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Three years of tinkering and tinkering Part 3: A cup of coffee spilled on the keyboard, wash it to see if it still works

When it's cold, my hands tend to shake easily, and I accidentally spilled a cup of coffee all over the table. The keyboard was also splashed on the plate, and the coffee dripped down the table onto the switchboard, so turn off the power first

can be sprinkled a lot

Electricity is a big problem. Clean and clean the switchboard. I originally wanted to disassemble and clean it. After observing it, I found that it was a bull. It used special screws and could not be disassembled. Roast the façade coffee.

The machine that blows feet comes as a cameo

After the power problem was stabilized, I checked the keyboard. I decided not to open it for cleaning this time, but just rinse it with water and then dry it to see if it works.

Wash the hardest hit area first

First rinse the hardest hit area where the coffee enters, and then think about the fear that the coffee will flow back and forth inside. Simply do a full body wash.

scrub brush, scrub brush

After everything is cleaned up, blow the newly-done heater to the keyboard

keyboard don't cry, stand up and blow

After blowing like this for 30 minutes, when I slapped it in reverse, there was still water on my hand. It seems that there is a lot of water hidden inside the keyboard. Then it was blown for about an hour, and there was no water in the film. Just plug it into the computer, oh, the light is on, but I can't type, it seems that I can't avoid dismantling the keyboard

Using an all-in-one screwdriver

It is very useful to have this screwdriver to remove small things.

very good workmanship

It is indeed a big brand of ASUS, the workmanship is really quite good, the buttons will not fall off after disassembly,

The button membrane is also very regular

The membrane of the keyboard is also very regular, each one is integrated with the membrane and will not fall off.

The chip connection is also reinforced

The connection between the film and the chip has also been reinforced with screws and riveting.

water between the films

Careful observation found that there is still water between the films, and it seems that this may be the reason why it cannot be used. Had to ask the heater to come out again. Continue blowing hot to air dry.

The heater is working hard

Separate the film with something, blow it well and heat it. Hope everything turns out well. 

plug in the computer and try

Don't assemble it first, plug it into the computer and try it out, oh huh , is ready. The keys are ready to use.

Finally, to sum up, it seems that when buying digital products, you still need to buy brand-name products, and it is also possible to work in places that cannot be seen. , I will look for ASUS peripherals in the future. 

If the keyboard is accidentally spilled with liquid, after rinsing it with clean water, you still have to take it apart and dry it. It seems that it will not work without taking it apart and drying it naturally . Still can't be lazy.

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