The vanguard of the popularization of customized keyboards, Skyloong has launched a new series, which is worth having!

The so-called customized keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that is customized and assembled with individuality and creativity. Before 2021, customized keyboards are only a niche hobby popular in the peripheral and gaming circles. After 2021, more and more people desire that the keyboard can not only meet the productivity needs, but also show their individuality. The fashion industry, trendy people, generation Z, office workers and other groups have begun to pour in, which has promoted the development of the customized market. develop.

Yes, of course. For example, Skyloong, which has been popular in recent years, has been taking the cost-effective route in order to let more players know about customized keyboards and have their own personalized keyboards. For example, every March 3rd is Skyloong’s Crazy Kit Festival. In this event festival, the brand will hold discounts or launch new products to give back to new and old fans, and the price will be very attractive.

At present, we know that Skyloong’s customized keyboard covers almost all layouts, such as: 61/64/68/84/96/75/980/87/108, etc., which can provide users with a full range of solutions. For example, the GK75 I just bought is the favorite of gamers. If you are also a gamer, you might as well take a look at my sharing.

The kit has a total of 3 packages, keycaps, shafts, and customized mechanical keyboard kits. Especially the packaging of the shaft body and keycaps is very beautifully designed. Not only the contrasting colors of blue and yellow are used, but also the logo and comic characters of the little nerd, which are thoughtful. The packaging of the keyboard kit is relatively simple, with silver stick figures and the GK75 model logo, that's all.

Come, come, let’s take a look at the family portrait first: the small worm GK75 customized mechanical keyboard kit, manual, adapter, USB Type-C cable, dust cover, as well as the switch body and keycap.

The keycap is made of PBT industrial titanium gray with OEM height, and it is equipped with two knob buttons as standard, which is very expandable. Moreover, there are multiple knob buttons on the kit, which can realize different shortcuts.

The shaft is a chocolate V2 lemon shaft, and it comes with multiple shaft positioning plates for easy installation. There's also my favorite gold split space mod that can be installed with your custom keys to expand the space area.

The nerdy GK75 customized mechanical keyboard kit adopts a black translucent hard shell design, and the golden positioning board is very attractive. It has the traditional space bar design, the shaft body and the satellite shaft. However, if you remove the positioning plate of the space bar, you will find that there are 3 more shaft installation positions, so that you can set 3 space bars according to your favorite combination. How to assemble it depends on your personal habits.

The back is similar to the traditional keyboard design, with a total of 5 non-slip pads, and the support feet are also designed in 2 sections, supporting three directions of the connecting cable, and a storage compartment for the 2.4G wireless receiver. A toggle switch is designed on the nameplate in the middle to switch between Bluetooth and 2.4G, and there is also a Windows and Mac switch button.

The kit supports RGB lighting effects, so it looks very beautiful, but because of the characteristics of the PBT keycap material, the effect will be somewhat discounted after the keycap is installed.

There is a white translucent cushion between the positioning plate and the PCB of the GK75 customized mechanical keyboard kit, which is one of the cores of the Lite Gasket's lightweight elastic structure, which is also the patented design of the Lite Gasket. With the sound-absorbing cotton at the bottom, it can effectively reduce the sound of keyboard hitting. For specific details, please refer to my screenshot.

The main board is designed to reserve the position of the interchangeable card slot for the knob module and the MX axis. You can see that the card slot with 4 contacts is the installation position of the knob module. Of course, the normal axis can also be used. This time, the GK75 customized mechanical keyboard can be equipped with up to 6 sets of knobs. It is completely up to the user to decide where to install it and what function to achieve.

The shaft body is a chocolate V2 lemon shaft, which feels good in the hand. The five-legged design is adopted, which means that players can choose the same type of shafts by themselves, which greatly improves the playability.

I chose the industrial titanium gray color for the keycaps. The overall color is off-white, the functional area is gray, and the arrow keys can be orange or gray. After all, this combination does not make the keyboard look monotonous.

The installation of the switch is very simple, but be careful not to use brute force. The keyboard comes with a switch installation guide. It is recommended to take a good look. The installation of the satellite axis is also very simple, just find the direction. Because it supports hot plugging, there is no problem installing the shaft body when the power is on, but it is recommended to install it with the power off, after all, it is safer.

The place where I use the knob every day is to adjust the volume. It feels more convenient than a mouse, so I only chose one this time. If you want to achieve more knob functions, you need to use the driver or write to the onboard memory so that you can do it once and for all.

The driver is also very simple to use. The common function support is lighting change, keyboard key setting and so on. There are 5 default lighting effects, including Macice Blue, RGB Gradient, Spectral Cycle, Windmill, and Rainbow Wave. But custom function keys are the essence of the driver. If you are a designer, the shortcut keys are very helpful to you. If you are a gamer, the same shortcut keys can help you very well. How to design the specific design, wait for you to start thinking about this keyboard slowly, haha!

There is absolutely no sense of incongruity with the customized mechanical keyboard of the small bug GK75 on the desktop. In fact, I really like this size of keyboard, and it is really good for playing games. Of course, if you often use the digital area, then I suggest you choose GK980 or GK96.

In general, this small bug GK75 customized mechanical keyboard kit is still very good, both in appearance design and materials are worthy of recognition, of course, there is an even better patented Gasket structure, which comprehensively improves this mechanical keyboard user experience. The customized design allows users to replace the keycaps and switches by themselves. More importantly, the price of this keyboard is surprisingly affordable. If you like this kind of customized keyboard and want to experience the fun of assembling by yourself, Xiaobian Zerg GK75 customized mechanical keyboard kit would be a good choice.

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