Three kinds of marshmallows, which one is your favorite?丨Kaihua & Fuling Customized Cotton Candy Shaft Evaluation Experience

In the key ring, it is not uncommon to have a deep binding between the keyboard and the switch body, such as the combination of Cherry Silver switch and American pirate ship, Kaihua BOX switch and Black Canyon, Tiffany switch and Amilor, etc. are some very classic cases . The benefits of doing so are self-evident. The strong alliance can not only increase the brand awareness of both parties, but also attract the attention of consumers and enhance the competitiveness and selling points of the products.

Now with the continuous development of domestic shafts, more and more brands are beginning to use the strategy of binding and selling, so as to achieve a win-win goal.

This time, Kaihua joined forces with the Fuling brand and launched a brand new customized shaft—— BOX marshmallow shaft, And the most important thing is that this axis is not just one, but three different feel of linear, advanced paragraph and strong paragraph.

OK, without further ado, let’s take a look at the specific performance of these three shafts.


In terms of details, the shaft cores of the three types of shafts are round and square, and the color of the shell is transparent or non-transparent. Although the names are all called cotton candy shafts, the characteristics of each can be clearly distinguished through comparison of appearance.

Needless to say, the shaft structure still adopts Kaihua’s classic BOX structure. The shaft core with walls can prevent dust and water, and at the same time, it can remain stable when pressed to reduce shaking.

In order to guide the light, transparent light guide columns are added to the three shafts, which can guide the light effect at the bottom of the PCB, making the RGB light irradiation more transparent and bright.

The bottom of the shaft adopts a five-legged structure, which is compatible with the steel-free liner, and it will be stronger and more stable when installed on the PCB. Here is a word, if you choose between three-legged and five-legged shafts, I still prefer five-legged shafts. After all, five-legged shafts are not compatible and you can cut the legs, but if the tripod shaft is not good, it really won’t work. Therefore, for me who likes the feel of steelless, Kai Hua's switches are indeed more compatible, meeting my assembly needs for customized keyboards.

The shaft body with a linear feel is a circular shaft core. The appearance should refer to the mold of the ice cream shaft. The material of the upper and lower covers is opaque, so the saturation is high, and the color is bright and full. If you let me compare, the linear axis should be counted as that kind of hard candy taste.

The appearance of the shaft body in the previous paragraph is more in line with the shape characteristics of Kaihua BOX shaft. The square white shaft core is matched with a slightly transparent shell, which has a little pudding texture.

The last one is the marshmallow shaft, which uses a transparent upper and lower cover, which is obviously much more transparent than the previous two. If it is corresponding, it is more like the taste of Q bomb fudge!

In terms of the specific parameters of the shaft body, the operating force of this BOX marshmallow linear shaft is 39±10gf, which belongs to the light linear feel, and it is relatively soft and gentle when tapped.

The total stroke is 4.0±0.3mm, and the conduction stroke is 1.7±0.4mm, which is slightly earlier than the cherry shaft conduction point. The bottom of the shaft core is slightly longer, and the bottoming is more crisp and direct, without the feeling of sloppy.

The operating force of this BOX marshmallow advance paragraph axis is 38±10gf, which is also a relatively soft type, but compared with linear, you can obviously feel the resistance at the moment the paragraph is pressed down, and the advance paragraph is also derived from this.

Maybe it is because of the extension of the shaft core and the bottom column, the total stroke of 3.4±0.3mm will feel a little short, and the conduction stroke of 2.0±0.4mm will lengthen the stress process of the advance stage. In short, if you are used to the advance stage It's still interesting.

Finally, the parameter of this BOX marshmallow strong paragraph shaft is 1.8±0.4mm conduction, the full stroke is 3.6±0.3mm, and the conduction position is exactly half of the stroke, which is more in line with the player’s perception of hand feel.

In terms of pressing feel, its operating force and tactile force are almost the same. After all, it is a sound section, so when the spring in the sound chamber is touched, the resistance will increase slightly, so as to achieve the effect of force and sound synchronization.

In short, each of the three shafts has its own characteristics and characteristics, and players can choose according to their own needs.

In terms of smoothness, the Kaihua BOX shaft has never disappointed, and after disassembly, it can be found that the contact positions of the shaft core have been factory-run, which further improves the handle performance of the shaft body.

Finally, it is still a traditional program, and the actual percussion sound test is performed to experience the specific performance of these three axes.


Of course, through this cooperation, I believe that the mechanical keyboard of the Fuling series will also get a great improvement in the feel, and complete a new transformation while ensuring the tapping quality and user experience.

Well, the above is the whole content of this article, thank you for reading!

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