Thick planting cinnamon dog feelings, what kind of cooperation have Dareu and Sanrio reached?

Speaking of Sanrio, you may not be familiar with it, but when it comes to Hello Kitty and Yugui Dog, you should be very familiar with it. These two brands are from Sanrio. The English translation of Sanrio is Sanrio, which has many animal cartoon images, has a very broad market prospect and a high popularity index in China, especially HelloKitty and Yugui Dog are well-known in China and are deeply loved by young users. .

Recently, the series of computer peripherals launched by Dareu, a mainstream brand of domestic peripherals, are deeply loved by netizens because of their exquisite appearance. Recently, it has reached a peripheral cooperation agreement with Sanrio, and has launched the first set of character suits - Yugui Dog joint suit: Yugui Dog Cube Sugar Mechanical Keyboard, Yugui Dog A950 Gaming Mouse, Yugui Dog H105 Co-branded products such as wireless game controllers and cinnamon dog mouse pads.

To be honest, the author also prefers cartoon-like computer peripheral products, and I just want to buy a keyboard and mouse set. Its introduction is not bad, so I bought a set to try it out.

This mouse is the Cinnamon Dog A950 three-mode wireless mouse. It is actually based on the original Dareus A950 gaming mouse, adding the cartoon image of the Cinnamon Dog. In this way, this dull mouse has a cartoon charm and Soul, especially for users who have the feelings of Yugui dog cartoon, is indeed well arranged.

This Cinnamon Dog A950 three-mode wireless mouse is equipped with an independent streamer RGB magnetic charging base, which makes charging more convenient and fast, and it is equipped with a variety of illusion light effects to make charging more aura. At the same time, there is a USB socket on the front of the base, which is used to connect the 2.4G signal receiver, extend the signal receiver, shorten the distance between the mouse and the signal receiver, and improve the signal transmission efficiency.

Yuguigou A950 three-mode wireless mouse adopts a lightweight design, weighs about 88g, and supports 2.4G, Bluetooth, and wired connections at the same time. It has a built-in 950mAh rechargeable lithium battery. In order to further improve its battery life, its It is also equipped with a more power-saving customized version of the AIM-WL low-power sensor, which can provide up to about 120 hours of battery life.

Because this mouse uses a six-button design, and its forward and backward design is on the left side of the mouse, that is, the right thumb can be easily manipulated, so it is a right-handed symmetrical design. The size of the mouse is moderate, suitable for users with small and medium hands. In addition, the main color of this mouse is white and blue, which is not particularly bright, so it looks like it belongs to the more attractive type.

The main button part of the mouse adopts a split structure, and the micro-movement adopts the customized version of Darwin, with a lifespan of up to 50 million clicks. With the support of KBS 2.0 key balance technology, the hand feels light and crisp, and the rebound follows the hand, and the connection is not sticky. The point confirmation is clear and the performance is quite good. At the same time, it also supports 50-12000DPI custom adjustment, which is convenient to meet the needs of different game users.

There is a Teflon foot sticker on the bottom of the mouse. This foot sticker is very good, which can make the mouse smoother and improve the user's control experience. In addition, the bottom of the mouse is also equipped with a mode switching switch, code matching button and receiver storage compartment, which is convenient for users to quickly switch connection modes according to different usage scenarios.

In addition to the Yugui Dog A950 mouse, the first set of characters of the Sanrio and Dareu peripheral joint model also includes the Yugui Dog Mini Sugar Cube Mechanical Keyboard, the Yugui Dog H105 Wireless Handle and the Yugui Dog Table Mat ( Gifts, not for sale), the prices are respectively 329 yuan for Yuguigou A950 wireless mouse, 499 yuan for Yuguigou small cube sugar mechanical keyboard, and 299 yuan for Yuguigou H105 wireless handle. Gui dog mouse pad, so it is more affordable to buy a set.

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