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This keyboard will delight Pokémon fans!

Hey hey! There is a new keyboard ready to use! Recently, I received a Pokémon customized e-sports gaming mechanical keyboard from Aishishitou. This is the Ibrahimovic version. As soon as I opened the box, I was attracted by its appearance!

It's really nice! The overall color scheme is roughly purple and white, and pink and beige are added as embellished colors. The color scheme makes people feel comfortable. There are various forms of Eevee printed on the keyboard, as well as the pattern of the Poké Ball, which is full of Pokémon elements! Which fairy can resist such a girly keyboard!

As a typist who mainly works on writing, he naturally has very high requirements for the feel of the keyboard. The keycaps of this keyboard are made of PBT sublimation retro keycaps. You won't feel pain in your hands after a long time!

My version is equipped with a tea switch, the sound is not particularly loud when typing, it is very suitable for use in the office, there is a sense of paragraphs when typing, and the pressure is moderate. The experience when using the keyboard is really good!

In general, this Ai Stone Pokémon custom game mechanical keyboard for e-sports is really high in appearance!

The user experience is excellent among mechanical keyboards at the same price. Recently, there is a need for a keyboard, and it happens to be a friend of Pokémon fans. This keyboard can be used for a while!

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