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Titanium color player K850, a super-valuable 98-key mechanical keyboard

Nowadays, the popularity of portable notebooks makes our work, life and office more and more convenient. We can work at the desk for a long time, but the chocolate keyboard that comes with the notebook makes us feel that something is missing until the little brother in the next station replaces it. After a mechanical keyboard, Ermao realized that the notebook keyboard with short keystrokes lacked a small keyboard and a sense of rhythm.

So taking advantage of this weekend, Ermao initially selected several mechanical keyboards from the Internet for comparison. Finally, after comparing materials, handling, compatibility and price, he finally chose this Titanium K850 keyboard.

Let’s take a look at the overall layout of Titanium Gamer K850 first. This gamer is mainly for daily office and entertainment users, so it adopts a compact design of 98 keys, and removes some of the less frequently used restricted keys. The keyboard configuration is also shortened without affecting the use of functions, which is 40mm shorter than the traditional 104-key keyboard size, only 380mm*133mm in size, which is especially suitable for us to use in the office.


The keycaps of Titanium Color Master K850 are made of ABS two-color keycaps. Through the radium-engraved characters and the material with good light transmission, the light transmission effect and percussion touch of this keycap are very good, slightly frosted. The keycap can withstand high-frequency knocking, and the character logo is wear-resistant and not easy to fade, ensuring long-term use.

In terms of the most important shaft body, the whole series of Taidu Caixishi K850 adopts the mecha red shaft body, with a press life of 50 million times, which is comparable to the MX red shaft. , the sound is small, the feedback is sensitive, and there will be no fatigue when tapping the fingers for a long time, which also ensures the long-term use of this keyboard in the office environment. In addition, Caixishi K850 also supports hot-swapping, and is compatible with three-legged and five-legged shafts. It is also very convenient if you want to replace green shafts, tea shafts and other shafts.

There is another detail that needs to be mentioned, that is, the Titanium Color Gamer K850 adopts a unique sound-absorbing structure design. The keyboard is filled with EVA foam between the PCB and the positioning board, and the bottom of the sandwich shock-absorbing pad is filled with sound-absorbing cotton. In this way, when the K850 is in use, it will reduce the noise and cavity sound of knocking on the shaft, and bring a crisp and comfortable rattling sound to our ears.


Cool RGB full-color backlight, RGB backlight has gradually become the standard configuration of mechanical keyboards, only this kind of lighting effect can bring us a super cool sense of operation. Titanium Color Master K850 is equipped with an independent RGB control chip, supports 18 driver-free lighting modes, and has 16.8 million full-color lighting colors. With the breathing light shortcut key, it can realize equivalent and fast switching, lighting effect speed adjustment, Lighting effect brightness adjustment, lighting effect transition direction adjustment and other special effects.

Full-key without punching, although it is only a 98-key design, it can be used without any hotkey conflicts, and supports combination keys for multimedia functions. Whether it is office typing or game combos, it can be triggered quickly and quickly response. In addition, for the satellite shaft with the highest frequency of use, Titanium has also solved the problem of stable performance through multiple mold debugging and factory lubrication. When using it, it has an excellent hand feeling and crisp sound quality.

In addition, the K850 keyboard is also designed according to ergonomics. From top to bottom, the keyboard adopts a gradient key layout with high and low keys, which is suitable for long-term use of keyboard codes and entertainment. Titanium color player K850 is compatible with WindowsXPWindows7-10AndroidiOSMac and other operating systems without driver switching, and can quickly respond to various office equipment.

Titanium color player K850 also performs well in other details. The keyboard is designed with double-ended rubber feet, and three heights can be adjusted according to individual needs. The keyboard adopts the Type-C interface plug-in separation design, which is multi-purpose, and a three-way groove outlet design is set at the bottom of the keyboard to meet the wiring needs in different scenarios.

In short, Titanium Color Master K850 has all the features of a high-performance mechanical keyboard, including mecha red switches, RGB full-color backlight, 18 equivalent modes and macro custom settings, high-quality durable materials, and ergonomics The unique keyboard structure design allows this mechanical keyboard to meet the needs of most people for office games, and the price of less than 200 yuan makes this product's cost-effective advantage infinitely magnified. If you also need to replace the keyboard, you may wish to take a look at this Titanium Colorist K850.

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