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Tilt up, the appearance is more online - Xiaoqiao 100-key bluetooth mechanical keyboard cement gray

With the iterative upgrade of mechanical keyboard products, the switch body and functions are no longer a must for ordinary users. The era of relying on the switch body to eat it all over the world has passed. As ordinary consumers, more and more care about the keyboard. appearance. The mechanical keyboard is no longer a simple typing tool, it can also become a work of art on the desktop. As a creative fashion lifestyle brand, lofree's electronic products often give people a different visual and user experience. I bought its Xiaoqiao mechanical keyboard before, and I was deeply impressed by the free customization of keycaps. Recently, the Xiaoqiao 100-key three-mode mechanical keyboard has also been launched. Taking advantage of 618, I bought it again decisively. I can use Xiaoqiao~

The outer packaging of the Xiaoqiao 100-key three-mode mechanical keyboard still continues Luofei’s design language. The packaging is exquisite and elegant, and it is a good choice for personal use or as a gift. No. 7 battery and manual, etc.

This time I bought the Xiaoqiao 100 three-mode keyboard and chose the cement gray theme, which is also a popular color color nowadays. It can be said that Xiaoqiao has done a good job in controlling the cement gray. The whole keyboard is in real cement color without any color difference.

The appearance of the keyboard is obviously different from my previous Xiaoqiao 69 keys. The original keycaps and color matching are lively and cute. This cement gray is a typical industrial style. The overall color is unified so that the visual experience of the keyboard is simple and low-key. The overall size 367*129*54.5mm, weight about 1010g

The only embellishment on the keyboard is probably the "50 shades of gray" printed on the space bar. Of course, if you want to experience the embellishment of jumping colors, you can replace the keycaps yourself. For users who already have a Luofei keyboard, just replace the keycaps directly.

The Xiaoqiao cement gray color scheme continues the classic design of the Xiaoqiao series. The overall keyboard is slightly tilted at 9°, presenting a perfect arc. Looking from the front, you can clearly see the keycaps rising slightly. When typing, the palm of your hand is on the keyboard. Just right, very comfortable

The bottom of Xiaoqiao adopts a cylindrical bracket, the left side is a rotary switch knob, which can realize arbitrary switching between multi-modes, and the right side is the battery compartment and the storage compartment of the 2.4G receiver. It can be used. According to my previous experience with Xiaoqiao, it is definitely no problem to connect in Bluetooth mode, use it for daily typing, and last for more than 2 months. The 4 anti-slip pads symmetrically distributed on the bottom bring excellent anti-slip performance

In addition to wireless connection, Xiaoqiao can also be connected via a Type-C cable. The workmanship and color matching of the cable are consistent with the keyboard, and the right-angle design of the connection also prevents wear and bending damage caused by long-term use. , which effectively improves the durability

The keycaps of the Xiaoqiao keyboard still use the "ball cap" design, the retro keycaps feel round, and the PBT material also makes it difficult to oil up even after long-term use

This small keyboard adopts a 100-key design, which means that the number keypad is back. The number keys are too important for daily office work, and it greatly improves office efficiency. The compact design can be used only with a little adjustment, maximizing office efficiency

On the switch body, the Xiaoqiao mechanical keyboard uses Jiadalong's yellow switch Pro, as a representative of the domestic switch body, it can be seen in many customized keyboards, and the natural feel is very good. The total stroke of the yellow axis Pro is 4mm, the trigger stroke is 2mm, and the trigger pressure of the button is 50gf. The heel of the yellow axis Pro feels good and smooth.

The large key adopts satellite shaft design, there is no spring sound when struck, and the silicone sandwich pad inside the fuselage can effectively control the cavity sound

The Xiaoqiao 100-key cement gray upgraded shaft body provides hot-swappable shaft body, which further improves the gameplay of this Xiaoqiao mechanical keyboard, but I personally feel that replacing the shaft body will definitely not be the choice of most people. Most users may I am more inclined to replace the keycaps. In terms of configuration alone, it is definitely better than nothing. It is a pity that Xiaoqiao did not provide shaft puller and key puller...

When typing on the small keyboard, the overall typing is more comfortable, the high-speed input is very smooth, and the fingers will not feel obviously tired after long-term use. Personally, I still maintain the good feel of the small keyboard.

As a small keyboard, how can it be less interesting? Using the attached metal bracket, you can turn the front of the keyboard into a doll shelf in seconds, and you can also have a good mood when typing. The two models of "Touching Fish" and "Baguajing" Small warped ornaments, and the small warped keyboard is more suitable wow

The small keyboard can be connected to three Bluetooth devices at the same time. For those users who need to switch between multiple devices, it is no problem to use the small keyboard to switch between laptops and desktops. For most users, a 100-key wireless keyboard with a compact numeric keypad can greatly improve office efficiency, and this is also the advantage of Xiaoqiao 100-key, which not only pays attention to the appearance, but also takes into account the use to experience

Finally, let’s take a look at the state of the Xiaoqiao Bluetooth mechanical keyboard cement gray when it is in use. Although it does not use adjustable feet, it uses the angle of the keyboard and the curvature of the keycap to provide a comfortable height, which can greatly relieve the fingers when typing. Fatigue problem, with a good ergonomic structure, whether it is typing office or gaming leisure, it is a good choice

After this period of experience, Xiaoqiao Bluetooth mechanical keyboard cement gray adopts PBT keycaps, Jiadalong Pro shaft body, supports hot swapping, and the feel and appearance are as good as ever. The overall workmanship of the keyboard is excellent, 100 keys The design is small, compact, and practical. The keyboard adopts a three-mode wireless solution, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless, and it also supports Type-C wired connection, so you don’t panic if you run out of power. It can be said that at the price of 500, Xiaoqiao bluetooth mechanical keyboard cement gray can give everything in place, and it performs very well in all aspects. For users who pay attention to functions and appearance, it is worth a try~

Above, I am pp Liang, see you next time~

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