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The Ultimate Weapon of the Keyboard Man--Corsair K100RGB Mechanical Keyboard Unboxing Experience

The outer packaging has a consistent pirate style, and the overall black and yellow color scheme is full of high-end sense! The K100 RGB mechanical keyboard is divided into two versions, one is the SE bright gold version and the other is the normal version. There are also two types of switches, one is the RGB optical switch (the new OPX optical switch independently developed by Corsair), and the other is the RGB silver switch (CHERRY/cherry). The one I chose is RGB Optical axis version.

After unsealing, take out the keyboard body. The packaging is in place. The keyboard is protected by a transparent cover. It can also be used to cover the keyboard for daily use to prevent dust.

In terms of accessories: product manual, key puller, 10 replaceable supplementary keycaps and magnetic keyboard wrist rest.

The 10 supplementary keycaps correspond to the WASD and QWERDF buttons in the letter area, which are also frequently touched buttons in daily games. The surface of the keycaps has been treated with friction, and the existence of these keys can be sensed directly by touching them during touch typing.

Let’s look at the keyboard body again. The overall color scheme is mainly black and silver embellishment, which gives people a rigid feeling overall. The K100RGB mechanical keyboard adopts a full-size 110-key layout, and the extra macro keys and multimedia function keys also relatively stretch the size of the keyboard, making the K100RGB mechanical keyboard appear larger than ordinary full-size keyboards, and the size has reached 471MM ( L)*167MM(W)*39MM(H). The overall workmanship of the keyboard adopts a one-piece brushed metal aluminum alloy frame combined with more durable PBT two-color injection-molded light-transmitting keycaps and all-metal function keys, making the weight of the keyboard reach 1310G, and the materials used can be described as extremely luxurious.

As a multi-functional flagship mechanical keyboard, its connection method only provides a wired method, which is also more secure. In addition, a USB2.0 expansion interface is provided in the direction of the keyboard outlet, which can be easily connected to other USB devices, effectively extending the transmission distance.

The other end of the cable provides two USB power supply ports, one is responsible for powering the keyboard, and the other is for the extended USB2.0 port.

Let’s look at the 6 macro buttons on the left side of the keyboard. Each button can be customized and programmed, or set for special streaming media commands through the Elgato Stream Deck software. In addition, the height and color matching of these 6 buttons are specially designed for recognition to prevent accidental touch.

The iCUE control knob area in the upper left corner of the keyboard is officially the soul of the K100RGB mechanical keyboard. Through the iCUE control knob, users can operate various functions without opening the iCUE driver interface, such as: adjusting the backlight, media control, switching apps, record macros, scroll web pages, and more. The knob is also made of metal, and the damping is also very comfortable. On the left and right sides of the split knob are the configuration file switching button and the Windows function lock button.

The upper right corner of the keyboard is the multimedia area. The metal volume adjustment wheel, the system mute button and the 4 multimedia buttons below are convenient to operate when playing music or watching movies.

It can be seen that the seam transition of the keyboard is very smooth, and the keys also adopt a floating design.

The keycap is made of PBT two-color injection-molded light-transmitting keycap. The material is thick. The surface of the keycap is made of non-slip black matte material. After long-term use, fingerprints and sweat stains will no longer be left, but in exchange for a dry, smooth and delicate feel. The surface of the keycap is made of high-quality closed characters and is made of light-transmitting material, which is not only clear and beautiful, but also has a long service life. There is also laser-etched K100 words on the metal panel in the left corner, highlighting its identity.

Let’s take a look at the lower shaft, the OPX optical shaft independently developed by CORSAIR, with a 1.0mm trigger key stroke can bring ultra-fast operation response, because the optical signal trigger does not have the delay of traditional physical contacts, so the response is faster. Compared with the CHERRY silver switch, the shaft cover of the OPX optical switch is more transparent. In terms of feel, the OPX optical switch is also smoother than the silver switch. The service life of the keys is as high as 150 million times, which is more than the general mechanical switch. 50% of the number of uses.

At the bottom of the keyboard, the four huge anti-slip and anti-vibration foot pads are very eye-catching, and the multi-directional cable management slots also provide the functions of hiding cables and exiting cables in different directions for cables of different devices.

The foot support can realize three-stage different height adjustment.

The included wrist rest is made of detachable soft leatherette material with non-slip stripes on it. The wrist rest is fixed by a magnetic bayonet, which is easy to disassemble, and the magnetic adsorption is also relatively strong. It will not fall off easily without using it, and it takes a little force to remove it.

There is also a non-slip rubber strip at the bottom of the wrist rest.

The lighting effect of the keyboard lighting.

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