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"This is hip-hop" joint name is coming! This is hip-hop keyboard and mouse

My favorite "This Is Street Dance" is already in its fifth season. In addition to Wang Yibo and Han Geng, this season also has new mentors Lee Seung-hyun and Liu Yuxin. I have liked this hip-hop variety show since the first season and have been chasing it. Recently, I discovered that the Shuangfei Yanfei Era series actually has a joint keyboard and mouse set. As a fan, how can you not miss it.

There are four colors in total, corresponding to the names of the four mentor teams. Yibo Wang Zha is based on black/green, Attitude Master is based on yellow/green, Quanxin Power is based on dark/light blue, and Lucky Party is based on bright purple/pink. To be honest, I think the four color schemes are very beautiful, but I chose the mentor team I like-Master Attitude.

The color of the keyboard is very beautiful, the bright yellow keycaps are very visually impactful. 98 keys, all keys without punching, the overall lines are simple, and the first touch feels pretty good.

Keyboard size: 385*138*41mm. The weight of the keyboard is about: 1051g. It is a little smaller and lighter than the 104 keyboard I used before. The space bar, shift key, and mode key are all printed with the LOGO of the Attitude Master team. Above the keyboard are three function indicators.

The 360° three-dimensional PBT team keycaps are matched with two-color injection molded ABS keycaps, and the granular coating is optimized, which not only maintains high light transmission, but also solves the problem of oiling the keycaps after long-term use. In addition, CAO independently customizes the corner-cut keycap design to improve the tactility of fingers, and can effectively avoid the occurrence of touch during use.

The shaft body adopts a full-key hot-swappable shaft design, anti-oxidation gold plating process electric shock, reliable connection, and compatible with three-legged and five-legged shafts on the market. Freely switch the switch body as you like, and customize a keyboard that is exclusive to you.

On the back of the fuselage, you can see the three-way outlet design, which can be used flexibly. No matter the host is on the left, right or in the middle, it can be well supported. The wire does not need to be wound, which is easier to organize and makes the desktop look clean and neat. .

There are long anti-slip pads on the bottom and the tripod, and the area of ​​the anti-slip pads is large. The 2-stage silicone tripod can adjust the height of the keyboard according to your needs, making it comfortable for gaming or typing. In addition, the silicone pad is also detachable, and it can be replaced by itself if there is a certain degree of wear and tear.

The full-color lighting can be quickly switched through the mode key, and different lighting effects can be switched through FN+1-10, including colorful waves, colorful animations, keystroke color change, keystroke waves, keystroke shooting stars, colorful gradients, etc...

Shuangfei Yanfei Era FM30 Attitude Master Gaming Mouse is just a set with the keyboard. The mouse is very light, only 78g, and the bright yellow color makes this mouse very eye-catching.

Using BC3332-A original game-grade sensor, with 1200/1600/2000/6200 CPI resolution, adjust the CPI resolution through the bottom button. Tracking speed 250ips, 8000fps frame update rate and other powerful performance, screen feedback without delay, jumping marks and jitter problems.

The F/S button on the top can be set to three custom modes, including multimedia drinks, office lock screen, privacy hiding, game screenshots, and game recording. One-key switching through the configuration mode at the bottom of the mouse.

The other five buttons can also be customized. You can set the buttons according to your own office and game needs. They can be used in stand-alone or multi-key combinations, and a variety of functions can improve office efficiency.

Not bad, this keyboard conquered me just by looking at its appearance. After experiencing it for a period of time, I found that the keyboard is quite suitable for me. The overall angle of the keyboard is very comfortable, and it is easy to adapt to it. The mouse is very smooth and comfortable to hold.

I have always liked the peripheral products of the Shuangfeiyan brand. The overall feeling is that Feidai is a hip-hop keyboard and mouse. Although I bought it based on the appearance at first, I am very satisfied with the feel of the keyboard after I bought it. The keyboard is made of solid materials, and there are too many remarkable details. It is very easy to type on the keyboard, and there will be no fatigue in long-term code games. There are also RGB lighting effects. The mouse is light and convenient, which brings great convenience to daily use.

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