The third brother plays with the keyboard Part 1: "Cherry" freedom is finally realized, the gift of Cherry MX3.0S wireless keyboard experience sharing for the Queen on Goddess Day

Speaking of which, there are so many festivals this year. Before Valentine’s Day just passed, no, Goddess’ Day is here again.

For male compatriots, it is not terrible to have too many festivals, such as May 1st and National Day, and you can take advantage of the holidays to have a good rest; What is more worrying, take the previous Valentine's Day as an example. The third brother originally planned to treat his wife to a big meal in the evening, but because the golfer made an appointment for a game and released pigeons for his daughter-in-law, the daughter-in-law has been complaining about it. bosom.

After finally making it to the Goddess' Day, the third brother could no longer fall in the same place again, so he prepared a gift for his wife in advance - a Cherry MX3.0S wireless RGB keyboard, and the experience process will be shared below Give it to everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

The pure white cherry MX3.0S keyboard matches well with the recently built Tianxuan M-ATX host, and it can also be integrated with the home environment.

The queen expressed her satisfaction with the appearance of this keyboard.

The keyboard is packaged in a black hard carton, calm and low-key, full of protection.

The 3.0 wireless version is 999 yuan during the Goddess Festival event, and the 2.0 wireless version is 559 yuan. Compared with usual, the discount is still possible.

A look at the back of the outer packaging.

The internal protection of the keyboard is in place, and the accessories provide manuals, USB C to A cables, wireless receivers, and metal support feet.

A look at the metal support feet and the wireless receiver. This metal support foot is slightly higher than the support feet that come with the keyboard. Players who need a larger inclination angle can replace it by themselves.

The keyboard is designed with all-white keycaps, matched with an anodized aluminum shell, the appearance and texture are very good.

The interior of the keyboard is designed without a steel plate, which makes the hand feel more comfortable and delicate, allowing players to experience a more primitive mechanical feel.

The keyboard is designed with 109 keys. Compared with the ordinary 104 keyboard, it has some more function keys. With various shortcut keys, more settings and ways of playing can be realized.

The keyboard supports full-key non-conflict anti-ghosting key technology, which can recognize all the keys pressed and help players enjoy the freedom of input.

The figure below shows the main key area of ​​the keyboard.

The figure below shows the editing key area and small number key area of ​​the keyboard.

The front face is also very attractive.

Metal LOGO close-up.

From the side view, it can be seen that the anodized aluminum shell of the keyboard is made of one-piece molding process, and the overall shape is "concave" to wrap the upper keyboard.

A glance at the rear.

It can be seen that the switch key of the keyboard and the USB Type C interface are here. The keyboard supports three connection modes: wired, 2.4GHz wireless, and Bluetooth. Players can seamlessly switch between multiple devices according to their own needs.

The back is a large anodized aluminum plate, with six soft pads, which can greatly improve the stability of the keyboard.

A lithium battery is set in the middle of the back to provide power for the keyboard when it works in wireless mode.

A close-up, the texture of the anodized aluminum shell is really good.

The keyboard adopts the original German CHERRY MX red switch, and the large key adopts the CHERRY specially tuned satellite switch design, which can bring players a more silky feel.

The keycaps are made of ABS two-color injection molding process, and the workmanship is very good.

Just recently built a Tianxuan M-ATX host, which complements the pure white cherry MX3.0S keyboard.

The Cherry MX3.0S keyboard supports three-mode connection, but the wired and 2.4GHz wireless modes do not need to be set, and can directly realize plug-and-play, so here we take the PC platform as an example to briefly introduce the settings of the Bluetooth mode.

Click the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar, click Add Device, and press the Fn+Bluetooth key (multimedia playback key) on the keyboard at the same time, and then you can find the Cherry MX3.0S keyboard in the added list.

Complete the setup.

The model and power of the Cherry MX3.0S keyboard have been shown in the list of Bluetooth and other devices.

Then the bluetooth indicator light will be on, and if it is working in other modes, the corresponding indicator light will also be on.

It looks pretty cool on the table.

The keyboard supports RGB lighting effects, and you can use shortcut keys to switch the built-in lighting effect modes, or use the CHERRY Utility software to customize various gameplays.

Below is a wave of lighting effects.

In fact, I have used mechanical keyboards as early as 5 or 6 years ago, but I have never experienced the original keyboard of Cherry. It doesn't look so fancy, but the workmanship and taste are just different. How should I put it, just like the male protagonists in Gu Long's novels, although most of them are middle-aged uncles, they are very flavorful. This kind of flavor can only be tasted by people with certain experience.

Of course, my satisfaction is secondary, as long as the Queen is satisfied.

That's all for the above sharing, I hope it will be helpful to everyone, thank you for your appreciation!

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