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This keyboard with its own screen is really cool to me! ——Evaluation experience of Royal Axe L75 mechanical keyboard

Hello everyone, I am Taotie

I was somewhat resistant to the fact that the mechanical keyboard has a screen at first. After all, in my opinion, the keyboard is only for typing most of the time, not for monitoring boring data. But until I met this Royal Axe L75, I found that I regretted it a bit, because this small screen can only be described in one word - "really fragrant".

Of course, in addition to the small screen, this Royal Axe L75 also does what the king of the scroll king should do, such as three-mode connection, TTC giant core shaft body, Gasket structure, PBT two-color keycaps, side-lit RGB light strips, Five-pin hot-swappable and other configurations, it can be said that this keyboard has all the functions you can think of at once.

OK, let's take a look at the specific performance of this Royal Axe L5 mechanical keyboard.

On the packaging, the Royal Axe L75 adopts an all-black style, and only the RGB light strips are eye-catching and colorful.

When you open the package, you can see the main body and related accessories, including the power cord, key puller, shaft puller, manual and supplementary keycaps.

Of course, the gift of four replaceable shafts and the aviation plug power cord are still the standard configuration of the Royal Axe L75.

The appearance of the Royal Axe L75 in my hand adopts relatively soft color matching. The ivory-like shell is embellished and blended with orange and gray keycaps. It looks elegant and beautiful, but not too plain.

In terms of arrangement, this keyboard chooses a relatively niche 75-key layout, that is, while retaining the F area and direction area, the number area is cut off. Compared with the 87-key TKL, the size of the 75-key arrangement is smaller. Smaller and more compact.

In addition, a 1.14-inch TFT color screen is added to the upper right corner of the keyboard.

The edge position uses multi-layer wrapped decorative strips to create a sense of technology.

You can see some personalized painting at the end, which is also in line with the design idea of ​​the previous Royal Axe Y series.

On the left border of the keyboard, you can see the connection mode switching button and the classic "ROYALAXE" English Logo.

Due to the limitation of the position, the three indicator lights are arranged at the left end. Although it is a bit compact, the details are still quite textured.

The power switch, Type-C interface and wireless receiver are placed on the front of the keyboard, and metal strips are added for decoration.

Turn it over, and the middle part of the back is still the classic metal nameplate of the Royal Axe, with the relevant information of this keyboard printed on it.

The foot support adopts a two-stage structure, and there are rubber strips on each of them, which shakes and maintains good stability.

In terms of the shaft body, this Royal Axe L75 adopts TTC's latest "giant heart" shaft body.

I have also tested this shaft before, and its overall feel is sharp, fast, linear, and still maintains good smoothness and stability. Of course, this shaft body is also quite outstanding in appearance. The red love heart passes through the transparent shaft core, which is eye-catching in terms of visual experience.

It is conceivable that as more and more high-end customized switches are added to mass-produced keyboards, the new competition will become more intense.

The large key position is still a steel satellite shaft, and the inside of the dummy shaft is lubricated.

In order to reduce the cavity sound, a large rubber pad is added to the bottom of the space bar to improve the overall percussion texture.

Five-pin hot-swappable is also a standard configuration of this keyboard, which is convenient for players to freely replace the switch body.

In addition, in order to improve the overall knocking feel, this Royal Axe L75 has added a Gasket liner structure and a PC positioning plate with a separate slot. The liner is suspended by a leaf spring and a rubber pad, which increases the softness and reduces the impact when hitting. Noisy noise due to hard linking.

In terms of keycaps, this Royal Axe L75 uses ASA height ball caps, the overall workmanship and texture are excellent, and the PBT two-color process is durable and durable, which is more suitable for frequent use environments.

Viewed from the side, the keycap also conforms to the ergonomic curvature of R1-R5.

In terms of connection, this Royal Axe L75 adopts three methods: wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G wireless, and users can choose according to their own needs.

In Bluetooth mode, you can switch between the three devices through the combination of FN+Q/W/E, which is more efficient and fast to use.

In terms of battery life, it has a large 4000mAh battery inside, which can support up to 53 hours of wireless connection.

Here I will focus on this 1.14-inch small screen. In the wireless connection mode, it contains quite a lot of information, such as time, date, battery level, system selection, connection mode and other details. The displayed content is very clear. And through the driver, you can also customize the GIF animation on the display, and choose a small pattern that matches your personality.

It can be seen that this small screen is still very interesting. It not only retains practical information, but also shows its own personality.

Finally, in terms of lighting effects, in addition to the RGB light effects under the keys, this Royal Axe L75 also adds a full-color dynamic RGB light bar at the bottom.

And it also has 5 dynamic switching modes, entertainment and fashion, showing personality.

It can be said that for the current mechanical keyboard market, if a keyboard just passes the passing line, it is definitely not enough. In the face of such fierce competition, it is necessary not only to maintain the normal baseline, but also to add icing on the cake on this basis, so as to attract consumers' perception and exploration of new things and increase their desire to buy.

So in this way, we can understand why this L75 of Yufu is truly comprehensive and all-round, regardless of appearance, color matching, structure, color window, shaft body, and keycap. Perhaps this is the law of development of mechanical keyboards in the new era, "I can use them, but you can't."

Recently, Double 11 is approaching, and all kinds of keyboards of Yufu have a certain discount. Friends who need it can take a look.

Well, the above is the whole content of this article, thank you for reading!

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