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Titanium K850 color player mechanical keyboard experience: cost-effective and DIY

Among the gaming peripherals, the mechanical keyboard is the most playable category. The gameplay is very rich and covers a wide range of groups. There are player's own customization ideas in terms of usage scenarios, tapping feel, etc. In terms of "playing" with mechanical keyboards, most players still pursue cost performance. This can be seen from the continuous drop in the prices of mechanical keyboards of various brands in the past two years.

Also pursuing the ultimate price-performance ratio, the price of Titanium K850 Color Gamer Mechanical Keyboard (hereinafter referred to as "K850") is less than 200, which not only brings players a wealth of features, such as: full-key hot-swappable, RGB lighting effects, factory run Satellite switches, full-key no punch, two-color keycaps, strong compatibility, etc., can be described as full of materials. At the same time, the keyboard is compatible with most 3-pin and 5-pin switches and brings some customization to the K850, meeting the DIY needs of players.

Appearance: solid workmanship, good sense of substance, compact 98 arrangement, silent red switch

As a mechanical keyboard, initial feel is important. My K850 has a white appearance, which is a safe color, and can be matched with various styles of desktops and environments, regardless of the environment. Holding it in the hand is the heavy metal feeling, and it feels very textured. Looking around at other parts of the keyboard, whether it is the keycap, upper cover, back line, interface, foot support, etc., the craftsmanship is fine and there is no obvious roughness.

The keyboard adopts a compact 98-key arrangement design, and the body size is 380mm*133mm. Compared with the traditional 104-layout keyboard, the advantage of the 98-column layout is that it not only retains the number area on the right, but the reduced keyboard width frees up a large space on the desktop that is not "rich", and indirectly makes the mouse control area larger. few. It is more suitable for users who need a compact desktop space with a small keyboard.

The keycaps of the K850 are made of ABS light-transmitting keycaps, and the surface of the keycaps has a slightly matte texture and a good tactile touch. Two-color molding, the keycaps are transparent, and have the characteristics of wear resistance and indelibility. They can withstand high-frequency beating by game players and can also highlight the RGB light effect of the keyboard to create a sense of gaming atmosphere.

On the soul axis of the mechanical keyboard. The K850 used a more linear red switch, which is officially called "Mech Red Switch". The characteristic of this type of shaft is that it is straight up and down without a sense of paragraph, the percussion pressure is small, the long-term percussion does not tire the hand, and the sound of the key is also smaller. On the large keys of several satellite axes, the factory lubrication and adjustment of the K850 solves the problem of uneven bottoming of keys such as space, enter, and shift, and makes keyboard typing more quality. It is suitable for users who care about the key sound and need to type for a long time. For example, as a writer, when I use it in the office or at home, the sound of typing on the keyboard will not affect my colleagues and family members, and I will not feel tired when I type the manuscript for an afternoon.

In addition, all keys of the K850 support hot swapping and are compatible with most 3-pin and 5-pin switches. It is convenient in the future, and different needs can be used to replace the shaft and keycap with other handles. Has a strong DIY.

It is worth mentioning that in order to maximize the silent characteristics of the red axis mechanical keyboard. In terms of the keyboard body structure of K850, EVA foam sandwich and bottom noise-absorbing cotton are added to the fingertips of the PCB and the positioning board, each of which is responsible for shock absorption and offsetting the noise of the shaft body. This makes the keyboard sound cleaner and purer when using the keyboard.

Experience: The percussion feels stable, the RGB light effect is rich, and the degree of customization is high

The keyboard is connected to the computer in the form of a cable, using a C port and a Type-C data cable is included with the keyboard. There is a cable management slot on the back of the keyboard, and you can choose to connect the data cable to the computer from one of the left, middle and right sides.

The two-stage foot support and the original base of the keyboard allow the keyboard to be used at three angles, combined with the ergonomic layout of the high and low keyboard keys. It can create a typing gesture that is more in line with the user's use.

As a mechanical keyboard, RGB light effects are naturally indispensable. The K850 is equipped with an independent backlight chip, which can have 16.8 million lighting effects and colors. There are 18 lighting modes that can be adjusted in the drive-free mode. If you cooperate with the multi-function driver on the keyboard, you can have more lighting modes to choose from. Not only that, but you can also make the keys support custom macros, which is a favorite of gamers.

Also loved by the player community is the full key no punch function. Especially when playing games, no matter how fast the operation is, no matter how cumbersome the combination of skills can be released accurately, the player will not be annoyed by stuck keys.

Summary: It is a mechanical keyboard that has entered the cost-effective queue

A mechanical keyboard may not be suitable for all users. However, mechanical keyboards with high cost performance, full-key hot-swappable, factory-run satellite switches, full-key no-backlash, ABS two-color keycaps, and compatibility with most switches may be suitable for most office and game people. For me, the muted red switch and the sound-cancelling treatment inside the keyboard, so that I will not be disturbed by the sound of keyboard tapping when I type for a long time. The practical 98-key arrangement and the use of less desktop space have increased the utilization of my desktop space. The hot-swappable and freely replaceable shaft body is convenient for me to experience different typing experiences in the future. In general, the Titanium K850 Color Gamer mechanical keyboard can meet my daily office and game use. The price of less than 200, high-quality and detailed workmanship and post-production manufacturability are what I am satisfied with this keyboard.

But I think there are still two imperfections in this keyboard. I hope that the upgraded product of Titanium K850 Caixishi mechanical keyboard can be improved without changing the price. 1. Increase the wireless connection method; 2. PBT keycaps are oil-resistant (although you can replace them yourself, but I still hope that the official standard configuration).

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