Three-mode, flick Gasket, highly playable SKYLOONG 98-key customized keyboard

Hello everyone, I'm Shredded Sea Bass, a school network administrator who is often mistaken for a physical education teacher.

As a code farmer with a background in software engineering, I usually write online novels part-time at a certain point, and I pay more attention to the mechanical keyboard. After all, it is the thing I eat and one of the most frequently encountered objects in my daily life. I have tried a lot of finished keyboards before and after, and now it is inevitable that I will gradually enter the pit of customized keyboards, but I am lazy and don't want to assemble the whole kit by myself, so the most recent ones I started with are basically finished customized keyboards.

Not recently, I just bought the Skyloong GK980 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard, flick Gasket structure, black pudding keycap, RGB lighting, patented tornado switch, classic 98 layout, and very quiet glacier mute V2 copper chloride The axis allows me to use it comfortably, and I don’t have to continue to frantically explore on the edge of being hit. It also has strong playability and expandability, and I have everything I want.

Skyloong GK980 Wireless Tri-mode Flick Gasket Customized Mechanical Keyboard

The outer packaging of this keyboard is also relatively simple, but the contents given are really not simple.

The accessories provided by this little nerd GK980 Diablo Fairy Tale can be said to be the most abundant among the keyboards I have come into contact with so far. Except for a thick Type-C data cable, the cap puller and shaft puller are integrated. Apart from relatively common accessories such as a small tool, a transparent dust cover, an instruction manual and an adapter, other configurations are relatively rare. A set of patented cyclone switches, a set of split space modules and as many as 14 supplementary keycaps are full of sincerity.

This nerd GK980 Dark Fairy Tale adopts the classic 98-key arrangement, which is more compact than the 104 or 108-key arrangement, which saves more space on the desktop and ensures sufficient functions at the same time.

The dark fairy tale theme keycap uses more classic fairy tale content, the overall tonality and workmanship are excellent, and the recognition is very high. The keycap is a black pudding keycap, which adopts half-five-sided thermal sublimation technology, surrounded by black transparent PC material, and the surface is made of PBT material. The shape of the ball cap, the surface feel is relatively warm, with a slight matte texture , taking into account wear resistance and comfort. The combination of the surrounding transparent material and the top is relatively tight, and the transition is silky, which ensures super light transmission while taking into account the appearance and texture, and the workmanship is also very fine.

The keycaps are arranged in ASA height, which is more ergonomic.

As for the shaft body, I chose the glacier mute V2 copper chloride shaft, the pressure is 48-52gf, the action stroke is 2.0±0.5mm, and the total stroke is 3.8mm. The Glacier Mute V2 Copper Chloride Switch is a linear switch with a light touch and fast triggering. It comes with RGB lighting effects, and because the switch is transparent, the lighting effects can be better displayed. It supports full-key editable and full-key no punch, which is very suitable for codewords and games.

At the same time, this keyboard also supports full-key hot-swapping, and supports G-axis, BOX axis, CHERRY MX and other 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches. You can change your favorite mechanical switches according to your personal preferences.

The shell of the keyboard is also made of black transparent material. The bottom has a three-way wire slot for easy use in different situations. It has two-stage foot supports. There is a 2.4G wireless receiver next to the Type-C connection port to prevent loss.

There are two mode switching buttons in the middle of the bottom, because this keyboard supports Bluetooth, wireless and wired connection modes, and supports Win and Mac system camps at the same time, which can easily switch between different modes and functions.

This nerd GK980 dark fairy tale adopts nerd's patented flick Gasket structure, which is similar to the common Gasket structure principle in the customization circle. The built-in 0.2mm under-shaft spacer avoids rigid contact, effectively eliminates resonance, and has better hand feeling consistency. One-piece silicone clip chip, double-layer noise reduction structure, softer and quieter feel, completely eliminate cavity sound.

At the same time, it is equipped with the Glacier Mute V2 copper chloride shaft body, and the factory comes with a moisturizing shaft. The overall feel is particularly light and soft, the trigger is quick, the bottom is gentle, and it is particularly quiet, which is quieter than most membrane keyboards. No longer have to worry about being hit by someone while typing on the keyboard...

The surface of the patented whirlwind shaft is made of metal, using anodic oxidation process, with fine workmanship and good texture. Its default function is to rotate to adjust the volume and press to turn on/unmute. Of course, its function is not only that, we can freely edit through the driver software, and the playability is very high.

There are a total of 6 keys in the full key that can be replaced with whirlwind switches. The structure of the cyclone shaft is different from that of conventional mechanical shafts. The center of the shaft body is not a cross shaft but a rotating lever. There is a separate silicone core on the top of the shaft body to reduce noise. The base of the replaceable cyclone shaft also has 4 more metal contacts than the conventional shaft, it can install the cyclone shaft and the conventional shaft at the same time, but the base of the conventional shaft cannot be installed with the cyclone shaft.

The default set contains an additional split space module, which can change the space bar that can only accommodate a single axis body into a space bar that can accommodate 3 axes at the same time (the axis on the far right in the figure below is blocked by the silicone core. Pull it out), together with the two attached axes, further expand the functions of the keyboard.

In addition, the split spaces can be set as keys such as SHIFT/CTRL/ALT through the driver software. The convenient function is no longer limited to the space bar, and the operation is more convenient.

The switch body comes with RGB lamp beads, and the pudding keycap and the black transparent shell have excellent light transmission, so the overall lighting effect of the keyboard is also very good, even if the surface is made of opaque PBT material, it will not delay the overall lighting gorgeous.

The driver software also has 168 preset lighting effects to choose from and supports custom colors. You can also upload and download other preset lighting effects. The gameplay is very rich.

In addition, this keyboard uses a 32-bit M3 main control chip and 8Mflash onboard memory, and supports 3-way 256-level RGB color management chips. The function, lighting and macro of each key can be set individually, which greatly improves the playability.

This nerd GK980 dark fairy tale adopts nerd's patented flick Gasket structure, supports 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth and wired three connection modes, adopts the classic 980 layout, five-sided sublimation PBT black pudding keycap, black Transparent shell, strong light transmission, self-lubricating shaft, soft and quiet percussion, strong hand feeling, no cavity sound, built-in up to 168 kinds of RGB lights, up to 6 patented cyclone shafts, and very quiet The glacier mute V2 copper chloride shaft, full key support hot swap, full key programmable and customizable functions, rich gameplay, strong expandability, this book meets all my needs.

Oh, that's all for today's sharing. In the end, it is customary to ask for a wave of support, likes, collections, and rewards!

Fight with your mind, think with your heart, I am a foodie who loves fitness, digital, and action movies-shredding bass, love you!

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