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The three requirements of the keyboard, the cheap donkey RS6 mechanical keyboard all meet

Nowadays, the role of the keyboard is getting bigger and bigger, and we have more and more contacts with the keyboard in our daily life. In the long-term contact with the keyboard, a good keyboard can help us solve many problems virtually. question. So how can we choose a good keyboard? I think it is mainly from the following two aspects, the first is the percussion feeling, the second is the detail setting, and the last is the appearance. Through these three requirements, I also found the cheap donkey RS6 mechanical keyboard.

First of all, let’s look at the percussion feeling of this keyboard. This keyboard uses Jiadalong G PRO shaft body. The shaft body is characterized by stable shaft center and self-lubrication at the factory. , the feeling will be better when used, and it uses a new anti-oxidation gold contact, which is not easy to be eroded by years, which greatly improves its service life.

If the switch body is selected well, his percussion feeling will definitely not be much worse. The switch body used in this keyboard is tantamount to giving him a better feel.

Next, let's take a look at the detailed design of this product

When designing this product, many aspects are considered. The first is the connection method. This product has a three-mode wireless connection method, namely Bluetooth, 2.4G, and wired connection. A variety of different connection methods can meet various usage scenarios.

Under the 2.4G wireless connection, this keyboard can achieve extremely fast response, and there is basically no delay in actual use, which can be said to be very good.

In Bluetooth mode, the keyboard supports simultaneous connection with three devices, and realizes fast switching, which is a very good choice for processing work or gaming.

The last is the wired connection. The wired connection method is similar to the usual keyboard wired connection method.

In addition to working hard on the connection method, this product has also made a lot of efforts in terms of noise reduction. It is designed with sound-absorbing cotton and built-in EVA sound-absorbing cotton to fill the gap between the PCB and the positioning board. This design can be effective. Counteract the knocking of the shaft body and bring us a quieter experience. Not only that, this design can also make the positioning version of the cavity mirror bring better hearing effects, which can be said to be very good.

Quanjian hot-swapping can realize quick plug-in and quick-unplug, which also gives space for DIY, and this product can also adapt to most of the mechanical switches on the market, and can realize its own independent design of the keyboard, which is very convenient.

In terms of keycaps, he uses PBT two-color keycaps. This kind of keycaps brings him fine texture and long-term wear resistance. Even if this keyboard is used for a long time, there will be no oil leakage. It can bring more comfort in actual use. Use experience.

Next is the appearance design. This product adopts 96-key design, and the whole body design is very colorful. The metal back panel gives it a brighter metallic luster. It is a complementary pair with the entire keyboard. Look at it It looks like a different kind of beauty.

The separate multimedia volume knob brings us a convenient use process. We can quickly control the volume with just a slight twist of our little hands, which is very convenient.

The two-section foot support can meet different user groups, which can be said to be very good, and there are non-slip rubber on the feet, giving you a more stable use experience.

Generally speaking, from the following three aspects, I personally think that the cheap donkey RS6 mechanical keyboard is very good, basically meeting all the requirements of our daily use of the keyboard, and it is also particularly high in appearance, it is worth starting with .

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