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There is no end to desktop upgrades, let’s take a look at a few good things that 618 bought to update the desktop

Affected by the general environment, I seldom go out on weekends and spend most of my time at home. The computer desk has become the place where I spend the longest time. Watching movies, playing games, listening to music, that's all the fun of a married man. I have been staying at the computer desk for a long time, and every now and then I want to make a fuss about my desktop and add a few useful products. This 618 couldn’t hold back. I bought the Beiarc E700 monitor stand, Dareu keyboard and mouse headset set, and green Combined with a 140W GaN power supply, I made a small modification to the desktop, hoping to make my desktop more beautiful and practical.

Using the monitor stand, you can adjust the height of the monitor to a position that suits you at will, so you don’t have to bow your head for a long time, which can protect the cervical spine. At the same time, using the monitor stand takes up very little space on the desktop, which can make the desktop more tidy and beautiful.

The new display stand E700 released by Beiarc adopts the mechanical arm made of aluminum alloy, supplemented by high-strength plastic cable management groove, which greatly reduces the weight of the stand itself and has sufficient strength. The color scheme looks full of technology.

The installation method of E700 supports two mainstream installation modes: perforated installation and clamping installation. Both installation methods are very stable, because my desktop is a whole wooden table board, and there is no pre-punched hole, so clamping is used. Install.

The North Arc E700 adopts a quick-release back panel. Fix the standard VESA back panel on the back of the monitor with screws and then insert it into the card slot on the top of the stand arm. There is a knob that can be locked with one key. The quick-release panel can be easily Install and remove the monitor.

There is a cable management slot on the robotic arm, and the power cord and signal cable of the display can be easily stored in it, making the desktop look neater and neater.

The difference between this bracket and other bracket products of North Arc is that it supports RGB. There are LED light strips hidden on the base and the mechanical arm, and the effect of lighting is realized after the power is turned on. The bracket has 20 modes of RGB effects , long press to switch on and off, short press to switch to the next mode.

For the RGB lighting effect, the E700 bracket has a memory function. Every time the light is turned on, it will enter the lighting effect before the last shutdown, avoiding the tediousness of adjusting the lighting effect every time.

The E700 is actuated by a mechanical spring, making it easy to operate the height of the monitor with one hand. The screen supports a height lift of 195-460mm, which can be completed by lightly lifting and pressing the screen.

After installing this North Arc Adjustable Monitor Stand, you can move it up, down, left, right, and adjust the elevation angle as you like immediately.

As a new RGB product of Beiarc, the materials, workmanship, stability, and practicability of the E700 are also top-notch products among many brackets. I am also very satisfied with the use experience. After replacing the E700, the desktop effect is cleaner and more technological. , especially the RGB light pollution effect is full, so many friends who like to tinker with the table are also eager to try.

For peripheral players, Dareu is a well-known old brand. The main products are gaming keyboards, mice, headphones and other peripherals. In the past two years, Dareu’s products have been iterated rapidly, and the products launched are very innovative and design, especially the mech suit. After I saw it, I was immediately planted and bought a keyboard, mouse and earphones.

Dareu A98 mechanical keyboard three-mode hot-swappable keyboard

The appearance of Dareu A98 Mech Edition keyboard is blue and white, and a few yellow keycaps are presented as a gift. After being replaced, it immediately highlights a strong sense of design and creates a strong mecha style. The keyboard is arranged in 98, which meets my needs for small keyboards, and at the same time reduces the size of the keyboard to leave more space for the desktop.

The Dareu A98 keyboard adopts the Gasket structure. Compared with the traditional mechanical keyboard, there are no screws inside the keyboard to fix it, but the upper and lower covers are occluded and fixed. High-toughness silicone filler is added between the inner tank and the bottom shell to reduce keyboard knocking The sound also makes the feel more balanced. The keycap adopts OEM height, and the keycap material is PBT keycap, which supports RGB light effect. The only regret is that the keycap is opaque, which sacrifices the light effect.

The A98 mecha version is a three-mode keyboard, which supports three connection methods: wired, bluetooth and 2.4G wireless. It is equipped with a 4000mAh large-capacity lithium battery. It can last for 45 days when the RGB light tube is turned off, and 7 days when the RGB light is turned on. The upper left corner of the keyboard With power digital display function, you can keep track of the remaining power at all times.

Dareu A98 uses a PC slotted positioning board, which has a certain degree of softness and elasticity. The large keys in the keyboard use Dareu’s new tuning satellite axis to ensure that the key positions feel more stable and do not shake. The satellite shaft is lubricated at the factory, and the matching accuracy of the satellite shaft and the positioning plate is also very good.

This time it is equipped with the V3 version of the sky axis. The new version of the axis has been updated with a fence-type axis structure and gold-plated springs. The stability and life of the axis have been qualitatively improved. The sky axis is a linear axis, and the overall structure is filled with soft materials. It has a good cushioning effect during the pressing process, and the button will not make a loud sound when it touches the bottom. It will be more gentle and stable for the linear feel.

The Dareu A98 mechanical keyboard can be said to subvert the opinions of many people. The first is the mass-produced Gasket structure design, and various details of its own have been added to the structure. It can be said that there is really something. Among the current mass-produced mechanical keyboards, the feel of Dareu A98 can be said to be worth the money.

Dareu A970 wired gaming mouse

Dareu A970 is the main product, so there are many versions. The mecha version is naturally designed with mecha-style elements and patterns. It has a prominent sense of recognition visually and looks quite handsome. Dareu A970 made another effort on its own KBS button system, upgraded to the second-generation system, and was equipped with a customized AIM game engine for the first time.

Dareu A970 has a total of 6 button designs. In addition to the common left and right main buttons and scroll buttons, there are also DPI buttons, forward buttons, and back buttons. Each button supports custom functions and can be set independently by installing the driver. There is an "AIM ENGINE" character logo next to the forward and backward keys.

The mouse adopts a symmetrical design as a whole, and the arc design conforms to ergonomic grip. The index finger and middle finger are flat on the button, which is easy to trigger and not easy to fatigue. The palm position continues the tradition of Dareu, with a white logo printed on it.

The circle on the right is the DPI key, and this small DIP key actually supports RGB lighting, which is so cute. DPI has 5 gears of 800/1200/2400/4000/18000DPI by default, and you can also customize the settings on the driver according to your usage habits, so that you can easily and quickly switch the appropriate DPI value in different games.

The center of the mouse palm rest is a U-shaped RGB light bar, with a semi-transparent high-gloss shell, full of dreaminess. And it supports 16.8 million color RGB lighting effects, and the switching of various lighting modes can be completed with just one button, making it easy for you to achieve a sense of e-sports atmosphere.

Dareu EH732 Gaming Gaming Computer Head-mounted Wired Headphones

Dareu EH732 Gaming Wired Headphones are not new, but the mecha version is the latest upgraded version. It adopts blue, white, and yellow color schemes. Matched with the mouse, the appearance is even higher. Gaming 7.1-channel configuration, 270g lightweight design, omni-directional noise reduction microphone and RGB lighting effects are enough for daily gaming and entertainment.

The head beam of the earphone is composed of two long strips of metal stainless steel and a leather ring, which not only reduces the weight, but also has good flexibility and is very comfortable to wear. The weight reduction can also have extremely high flexibility, and the adaptive wearing method can improve the wearing feeling to a certain extent.

The material of the earmuffs and head beam apron is made of skin-friendly material, which is soft and delicate. The earmuffs fit well to the ears and are comfortable to wear. The earphones are equipped with a 50mm high-performance dynamic unit, the sound is clear and timely, the low frequency is thick and powerful, the mid-high frequency is well balanced, and the texture and details are both good. Turn on the virtual surround 7.1 sound effect, and the sense of space becomes stronger, especially the various sound effects in the game, the spatial changes can be heard directly, and the position of the gunshot when eating chicken is clearly identifiable.

The earphone shell is a circle of super long RGB light strips, which looks very eye-catching. Because of the design, many earphones will feel a little bit killer when they are equipped with lights, while the mecha-themed earphones and personalized RGB lights are It complements each other and is harmonious and unified.

The Dareu EH732 gaming headset is worth more than 100 yuan, with excellent workmanship, mecha-style appearance, cool RGB lighting, self-adaptive headband with double-layer head beam, and large earmuffs. It is still comfortable to wear. comfortable. But the disadvantages are also obvious. In summer, they can only be worn in air-conditioned rooms, otherwise the large airtight earmuffs will make the ears breathless. In addition, the earphones are wired, which is slightly inconvenient to use. It would be even better if a wireless version can be released, even if it is more expensive, I am willing to pay for it.

I used the Greenlink 65W smart charging magic box before, but as the charging power of mobile phones, game consoles, computers and other devices continues to increase, 65W is a bit more than enough. In particular, the chargers that come with devices such as notebooks and game consoles are bulky, and it is very inconvenient to carry them out. Greenlink's Lightning π GaN charger that supports PD3.1 has become the best choice for upgrading. Such a small size has a powerful output power of 140W, so you can place an order directly.

I have used many Lulian products, and the quality is reliable, but the appearance has always been quite satisfactory. And this Lightning π has a great breakthrough in design, which makes me wonder if the designer has changed. The shell has a frosted matte texture and the color is gray-green. There is a metallic decorative piece embedded on the surface of the metal case, and a cyberpunk style is in front of you.

The kit comes with a braided charging cable with a CtoC interface, the length of which is 1.5 meters. The workmanship of this cable is very delicate, and it can support a maximum charging power of 240W. It can be used by new devices in the future. It costs about 100 yuan to buy such a cable.

For most people, there are usually several devices that need to be charged, such as notebooks, mobile phones, smart watches, etc. Greenlink 140W Lightning π charger is equipped with three interfaces of 2C+1A, which just meets the needs of multiple devices at the same time. charging needs. And the 140W power distribution is quite perfect, but the C1 port charging can support the 140W PD3.1 protocol, and the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro can be charged to 56% in half an hour; the two C ports can be charged at the same time and can output 65+65W smoothly. It can meet the needs of charging two notebooks at the same time, and it is enough to take a charger outside on a business trip.

Lvlian Lightning π has outstanding appearance, stunning appearance and workmanship. The 140W high-power output can meet the fast charging needs of multiple devices. Multiple protections such as over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature are reassuring in terms of safety. The size and weight are a bit heavier than the 65W GaN charging head, but the 140W power really meets the needs of enthusiasts.

The above is the entire content of this sharing. Thank you for watching. If you think the article is helpful to you, please like, bookmark, and comment. Your support is the biggest motivation for me to continue writing. I am the evil Uncle Mai , see you next time.

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