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Titanium K850 Caixishi, a sincere mechanical keyboard of 100 yuan

For e-sports enthusiasts, the mechanical keyboard is undoubtedly an indispensable item. Whether it is the sense of control, appearance, or quality, it is far better than ordinary keyboards, allowing users to obtain more extreme gaming pleasure. And with the development of related technologies and the intensification of brand competition, the price of mechanical keyboards is becoming more and more affordable, and even some hundred-yuan mechanical keyboards have the functions of previous thousand-yuan mechanical keyboards. For example, the Titanium K850 color player mechanical keyboard I recently bought has a very high quality-price ratio, and it is worth everyone's experience.

As a mechanical keyboard that focuses on quality and price, Titanium K850 Caixishi did not put much effort into the outer packaging. It is made of simple primary color kraft paper, with the logo of Titanium printed on the front and the keyboard on the side. model, and the words "born for e-sports". This environmentally friendly and economical approach is actually a good thing for both consumers and manufacturers. After all, the outer packaging is useless, and it is basically thrown away after disassembly.

After unpacking, you can see that it contains a keyboard, an instruction manual, a cap/shaft puller and a Type-C data cable. Among them, the keyboard adopts a pure black and square design, with various characters printed on the surface of the keycaps, it looks very simple and elegant. Of course, the pure black design is also more resistant to dirt and less likely to show fingerprints.

At the same time, Titanium K850 Caishi adopts a compact 98-key layout (functions are not reduced), and the four-sided frame is extremely narrow. Compared with the traditional 104-key keyboard, the overall appearance is much smaller, and of course it takes up more space. Smaller and easier to carry.

After getting started, I also like the texture and control experience of Titanium K850 color operator. For example, in terms of keycaps, Titanium K850 is made of ABS material, combined with frosted technology, so that every touch is more comfortable and will not slip.

At the same time, the keycaps of Titanium K850 Caishi adopt the layout of high and low keys, which is more ergonomic and easier to use. Judging from the actual use, the fingers and palms did not feel tired after playing "DNF" for 4 hours continuously with the titanium K850 color player. And it is worth mentioning that the back of Titanium K850 Caishi uses a double-stage rubber stand design, and users can adjust the height of the keyboard according to their own preferences and control habits, which is very user-friendly and practical.

After pulling out the keycap, you can see that the Titanium K850 color operator uses the mecha red switch, which supports 50 million effective taps, and the service life of the keys is guaranteed. Of course, the mecha red switch also has the characteristics of low sound, small pressing force, and fast triggering. Especially the Titanium K850 Caixishi has added EVA sandwich cotton and bottom noise-absorbing cotton between the PCB and the positioning board to effectively reduce the noise. It eliminates the noise generated when typing, which is very suitable for users like me who like quiet but love gaming control.

Of course, if you are a person who likes to toss, or want to experience the feel brought by different axes, then the full-key hot-swap function of Titanium K850 Caishi can satisfy you. In addition, the Titanium K850 color operator also adopts the factory-run satellite axis, which solves a series of problems such as space, carriage return and other large keys.

In addition, Titanium K850 Color Master uses an independent RGB full-color backlight, with 16.8 million lighting colors, and supports Fn+ shortcut key switching, custom lighting brightness and lighting effects, which is very interesting. Of course, if you download and install the driver from the official website, you can make more settings through the software to meet the needs of different users.

Judging from the actual use, Titanium K850 Caixishi is a very sincere product, both in terms of materials and functional performance, it is worthy of the price. If you want to buy a hundred yuan red axis mechanical keyboard, then Titanium K850 Caixishi is undoubtedly a good choice.

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