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This is the most economical way to buy on Double 11. You can buy a full set of desktop digital goods for less than 2,000 yuan

Although it is not yet November, the annual Double 11 promotion has entered the warm-up stage. At this time of year, almost all e-commerce platforms will launch substantial discounts, and the prices of many commodities will drop to historical lows. Recently, I compiled a list of good desktop digital things. Before you "choose your hands", you may wish to see if there are any good things you like.

1. Logitech MK275 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

First of all, I recommend a cost-effective wireless keyboard and mouse set-Logitech MK275. It uses 2.4GHz transmission technology, the transmission distance is up to 10 meters, and the power consumption is very small. It can last for several months without changing the battery, and has a stable and low-latency typing experience.

More importantly, the blue button at the top of the Logitech MK275 keyboard is designed with 8 shortcut keys, which correspond to functions such as starting up, increasing and decreasing volume, playing music, and calculator, which are very easy to use and can further improve office efficiency.

2. FIIL CC Pro True Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

In addition to intelligence, a quiet environment can also greatly improve our office efficiency. A noise-cancelling headset with high appearance and excellent sound quality is essential; if you want to create a simple and stylish desktop environment, it can also Help us get rid of messy wires and make the desktop look organized. During the Double 11 period, the price of the popular FIIL CC Pro true wireless noise-cancelling headphones dropped to the lowest point in history, and it is absolutely worth buying.

FIIL CC Pro is different from the design of Apple earphones and has its own design style. It is one of the best-looking products in the same price range. On its charging box, the classic FIIL breathing light is officially back. The breathing light will be on when the cover is opened and charging. Automatic lighting can be said to be the finishing touch of this earphone's design. In terms of sound quality, this headset is equipped with a wool basin composite diaphragm with a diameter of 10.1mm, supports 15 preset sound effects, ACC high-definition decoding and other functions, and can bring a sound quality experience comparable to a thousand yuan headset.

For noisy environments such as commuting, outdoors, and offices, FIIL CC Pro true wireless noise-cancelling headphones provide ANC hybrid noise reduction, which can eliminate up to 39dB of environmental noise and effectively shield external interference. Not only that, in order to better meet the needs of users, this headset has also added MAF intelligent noise adjustment mode, which supports 4 listening modes: open, noise reduction, dual listening, and wind, which can be used in different scenarios with ease.

In addition, the total battery life of this headset is as high as about 30 hours, and the charging box also supports wireless charging. After catching up with the Double 11 coupon, you can buy it for as little as 299 yuan. It is definitely the most worth buying noise-canceling headphones during Double 11 this year. .

3.aigo High Speed ​​Solid State U Disk U393

How can I quickly copy the photos or videos taken by my mobile phone to my computer? The answer is that only a dual-interface U disk is needed. aigo high-speed solid-state U disk U393 adopts USB3.1 interface and type-C interface design, which can be seamlessly switched between different operating systems, which is very convenient.

In terms of file read and write speed, after testing with DisskMark, it is found that the reading/writing speed of this U disk exceeds 400MB/s at the highest, which is 10 times faster than the traditional U disk, and it only takes about 2 seconds to copy a 1GB video , the speed is definitely enough for most people.

4. Zero Moment EQ59 Mini Computer

Finally, if you also use a notebook as a productivity tool, and the desktop is only used for backup or light office use, then I think the Zero Moment EQ59 mini computer is a good choice. The size of this computer is very small, the length and width are only 124*113mm, and it can also be used behind the monitor without taking up space on the desktop.

In terms of configuration, Zero Moment EQ59 is equipped with Intel’s 11th-generation Celeron N5105 processor, standard 8GB memory and 500GB M.2 solid-state drive. Master Lu’s running score is close to 260,000, which is enough for light office performance. In addition, it is also pre-installed with Windows 11 Professional Edition genuine system, which is still very conscientious overall.

At the end, I wonder if your favorite digital goods are mentioned in the article? During Double 11, the prices of the above four products have dropped to the lowest in history, and friends who plan to "buy, buy, buy" can act now.

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