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Tianxuan hits the worker's heart! Rapoo MT510Pro multi-mode wireless backlit mechanical keyboard

How can Tianxuan beat workers lose a handy productivity tool! ? The keyboard at hand is an essential tool whether it is a worker or a student. The keyboard I like very much recently is the Rapoo MT510 Pro multi-mode mechanical keyboard. Let us learn more about this keyboard below.

Rapoo MT series is a high-end business office series of Rapoo. This design has two themes, one is meow cute holiday and the other is sailing diary. Most girls should choose warm meow cute holiday like me. It’s so cute The keyboard makes the desktop atmosphere more relaxed! The cute orange cat and seaside beach elements on the keyboard remind people of relaxing and happy holidays.

The cute version of Rapoo MT510Pro family portrait, in addition to the keyboard itself, there is also a 2.4G wireless receiver + key puller and a USB to type C cable, the essential manual and key map.

75% is equipped with 84 keys, and the overall size will not take up too much space on the desktop.

The side is sandblasted and oxidized aluminum alloy frame, the Rapoo logo is printed on the left side of the frame, the top frame has a Type-C interface, the bottom four corners have silicone non-slip pads, and there is a switch key, when not in use The power can be turned off to save power.

The keycap of the floating button is made of PBT material and five-sided thermal sublimation process. The color of the keycap is soft, the characters on it are conspicuous, and the font is also cute and cute.

The touch of the keys is a matte texture, not completely smooth, and there is no greasy feeling. Pull out the keycap to check, and the workmanship on the details is also very meticulous.

The Rapoo MT510Pro mechanical keyboard supports multiple modes. There is a Type-c interface on the top edge. It can be used directly when connected to the wired mode. The length of the cable is 1.5 meters, and it can be charged at the same time. The built-in 4000mAh lithium battery is wireless. The mode supports 2.4G and Bluetooth connection. When it is fully charged, it can be used continuously for 225 hours. The continuous battery life is about one or two months. Of course, I am using both wired and wireless, so there is no power outage yet.

The Rapoo MT510Pro mechanical keyboard adopts Rapoo’s independent linear fast silver axis, the service life of a single axis can reach 50 million times, the durability is good, the trigger stroke is 41.3±0.5mm, the trigger pressure is 45±10cN, and the keys are not hard in terms of feel. .

The sound of daily use is not as loud as that of my mouse buttons. I don’t feel tired when typing, and I have a sensitive response speed when I occasionally play games.

At present, the keyboard should be a tool that has been used for a long time at work. The foot support at the bottom of the Pennefather MT510Pro mechanical keyboard is one-piece, and the height of the support is just right. I don’t always keep the same posture when typing, and I also know my habits better during use. My right hand moves more when typing, so the silicone anti-slip pad at the bottom of the keyboard is also very necessary. There is no silicone anti-slip pad. The keyboard on the keyboard is often pushed forward on the right side, and the keyboard will become skewed. This keyboard does not have such a problem.

The keyboard combination keys have many shortcut functions, which actually increase the convenience, but it takes some time to memorize them.

The default ice blue backlight is my favorite lighting effect, simple and smart, and the brightness and speed of the light can also be adjusted. Press and hold the FN and Ctrl keys to switch other 6 lighting effects, such as breathing light, starry mode, ripple mode, etc. You can also customize the settings through the driving system, and you can customize the lighting if you want.

The advantage of choosing a multi-mode keyboard is that it can connect multiple devices at the same time without plugging and unplugging, and it is convenient to switch. For example, the keyboard of Rapoo supports up to 5 devices to be connected at the same time. You only need to press Fn+1-5 number keys to switch Using the connected device, it is enough to have a keyboard for desktops, laptops and tablets that are usually used.

In wired mode, the 84-key full key has no conflict, and the wireless mode has 6-key no conflict, and the daily office and entertainment experience is quite good.

In general, the Rapoo MT510 Pro multi-mode mechanical keyboard has won my heart in terms of appearance design and feel, and the lighting effects, multi-mode multi-device connection and other functions are also very practical. The use of this period of time makes the desktop collocation lively There are many, friends who like it may wish to start.

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