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The TURBO axis was released for the first time, and Dujia’s new K610W wireless three-mode hot-swappable keyboard entered the pit. After the actual measurement, it turned out to be addictive

I have to say that Durgod, the light of domestic peripherals, is getting more and more popular, because players who are familiar with his keyboard know that the design of their keyboard is relatively conservative before, and they have been sticking to the stereotypes for many years. Cherry's original factory shaft, in fact, for this persistence, the old fans feel a little bit of love and hate. However, it is worth affirming that in the past year or so, the new products released by Dujia have finally understood everyone's "voice". In terms of choice, it is also more flexible and free, which naturally provides users with a wider choice space.

Just like the K610W and K620W series of new keyboards launched by Dujia this year, they are integrated with functions such as three-mode wireless, hot-swappable, long battery life, and dual-system automatic identification. The solution of the axis has finally greatly improved its overall performance, and once again released a big move to meet the needs of the mainstream user groups who are accustomed to 104 keys and 87 keys.

It is worth mentioning that the K610W and K620W series keyboards that have been launched by Dujia in the early stage use crystal axes customized in cooperation with Jiadalong, and they are matte versions. Recently, Dujia has enriched the product line for its K610W and K620W series keyboards, not only increasing the white light version to choose from, but also launching Kaihua’s new Turbo series of switches for the first time. I will learn more about it later when I talk about the axis body. Because this time the author started the Echo (fog blue color) 104-key white light model of the Dujia series for the first time, and then I will share with you a comprehensive unboxing experience.

First of all, I will show you the details of the accessories of this K610W as usual, including the transparent plastic keyboard dustproof cover, USB-A to C charging data cable, receiver expansion adapter, key puller, shaft puller, magic cable tie , 2.4G wireless receiver, Option and Command keycaps and instruction manual for MAC system.

Back to the protagonist, the "echo" theme Duga K610W with white and dark blue keycaps is mixed and matched. , the appearance looks simple, but the details are quite elegant.

As a three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, Durga K610W supports Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G wireless and wired USB three connection methods, and also supports Windows / MacOS dual systems and automatic identification of iOS and Android devices, and it is a thoughtful gift There are replacement keycaps. Therefore, whether it is a cross-system product such as a PC, a mobile phone, or a PAD, it can be perfectly compatible, and has achieved a powerful experience of full-key no-click and drive-free.

In addition, functions such as connection mode switching, lighting brightness, and multimedia playback that require a combination of shortcut keys are all provided with a side-engraved logo design on the lower eaves of the corresponding keycaps, which is convenient and worry-free in practice. The status indicator light of the keyboard is accidentally set above the small keyboard area, providing uppercase and lowercase status, WIN lock status, custom configuration file call status, and power indicator light. In addition, it also takes into account Bluetooth and wireless connection feedback prompts.

The Type-C charging port of the Duga K610W keyboard is designed on the left side of the top of the keyboard, adjacent to the power switch. As a wireless keyboard that supports three modes, Durga K610W is equipped with a larger battery capacity, which can be fully charged in only 3 hours with a 5V/2A charging device. Moreover, in the optimized design to ensure high performance, low latency and stable output, the power consumption is further reduced. If the average usage time is 8 hours per day, the backlight can be turned off and the battery life can be as high as 360 days in Bluetooth mode. Even if you choose 2.4G wireless, it can reach about 200 days of battery life. I believe it is quite satisfactory for such a comprehensive battery life.

Looking at the back of the keyboard, the high and low level design outlined by the line chamfering makes the entire back look neither monotonous nor complicated. Not surprisingly, the four corners of the keyboard are designed with fitted rubber non-slip foot pads, and the foot support part provides three use angles through the high and low combined double foot support structure, which takes care of the daily use habits of different users.

By the way, let me talk about a small detail design, that is, a hidden storage compartment is designed at the bottom of the Duga K610W keyboard to store the 2.4G wireless receiver. For friends who have the habit of forgetting things, this design is quite intimate.

In terms of keycaps, Dujia K610W unexpectedly uses high-quality PBT material original height keycaps, and uses two-color injection molding + closed character technology, the details are also in place, and there is no slightest burr. Of course, the inherent advantages of oil resistance and wear resistance of PBT keycaps are still a plus experience. The large key position adopts the mainstream satellite axis design, and it has been debugged and optimized at the factory. The overall pressing and rebound are not fleshy or astringent.

In terms of core shafts, Dujia K610W cooperated with Kaihua this time, and launched Kaihua’s brand-new MX series shafts with four buckle positions and wall shafts——Turbo series shafts. Not only does this shaft adopt a new mold with high-gloss polishing, the precision and smoothness of the shaft body have been greatly improved, but the shaft center of the shaft also uses a new high-smooth composite POM material , thus further optimizing the smoothness experience. And each button can withstand up to 80 million knocks, ensuring a durable life. At present, four customized switches including red switch, tea switch, silver switch and mute red switch have been launched, which fully meet the preferences and needs of different users. At the same time, Dujia K610W is also equipped with a hot-swappable shaft seat, which is convenient for users to replace the shaft body in a later stage.

This time the author has a Turbo silver switch version with a linear feel. Its pressure trigger is 45±10g, and it can be triggered by pressing down 1.2±0.5mm. Since the key travel is very short and the pressure is low, its The overall hand feeling experience is not only light and silky, but also has extremely sensitive and fast response feedback. The straight up and down linear output can be used for daily text input or for playing intense FPS games like "PUBG". Cope with ease.

Written at the end, after a period of hands-on experience, the Durga K610W, which really has the all-round properties of panacea, has now become my main mechanical keyboard. The perfect compatibility that supports seamless switching between dual systems can also meet the needs of multiple PCs and PAD combinations in my home, and the brand-new customized Turbo silver switch is also quite NICE in terms of hand feel experience, and it is indeed a kind of experience. It feels like I can’t go back after that. If the netizens in front of the screen are also planted with this carefully designed mechanical keyboard, they might as well hurry up and try it out.

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