This summer, the code words come out of the heart, and the Dalyou A98 water-permeable three-mode mechanical keyboard gets started

The weather has gradually turned hot. As a desktop lover, I have to update my desktop again. I want to make the theme of my desk look more summery. The keyboard is a frequently used peripheral. I started looking for it for a long time. Finally found it: Dareu A98 water-permeable three-mode mechanical keyboard. After seeing this keyboard, it is amazing and heart-warming. It is almost difficult to find a second keyboard on the market that fits the theme of my heart.


I have to say that the appearance of many mechanical keyboards nowadays is the same, and there is some aesthetic fatigue, but the Dareu A98 water-permeable version really gave me the first glance to describe it as bright, just like its Slogan: more beautiful Easy to use, the table is more fashionable!

The keycap of the Dareu A98 water-permeable version is the biggest highlight of the entire keyboard. Each keycap is crystal clear like ice cubes in summer, which makes people feel cool. You can see it clearly through the keycap. The shaft body inside the keyboard and the keycap are made of PC material. The surface has a textured matte micro-grain texture and the high-transparency design on the side, so that the keycap has good oil resistance, anti-fingerprint, and light-allowing effects. The typing is dry and does not slip. It doesn't look too dazzling, everything is just right. The RGB full-color backlight design makes this keyboard a finishing touch, especially for students who like light pollution. Because the keycaps of this keyboard are highly transparent, its RGB lighting effect will be more crazy and cool, and it will definitely become the brightest boy on the desktop.

Shaft structure:

The Dareu A98 water-permeable version adopts the sky axis V3, which belongs to the linear axis, and the hand feeling is straight up and down. With Dareu’s new fence-type axis structure, the overall code feeling is still very stable, and the spring is still high-density gold-plated The material is smoother to use, stable and smooth is the biggest feature of this switch, which makes this keyboard not only have a super high value, but also a good feel.

The Dareu A98 water-permeable version supports full-key hot-swapping, and is compatible with 99% of the mechanical switches on the market, so that the playability is greatly enhanced. Usually, if a switch is tired, you can DIY yourself Change the shaft you like to meet your freshness and use needs in different periods. Dareu A98 is also the first to achieve mass production and customization.

The overall design of the Dareu A98 water-permeable version is a Gasket structure, with built-in double filling of EPDM rubber and high-toughness silicone, which realizes double noise reduction. The whole keyboard has soft bounce and toughness, ensuring the consistency of soft bounce and hand feeling of the keyboard. This novel design structure is also very reasonable and scientific.

In connection mode:

Dareu A98 water permeable version adopts a three-mode connection design, supports 2.4G, Bluetooth 5.1, and wired three-mode links. Simply put, it supports both wired and wireless, and is compatible with WIN, MAC, IOS, and Android systems. It can also be easily switched when the device is connected, which can indeed meet the needs of different scenarios. For example, I will definitely use the wired mode to play games by myself. I usually use 2.4 and Bluetooth 5.1 for office entertainment. It is enough to connect the entire desktop wirelessly.

In terms of keyboard battery life:

As for the battery life of the keyboard, the keyboard is equipped with a 4000mAh lithium battery. If the light is not turned on, it can be used for about 45 days. If it is turned on, it can be used for about 6 days. The video will open for an effect. Of course, in order to save power, you can also set the smart sleep function of the keyboard, which can greatly save power consumption.

Summary comments:

Appearance is the primary productive force of technology products today, and I have to admit that what impresses me first is its appearance that deeply attracts me. The surface is frosted and the keycaps are transparent on the side, which not only does not slip but also feels good in the hand. In addition to the perfect combination of the sky axis V3 and the Gasket structure, the whole keyboard feels good, stable and noise-absorbing. Especially for people like me who like to toss around, the design that supports hot-swapping and can replace the shaft body is too playable. The three-mode connection design also allows me to play games and work without having to change two keyboards. In exchange, it is indeed a keyboard with both appearance and strength. By the way, if you don’t like transparent keycaps, Dareu A98 has other very rich SKUs to choose from.

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