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There is always something suitable for you, customize your personality! Luofei Xiaoqiao Keyboard Optional Edition

I have always been a user of Lofree Xiaolang keyboard before. The extremely comfortable experience of Xiaolang keyboard makes me unwilling to give up and use it all the time after using many keyboards. Recently, Lofree has updated its product line and launched a new optional small warp keycap and optional version of the small warp switch body, so I ordered a 100-key tofu-colored body with a G red Pro switch body to match Shanghai I have used the fantasy keycap version of Xiaoqiao for a while, this time let's talk about the experience of this product.

For a face controler, the biggest reason for choosing Xiao Qiao, the self-selected version, is that his face value is really high. Let me talk about this set of keycaps first. I think Lofree has really played various tricks on this so-called 2㎡ space. At first, I thought that this kind of keycaps would be a bit tricky on the color matching at most, but after I got it, I found that this set of keycaps not only has its own unique way of color matching, but also customizes the overall graffiti and characters on the keycaps. Very deep.

There are so many details on the keycaps. For example, the up, down, left, and right keys are customized to face different fishes. The Enter key and Shift key on the right form an interesting animation of pouring small fish out of the bottle. Many keycaps also have the appearance of the seabed, such as some small fish, seaweed, seahorse, seaweed, etc...

I think it is just as the designer of this set of keycaps said: Is the underwater world as wonderful and rich as ours? Want to be a backstroke fish and explore another different world in the book. This keyboard can be said to vividly show the fantasy of the designer's mind about the seabed, and the graffiti and text rewriting brought by the interesting style of painting will not look childish at all. This set of keycaps is called the fantasy of the sea, which is really appropriate.

In terms of keyboard color matching, I chose tofu color matching. This color matching is really invincible. It is not so much a tofu color as it is a light milk tea color, which is a versatile color. Moreover, this color is a relatively more stain-resistant color among the light-colored and attractive colors, and it is also very good to match with other keycaps of various colors!

In the selection of the shaft body, I chose the standard Jiadalong G Red Pro. There is a satellite shaft design in the big health position. My first impression of the overall feel of tapping is that it is relatively soft, but there is still a bit of crispness in the softness. Personally, I prefer this kind of feedback. Whether in the bedroom or in the office, the overall knocking sound will be smaller. While maintaining a good feel and feedback, the long-term knocking will not be tiring.

Whether it is the choice of the keycap, the keyboard casing or the choice of the keyboard shaft, you can choose one by one according to your personal preferences and carry out in-depth customization. The method is also very simple, and it can be realized on the "Luo Fei Building". Customize your favorite keyboard and create fun in a 2㎡ space.

Of course, Luofei's keyboard not only has a very good-looking appearance, but also his experience is really pretty good. Different from the general mechanical keyboard, the small warped keyboard is really a bit "cocked" as its name suggests. The keyboard adopts a 9-degree curved tilt design, which is more ergonomic. Moreover, this design can be said to be closer to the natural typing state of the wrist, and will not have the "pulling feeling" of the hand moving back and forth like other ordinary keyboards. After a long time of use, the wrist will be more relaxed. This is for a long-term office worker. It is really just needed for people or self-media workers who have a lot of typing and writing needs.

I connected my Luofei Xiaoqiao to my Mac for use, and I personally think that the overall experience is still very good. Typing and writing manuscripts every day is much more comfortable than the keyboard that comes with the Mac, and you can hardly feel the delay on the computer, and the response is sensitive and very fast. Some shortcut keys unique to Mac, such as command+C, can be copied, which can also be realized synchronously on Luofei Xiaolang, and the compatibility can be said to be very good.

To sum up, I think Luofei is a relatively artistic and refreshing brand among peripheral brands. The exquisite and interesting design has brought a lot of fun to a cold digital product, and of course it has brought infinite beauty to the 2㎡ space in the office.

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