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Too curly, too curly! The configuration directly fills up the upstart GM980 transparent customized keyboard

The sudden emergence of the Fuling 980 keyboard, which is positioned as a mid-to-high end, has made many domestic brands that are still fighting desperately in the entry-level field see a new direction for mechanical keyboards.

It also leads many brands to the new direction of customization, so that now every domestic and foreign design brand has launched positioning and customized products, and the configuration is more inward than one. Following the three-mode wireless, customer After customizing the shaft body and Gaskte structure, the transparent shell has become a new outlet for mechanical keyboards today, and various brands are vying to launch the main translucent keyboard.

The upstart GM980 that I got started today is such a keyboard that is basically full of configuration, and at the same time, the keyboard with a transparent shell can conquer most players in terms of appearance, regardless of the feel.

The trend of transparent shells has spread from the mobile phone circle to the peripheral circle. Unlike the transparent shell of the small mouse, the transparency of the keyboard shell is obviously much more difficult. The processing cost of the large shell is second, and the visual optimization of the internal components is the most important. The key point is how to make the parts inside the shell look better.

The upstart GM980 adopts the most popular 98-key layout nowadays, but the lawyer’s letter is troublesome because this keyboard is not a classic 98-key layout, but has 100 keys. Pay attention to the F area of ​​the keyboard, two more buttons are squeezed out next to F12, which makes the F area quite crowded.

Class 98 has the advantages of individuality and practicality, so I don’t need to do science popularization here

The name of this color scheme in my hand is Astronaut. It uses a fully transparent shell, and the stars on the top forehead and the strip decoration of the planet are used as the theme.

In addition, there is a blue starry sky and a yellow Dunhuang theme. The starry sky color scheme seems to be more popular with the public. I don’t like the blue plastic feeling too much, but I prefer the technological sense given by this pure transparency.

The solid color appearance has no practical value besides the extra points of appearance, such as light transmission.

RGB lighting, as the standard configuration of gaming keyboards before, is deeply loved by some players. After several years of development and evolution, the evolution and development of lighting has actually come to an end. It is nothing more than more uniform brightness, more transparent keycaps and more freedom of drive adjustment.

This upstart GM980 uses a non-transparent PBT keycap. After the light is turned on, the light not only passes through the gap between the keycaps, but also a small part of the light runs out of the shell after being refracted inside, a faint light It is far from being cool, but it is enough to catch people's attention, and it is fundamentally different from the previous RGB keyboards.

This light transmission effect is especially obvious when viewed from the side of the keyboard, especially the top

The keycap adopts the current mainstream two-color PBT technology, two colors that I can't name, let's call it purple and gray for the time being.

The level of craftsmanship and quality control are in place, and what should be praised should be praised.

In addition, there are prompt characters on some keycaps, and other functions can be realized by means of Fn + key combination, and the number of such keycaps accounts for a lot. Such a density of keycaps will inevitably affect the aesthetics, but it is very good from a practical point of view, because in my many keyboard experience, there are too many keyboards with keycaps without prompt characters. Never used it at all.

Bluetooth + 2.4G wireless + wired three connection methods, domestic brands are indeed very introverted in the popularization of wireless connections.

Upstart GM980 uses physical buttons to switch between different modes, and there are color prompts on the switches.

In addition, there is an orange round button in the upper right corner of the top of the fuselage, which is used to switch the Win/Mac system, so that the Mac system is very compatible.

The rise of the keychron keyboard has made many domestic brands realize the potential of Apple's ecological keyboard, which has been underestimated, and is now paying more and more attention to the compatibility with the Mac system.

I was skeptical about Xingui’s attempt in the field of customization, because I have used an Xingui GM610 before. This is a small-sized keyboard launched by Xingui to cater to the trend of mini keyboards. It has a classic 61-key layout and a theme version. These configurations of the keycaps are relatively conventional, but they are still lacking in terms of feel control and post-adjustment. It is a pity that the hot-swappable structure is arranged under the advanced consciousness, but the copper eyelet shaft seat with extremely poor compatibility is chosen. , resulting in incompatibility with other types of shafts, which has to make people doubt the control of the upstart's market demand.

Then let’s take a look at the quality of this GM980, which fully welcomes customization and advanced positioning, whether it feels solid, whether it has a high level of tuning, and the overall experience.

My GM980 is equipped with the Dailuo switch co-branded with Kaihua, and currently the two main colors of Astronaut and Fanxing are only available with the Dailuo switch, which is enough to show the upstart’s confidence in this switch.

In terms of appearance, this Dailuo adopts a transparent shaft seat and a pink shaft, which may be confused with a gold powder shaft at first glance.

But after pulling out the shaft body, you will find that it uses a base of a color that I can't name, let's call it dark blue for now.

The name of the switch is generally named according to the color, which is similar to that of a smart phone. Today, when customized switches are flourishing, relatively conventional colors have long been used up. As a result, everyone has started to find a new way to use relatively small colors, so it is not difficult to understand why the color of the shaft seat of this Dailuo shaft.

The feel of the snail shaft is not as ordinary as it looks. This snail shaft has a large-scale feel in advance. When it comes to paragraph switches, you may think of the two classic switches, the green switch and the brown switch. In fact, the feel of many paragraph switches is very similar. This Dailuo switch has a different approach in the paragraph, setting the paragraph feeling at the front of the stroke, that is, you can feel the paragraph feeling just after pressing it, and this paragraph feeling is very long, not the fleeting feeling of the green switch The scale is a "new version of the ship" that I have never experienced, and I believe that most users have never experienced it.

There is still a gap between the quality of the shaft and other flagship shafts, but it is relatively good, at least it is easy to surpass the original shaft.

Shaft body When the shaft body leaves the factory, the interior of the shaft body is lightly coated with lubricating oil on the metal shrapnel. There is only a little bit of lubricating oil on the shaft center. Thanks to the high quality and manufacturing precision of the shaft body, the shaft body has good smoothness, but It would be great if it could be factory lubricated.

The upstart GM980 on the satellite shaft with the big key fixed is relatively ordinary white. It has been lubricated, but the accuracy is a bit poor. You can feel the shaking and sensuality on the space bar. Replace it with my set. After the satellite axis is basically resolved.

This keyboard is relatively uniform while having a unique feel, but there is a small somersault on the space bar, which is really a bit unreasonable. The adjustment method is also very simple, just change to a slightly more advanced satellite axis.

In addition, the bigger mystery of this keyboard is hidden inside. Of course, what I’m talking about is not the hot-swappable axle seat compatible with five-pin axles, but the popular Gaskte structure nowadays. The Gaskte structure keyboards that I have come into contact with before are all equipped with linear switches. The paragraph feel of the upstart GM980 Dailuo switch is still not as good as the linear switch that can take advantage of this structure, and it is closer to the traditional steel structure.

From the disassembled cross-sectional view, it can be seen that the interior of the keyboard is too complicated. There are only two layers of silicone pads, and the sound insulation cotton is not absent.

Since the fuselage structure is fixed by upper and lower bites instead of traditional screws, I have no way to disassemble it.

Space is limited, so I won’t introduce too much about the interior of the keyboard. In a word, it can be seen from the rich internal structure of this keyboard that this keyboard is not simple.

The four indicator lights hidden in the gaps of the keys, because there is no corresponding text prompt, so far I have not figured out which indicator light corresponds to which key position.

Whether it is appearance or function configuration, the strength of the upstart GM980's involuntary key ring should not be underestimated. The unique large paragraph feel is also surprising. The only thing that is not enough is the adjustment of the space bar. There are still shortcomings in the keyboard, mainly the space bar. If you have already bought this keyboard, you can replace it with a better set of satellite switches with a little more budget.

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