To further upgrade the portable productivity, Amo Bluetooth keyboard + UAG crystal clear protective case experience


I bought the IPad Air5 last year. The M1 processor on board has indeed improved a lot in terms of performance. At that time, there were some official second-control keyboards, but they only supported the Pro series, so I have always been a bit regretful. Recently, I have to deal with documents frequently due to work. Such files can be easily and conveniently completed on the tablet, but it is really inconvenient to input, so I launched the second control keyboard Xiaocao, and chose this after a comprehensive comparison of word of mouth, workmanship, and price Amo's Bluetooth keyboard, the price of less than two hundred yuan is not too expensive, but the experience exceeds expectations.

In addition, because I often go out and carry it, I also bought a UAG IPad crystal clear series protective case. The impression of UAG is: hard core, anti-fall, and I personally like this tough design style. I started with his mobile phone case. I have done a lot, and I have posted originals and notes to share before. In this article, I will talk to you about the experience of these two products.

Amoi iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard

Let’s take a look at this bluetooth keyboard of Amo. It’s the first time I’ve come into contact with the brand of Amo. After learning about it, I realized that his home is a foundry of many major manufacturers. Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi have cooperation in the categories. It belongs to the source factory brand. The quality of the product is excellent. The outer packaging is made of hard carton. After receiving it, I can see that the actual workmanship details are much better than expected. The most important thing is that the thickness is relatively thin, which is very suitable for my own portable needs. The only deficiency It’s just that there are fewer color options, and the inner packaging is simple and not cumbersome, just take it out and use it▼

The appearance is an integrated keyboard leather case design, which is fixed with the IPad by magnetic suction. It is very convenient to disassemble and assemble, and it is also easy to carry after folding. The adsorption surface is suede. The shell material is silicone skin-friendly texture, which feels more delicate▼

It is worth mentioning that the magnetic effect is very good. After adsorption, it is firm and not loose. It does not feel loose when touched. You don’t have to worry about it falling in daily use▼

The bluetooth keyboard of Aimo is still very light and thin as a whole, and it does not have that heavy feeling after folding, which is not much different from the thickness of the anti-drop protective case▼

Another thing that satisfies me is that its detailed workmanship is indeed much better than expected, the mold opening is accurate, the edge finishing process is finer, the edge of the leather case has no burrs, and the integration with the IPad is very high. In front of the keyboard It is designed with two storage slots, and the user can adjust the angle according to the usage situation. There is also an LED indicator light on the right side, which is convenient for real-time understanding of the keyboard status▼

The layout of the keyboard is full-size, and with the Fn key position, you can realize more shortcut functions and become your productivity tool, but you need to get used to the small size keys when you first use it▼

The power switch and Type-C charging interface are set on the right side of the keyboard position. In terms of battery life, it supports 100h of working time and 90 days of standby time. It only takes 2 hours to charge. From the actual experience, you don’t have to worry about battery life. The problem of not lasting ▼

After combining with the IPad, the productivity of the notebook becomes smaller in seconds. The shell material of the leather case has a good anti-slip effect, and it is relatively stable for daily use and placement. More importantly, it is small, convenient for storage and portable▼

From the side view, we can see that the overall thickness is controlled to be very light and thin, which can be easily carried and used comfortably▼

In terms of user experience, this keyboard has achieved the expected effect in daily use during this period. The connection is stable and continuous, and the efficiency of the second connection is also very high. After the screen is turned on, you can use the keyboard code word input, and the keys feel better than mine. It was quite amazing in my imagination. I have been using mechanical keyboards for these years. I haven’t used this kind of membrane keyboard for a long time. The keys feel light, and the rebound is also very quick. The feedback between bits, the most important thing is that there is no delay in input, a proper productivity tool▼

UAG IPad crystal clear series anti-drop case

In addition to pairing with a Bluetooth keyboard to become productive, IPad is often used as an entertainment tool for children on weekends, so it is necessary to have a drop-resistant case. I have a relatively good recognition for the UAG brand. I used Huawei before. I bought this brand of protective case for the first time when I was in mate20. One case was used to change mobile phones. During the period, it was dropped many times, but the machine was not damaged once, so this time I chose the anti-drop effect for IPad. UAG▼

The mold opening accuracy of this protective case is still excellent, and the fit is very good after the IPad is installed, and it does not have a tempered glass film▼

The other side is suede, which can protect the screen very well. It has a built-in magnetic strip. Opening and closing the cover supports wake-up and sleep, which is very convenient in daily use▼

The back shell of the crystal clear series is made of transparent workmanship, and the style still continues the design elements of the mecha. This is also the consistent style of UAG. The whole shell is made of solid materials, and the handle is thicker. There are air cushions at the four corners, which can achieve very Good anti-drop effect▼

In addition to precise mold opening, the functional design of the protective case is also very user-friendly. The side supports the capacitive pen to be stored and fixed without worrying about falling off. The open design of the power button for fingerprint recognition is easy to touch. These details will bring great benefits in daily use. Convenient and comfortable experience ▼

The bracket mode is the most used for using this flip-type protective case, which is convenient for watching videos and browsing information, and freeing your hands▼

The screen tilt angle supports two-stage adjustment, and users can adjust it according to the actual use environment▼

It also supports flat mode, which is more convenient for daily browsing and light editing of documents▼

When browsing with the IPad in hand, there is no obvious sense of disobedience after folding the soft protective surface to the back of the case. In daily use, the IPad has a lower chance of falling than a mobile phone, but it is also No, UAG’s protective case focuses on anti-fall protection. If you accidentally drop it once, it’s worth the fare, and you can rest assured when using it for children▼

final summary

This time I bought the Amo Bluetooth keyboard and the UAG crystal protective case together. The two products play the role of productivity and protection in daily use. The experience is also very satisfactory, especially the Amo Bluetooth keyboard, in terms of workmanship and functions. It is much better than expected, the Bluetooth connection is stable, and there is no delay in input. The key is that the price is very affordable. As a flat replacement, it is a product worth recommending. The UAG protective case maintains excellent workmanship and materials as always, taking into account The functional design is also very user-friendly while being drop-resistant, and it is very convenient to use and carry, but the price has not been its advantage. Friends who like it can pay attention to the price trend.

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