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MSI GK71 SONIC flagship mechanical keyboard, deeply customized red switches! RGB glare, customized transparent keycaps! Dual touch media keys! Comes with hand rest! Combine with MSI mouse and earphones to form a family portrait of faith peripherals! Doesn’t it feel good to introduce you in such a simple and concise way? That's right, GK71 SONIC has been bought out frequently in the six months since its launch, which is quite speechless if you think about it!

The RGB backlight of the GK71 SONIC mechanical keyboard can only be described as charming! Not only the brightness is adjustable, but also a variety of different lighting effect modes are built in. With the combination of key functions, the lighting effect switching and color switching can be realized. With the blessing of double-layer light-transmitting keycaps, it also has a stronger RGB color rendering effect, and the lighting atmosphere is more colorful.

The large layout of the GK71 SONIC mechanical keyboard is the standard 104 keys, which are neatly arranged in a ladder shape from bottom to top. As a multimedia keyboard, the GK71 SONIC can use the combination keys to call out a variety of functions, so the layout of the GK71 SONIC does not need to be redesigned. Instead of function keys, you only need to set four multimedia keys in the upper right corner.

The back of the GK71 SONIC is very flat. The keyboard and palm rest are equipped with good-quality rubber anti-skid pads. There is an "X" shape corresponding to the guide rail in the middle of the palm rest and keyboard. What can this design be used for? That's right, it's the headphone cable! If you just want to make it a decoration, then use a Bluetooth headset!

The cable of GK71 SONIC is very solid. It is equipped with a 1.8-meter-long braided cable. The material of the cable is relatively hard, and it has good resistance to bending and pulling. It is also equipped with an anti-interference magnetic ring, a gold-plated USB interface and a rubber strap, which are very considerate in terms of anti-electromagnetic interference, smooth current, and daily care.

The front of the keyboard is made of aviation aluminum material panel with a suspension shaft scheme, which is so handsome that it feels delicate and smooth, and the metal texture is excellent. Of course, it is a bit cold to touch as little as possible in winter! Cooperating with the suspension shaft scheme for the divergence effect of the light, it can also bring users a better visual perception.

The multimedia control part provides up and down track switching, start/pause, volume adjustment and quick mute functions, which is still very convenient for daily use. The outermost oversized knob provides a double-layer rotation adjustment solution. Users can adjust the volume through the top and side of the knob, and press the top button to realize the quick mute function. The knob adopts a stepless rotation scheme, with light damping and a clear sense of scale, which is convenient for users to precisely adjust the volume.

The GK71S is equipped with a set of double-layer mix-and-match light-transmitting keycaps. The lower two-thirds of the keycaps are fully transparent and have a better lens effect, which can create a more dazzling look and feel for the keyboard. The keycap adopts OEM height, laser engraved character scheme, and the top position is treated with coating process, the touch is delicate and moist, and the hand feeling performance is still very good. The light-transmitting characters are moderate in thickness, which can bring better light-transmitting effects and make it easier for users to identify.

Equipped with the MSI deeply customized Sonic red switch jointly developed by MSI and Kaihua, this switch body adopts a straight up and down linear button scheme, the trigger pressure is only 35g, the total stroke is 4mm, the trigger stroke is 1.9mm, and the trigger life is 70 million times . It should be known that the pressure of the Cherry red switch is 45g. Compared with the Sonic red switch, the trigger will be lighter and shorter, which is very in line with the requirements of long-time gamers and keyboardists.

The upper right corner of the GK71S is occupied by multimedia keys, so the traditional three indicator lights are set on the left side of the arrow keys, and the small light beads are arranged diagonally, which is more personalized.

There is no connection between the separated palm rest and the keyboard. There are more rubber anti-skid pads on the bottom than on the keyboard, and the anti-skid effect is first-class. It can effectively relieve the fatigue of the hands and wrists caused by long-term use of the keyboard.

The lighting effect of GK71S is uniform, and has been optimized in terms of brightness, lighting effect mode conversion, and key light synchronization. It can easily control lighting effects, lighting modes, down to lighting and switching, and realize multiple applications. With the opening of the program, it can be said that GK71S is a keyboard with a collection of multi-tools.

MSI's MSI Center is one of the few powerful software that can manage all the hardware, and it is also a hardware management software with a good reputation in the industry. MSI Center is also the crystallization of the efforts of generations of MSI staff. From the initial driver download, hardware status monitoring, to the subsequent hardware lighting effect management, BIOS automatic upgrade, and precise control of fan speed... until today's MSI Center can implement precise control of all MSI products, and GK71S is naturally in it. Column, if you don’t believe me, try it yourself and you’ll know.

GK71S does not ignore the light transmission of the multimedia buttons. The center and bottom of the buttons have lighting effects that are consistent with the RGB backlighting effects of the keyboard. While maintaining the overall aesthetics, it also ensures usability in dark night conditions. It also supports lighting effect mode switching. , the overall effect is more consistent.

Vigor GK71 SONIC multi-purpose deepened customized version of the red-axis keyboard, a game weapon that makes players scream, is a rare and good helper for everyone to experience the fun of games!

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