

OG80 Happy vending machine supports three modes of Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G wireless and traditional data cable link. In Bluetooth mode, you can link with 3 devices by pressing Fn key and 1, 2, 3 number keys. In wireless mode , connect to the computer device through the Fn+4 number keys.

During the switching process, the indicator light in the middle of the ESC and F1 keys will also change to different colors, which is convenient for multi-device users to quickly identify. At the same time, when the indicator light flashes red, it indicates that the keyboard is low in power and needs to be charged.

The OG80 happy vending machine has a built-in 4000mAh large-capacity battery, and is equipped with an ultra-low power consumption wireless connection module. The official battery life can be 3000 hours when the backlight is turned off.

The graffiti-themed PBT keycaps of this set of happy vending machines are mainly white and decorated with red. They are made of PBT material. Grease, later use and maintenance is also more friendly.

At the same time, four MAC supplementary keycaps are provided for the convenience of mac users.

OG80 Happy Vending Machine The theme design and color matching of this keyboard are very suitable for my appetite. The support of TTC fast silver switch and RBG backlight greatly enhances my gaming experience, and the hot-swappable design of the full keyboard, seamless multi-device Switching, a full set of accessories, etc. can show the improvement of IQUNIX in the design of the keyboard itself and the carefulness of the user experience. Although the price is close to 1000 yuan, it is still worth the price on the whole. If you like this theme and have a relatively sufficient budget, you can still consider it.

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