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The weather is hot, and I have equipped myself with a set of refreshing computer peripherals to relieve the irritability of the game

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, which makes people feel a little irritable. Have you ever considered giving yourself a set of refreshing computer peripherals suitable for games? Let you be refreshed and put into the game, not only looking cool, but also comfortable to touch, and feel good to use. Coinciding with the annual 618 promotion, I chose a set of Daryou refreshing series suits, and the price is much more affordable than before, let's have a look!

1. Dareu A87pro wireless three-mode customized game mechanical keyboard (599 yuan, 618 big promotion price 598 yuan)

This upgraded version of the keyboard A87 adopts standard 2-key area 87-key mechanical switches, DAREU custom switches, PBT closed keycaps, not only preset multi-functional combination keys, but also supports various RGB lighting effects, supports hot swapping, and There are three-mode wireless and other functions. With the support of customized shaft, it feels very good in the hand.

As the flagship of the A87 series keyboards, the blue and white color scheme of the Pro version has a very high appearance value, giving people a refreshing and simple look and feel. After the backlight is turned on, the Ice Blue LED lights have a very good lighting effect. The high-toughness noise-absorbing silicone pad effectively reduces the fine noise caused by the vibration of the keyboard when the switch is struck during use, and the sound is more pure and comfortable without harshness.

2. Dareu A950 wireless bluetooth three-mode lightweight gaming gaming mouse (299 yuan, 618 big promotion price 279 yuan)

Dareu A950 wireless bluetooth three-mode lightweight mouse is also blue and white as the main color, with a refreshing and cool appearance, first-class appearance, symmetrical ergonomic grip design, optimized mouse grip and brand-new control experience , with skin-like surface treatment to make your operation smoother and more stable. The 88g lightweight body moves more flexibly, allowing you to achieve better control in the fierce game battlefield; at the same time, it ensures that your hands will not be sore after long-term use.

KBS2.0 button technology is adopted, so that no matter where the finger is on the button, the mouse operation can be performed with the same strength and key travel, and it supports 2.4G/Bluetooth/wired three-mode connection, fully considering the user's own usage habits . In the 300 yuan price segment, there is still a relatively high cost performance. The RGB lights also look very cool, and can emit different RGB light effects when using and charging, making your game more refreshing.

3. Dareu EH722 wire-controlled gaming headset (129 yuan)

A good gaming headset is essential for gamers to play games smoothly, and it is conducive to arousing your passion. This EH722 wire-controlled gaming headset brings surging sound quality performance, which exceeds the effect of a hundred-yuan headset. The design adopts two-color injection molding diamond cut surface design, which is very textured, and is matched with cool ice blue lights, so that the light can form a diamond effect through the two-color injection molding process.

The skin-friendly protein leather earmuffs are used, which are soft and comfortable to wear. The sound quality performance has reached the audiophile level, and the output of the high-fidelity 50mm speaker unit is still very stable, and this headset should bring professional gaming 7.1 channels. This headset can also restore details, reduce sound distortion, and make the sound The positioning is more precise and clear, ensuring accurate listening and identification when playing games, and bringing you a stronger record.

The 618 promotion is coming soon, and Dareu has also launched the 618 promotion plan in advance. Not only is the price discount unprecedented, but there is also a shopping lottery. 1 A84pro keyboard, all of which are very practical and super attractive prizes! Whether you smoke or not depends on your luck, but it is worth it to equip yourself with a set of refreshing high-quality mouse and keyboard peripherals at a low price, which will bring you a refreshing and good mood in the irritating summer!

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