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The World Cup is about to start, choose a good keyboard to play games and other games

In less than 20 days, the World Cup in Qatar will start. Like the last World Cup, there will be no Chinese team in this World Cup. However, the fans who actually watch the game will not be led to the rhythm. What we appreciate is the skill rather than the cloud data. I am a German fan personally, I wonder which team is your favorite?

The most regrettable thing about the World Cup is that among the new generation of double prides, Haaland, who is in hot form, was unable to enter the World Cup finals due to Norway's limited strength. Of course, the World Cup cannot be Mbappe’s one-man show. Both the coal boss and the president may be the last World Cup. I believe Argentina and Portugal will make a difference. Whether England’s strength is real or an illusion is also the highlight of each edition. one.

As for Qatar, I believe that what most people think of is the sentence --- I am the richest in the world with a cloth on my head. As for Qatar football, although they often make the Rabbit team cry and buy and buy a lot of players, they are always just haha. If nothing else, they are weak hosts at the same level as South Africa.

In contrast, fans are actually concerned about the time difference (you go to the scene to watch? You can ignore this article), the difference between Qatar time and Beijing time is five hours, when Qatar is early in the morning, we are at five in the morning, if it is Shandong The friends on the other side probably had watched the sunrise and prepared to wake up the beasts to go to school (the time zone of Shandong is actually two hours behind Beijing time), while the friends in Xinji Tibet were still asleep at that time, except for the tourists who went to the bar (early morning around three o'clock).

In other words, we basically don't have to stay up late to watch the game. It is said that the Qatar World Cup was postponed until November because of the hot weather.

For fans, before the World Cup kicks off, there are still many exciting events to follow. For example, the UEFA Champions League, the top 16 has just been released, the Premier League and the Bundesliga have all passed. Juventus is kneeling in Serie A, and Real Madrid is left in La Liga. standing. However, I still think that Real Madrid will win the championship after being surrounded by the top fifteen.

So during the World Cup, what do we wait for the kick-off? Of course it is playing games.

I believe that many fans are game fans, and even many players, such as Neymar and Dembele, the two famous Barcelona players. Football games generally do not have high requirements for hardware configuration. Basically, entry-level game graphics cards are enough to go sideways, but peripherals are much more important.

However, unlike FPS e-sports games, football games basically do not require a mouse, but a keyboard is just needed.

Basically, all operations of the football game are on the keyboard, and the mouse is basically just a simple operation of the menu. Of course, it seems that FIFA has a mouse and keyboard operation mode, which is a non-mainstream gameplay.

So if you want to play football games well, which keyboard should you choose? For entry-level, I recommend the Dimo ​​F1 Red Light Edition. As the name suggests, this is a mechanical keyboard with a monochrome backlight.

Although the positioning is entry-level, the details of Dimo ​​F1 are still good. This is a typical compact design mechanical keyboard. Anodized metal cover, suspended keycap, easy to clean.

The ABS double-color injection keycap not only transmits light well, but also prevents characters from being erased. It is especially suitable for football games, which are high-intensity games that torture the keyboard.

In terms of the axis, the optical axis is used, which has the advantages of a lifespan of 100 million times and a response speed of 0.2ms. The firing signal is faster, and it is more suitable for e-sports confrontation.

There are multiple versions of Dimo ​​F1, even the entry-level red light version still retains details such as the satellite axis. The satellite axis can balance the space bar, enter key and other large keys to avoid cavity sound.

If you often need a lot of text entry in your daily work, you can consider the Dimo ​​F6 with its own oversized hand rest. The same two-color keycap is color-matched, and it is also optical axis, but there is an extra large and comfortable hand rest, which is really considerate for friends who accidentally enter tens of thousands of words in one breath.

If you are also a digital trendy person, or if you have multiple sets of computers, tablets, and mobile phones, you can consider choosing the three-mode wireless DIMO F87 in one step. The three modes are yes, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth wireless. Especially when using Bluetooth wireless, you can connect to three different devices at the same time, and you can switch as you like.

Moreover, Dimo ​​F87 uses cherry switches and PBT keycaps, which have a higher positioning and are more suitable for literary youths who like to toss.

For friends who pursue personalization, you can consider Dimo ​​F4. Dimo F4 not only has a crazy shape and cherry switches, but more importantly, it adopts a quasi-modular design. The small keyboard can be disassembled to make the keyboard into 87 keys, and the small keyboard can also be flexibly installed on the left and right sides of the keyboard. .

At the same time, a small keyboard with macro definition functions can be added to the upper left position. For friends who like personality and have more game shortcut keys, Dimo ​​F4 has super rich gameplay.

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