This is the first time I feel such a quiet mechanical keyboard—the experience of using the Royal Axe L98 Rabbit Axis Mechanical Keyboard

The feel of the mechanical keyboard is excellent, which is recognized by users who have used it, but while using the mechanical keyboard to experience the unique button feel, it also brings a serious problem that we have to face squarely, which is the process of using the mechanical keyboard in the noise. I used to be complained by my colleagues many times because I used the brown switch keyboard in the office. After I had a baby, I started to be cautious about typing at night, until I bought this Royal Axe L98 rabbit switch keyboard and used it for 2 months. I can't help feeling that the mechanical keyboard can be so quiet while retaining the feel.

The Royal Axe L98 mechanical keyboard retains the small keyboard area, and greatly reduces the desktop space occupied. All the configurations that a mechanical keyboard should have, Royal Axe L98 are fully loaded, wireless three-mode, RGB lighting effects, full-key hot-swappable, and there is a TFT screen on the upper right of the keyboard, which can be customized by driving a pattern, which is really interesting Full, full of black technology, it has now become my main keyboard.

Royal Axe L98 has three colors of moon rock gray, sharp white blue and ivory yellow, each color has its own characteristics, and finally I chose moon ivory yellow, with a few orange keyboard embellishments, making the whole keyboard look vibrant and passion. The keyboard supports 20 kinds of lighting effects, and there is an RGB light bar on the side. The lighting effects can be customized through the App to achieve an ambilight-like effect.

Royal Axe L98 adopts the Gasket structure, the PC positioning board, the silicone pad, the silicone sheet and the noise-absorbing pad are closely attached, the structure is stable and noise interference is reduced, making the keyboard feel pure and comfortable.

This TFT screen can display information such as date/time/battery/connection method, and can also upload custom GIF animations and photos through the driver, which is quite playable.

When it comes to shafts, the first thing that comes to mind is Cherry, but with the expiration of CHERRY patent protection and the continuous innovation of domestic shafts, Cherry is no longer the only choice. Now there are a lot of domestic switches available on the market. This keyboard uses the Rabbit switch of the TTC Lego-style structure Zodiac series. This is a silent linear switch with light pressure and quick trigger. The false touch performance is very good, and the TTC noise reduction double insurance structure is adopted, which has both quietness and hand feeling. Trigger pressure: 42gf, trigger stroke: 1.2mm, total stroke: 3.5mm, light and smooth when hitting, rebound quickly, and the feel takes into account long-term gaming and codewriting.

The shaft body supports plug-in design, which is convenient for players to DIY, and reduces the cost of DIY customization of the keyboard. Players can also use different handle shaft bodies for different keys according to their own needs. Without using a dynamic soldering iron, more players can experience DIY fun. It is also convenient for maintenance, and it is not necessary to replace the entire keyboard because one shaft is damaged.

Royal Axe L98 supports three connection methods: 2.4G, Bluetooth 5.0 and wired, and supports up to 3 devices, which can be quickly switched through shortcut keys. In terms of accessories, it comes standard with a replacement keycap and 4 replacement shafts, as well as a key puller and shaft puller. Users can change the keyboard style by themselves. The free data cable is an aviation plug-in cable. This cable costs more than a hundred at retail. Yuan, Royal Ax L98 keyboard is full of sincerity.

The App of Yufu is very professional and supports MacOs and Win systems. Through the App, you can make rich settings for the keyboard, not only support key mapping, light effect modification, but also macro editing and small screen display settings. The setting scheme can be saved and share with others.

The biggest feature of the Royal Axe L98 is that it can maintain an excellent feel while being extremely quiet. The Gasket structure, PC positioning board, silicone pad, silicone sheet and noise-absorbing pad are closely fitted. The structure is stable and reduces noise interference, making the keyboard feel pure and comfortable. For friends who use it in the office or code at home late at night, it is really a boon, and there is no need to worry about disturbing the people.

In terms of tapping experience, the Royal Axe L98 with the rabbit shaft feels very light. For users like me who have half and half of the game and code words, it feels very comfortable to use. The finger tapping on the keyboard feels moderate pressure and rebounds. It is fast, has no lag and does not rebound too strongly. It can be said that the Royal Axe L98 is a keyboard with excellent comprehensive feel experience and very quiet.

Finally, let me talk about the shortcomings of this keyboard that I personally think. First of all, as the key ring is getting more and more curled today, the positioning of 1299 yuan is not really cost-effective. , but we don't smoke or drink, what's wrong with playing with a keyboard? Buy buy buy. Because of the blessing of RGB and small screen, the standby time of this keyboard is not long. When the light effect is fully turned on, the battery life is only 15 hours. In order to avoid frequent charging, it is simply used as a wired keyboard.

The above is the whole content of the Yufu L98 Rabbit Switch keyboard experience. Thank you for watching. If you think the article is helpful to you, please like, bookmark, and comment. Your support is the biggest motivation for me to continue writing. I am Evil Uncle Mai, see you next time.

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