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Too many elements: cheap ass RS2 mechanical keyboard

The things that the cheap donkey brand has been launching all the time always make my eyes shine. In fact, in the era of 2022, when the peripherals are not very flexible, it is an innovative way to change some of the original structure of the keyboard. Idea, the Gasket structure can be counted as the previous one. My personal understanding is that the Gasket can be counted as the base of the previous non-steel plate structure with the addition of plastic soft gaskets, making the feel of the entire keyboard more Q-bouncing and unified. .

Of course, if there was only such a novelty, I wouldn't say that a cheap donkey would make people look the same, such a "brazen talk".

The literal translation of TENACITY is toughness, tenacity, combined with the brand of cheap donkeys, you can also understand it as stubbornness, axis, just like their brand name, and the word "wireless" is also big on the surface of the packaging box.

In addition to the Gasket structure mentioned above, the cheap ass also tried the EVA sound-absorbing cotton and the under-shaft pad, which are very popular in the field of customization, and the elements are +2.

The overall packaging accessories are not rich, even my favorite dust cover is not included, I wonder if they forgot for me.

The design of the 98-like arrangement makes it impossible for someone to file a lawsuit. In fact, this arrangement is still very comprehensive. Personally, I feel that it may completely replace the classic arrangement of the 104 that takes up too much desktop space.

The multimedia keys are also very rich. If you look carefully, you will find that the multimedia keys here are basically the same as the arrangement on the Mac, and the modifier key area is also adapted to the Command and Option of Macos, and the details are full.

I would like to make a small complaint about the buttons here. Instead of retaining Home, End and Insert, the two buttons that are basically not used, Pause ScrLk, are reserved. In fact, some corresponding modifications can be made later.

My favorite scroll wheel button, rotate to adjust the volume, and if you click it, it will directly mute.

A small concave waist design is made on the side, but the edge nozzle of the mold seems to be a little flawed. (fog)

The design of the top is basically symmetrical, and the aesthetics is well done.

The design of the back is usually ignored by many scenes, either it is flat, or it is the classic XX line design that has been used badly, the design is really good, and the design of RS2 is actually very good, with two concave surfaces Just like the rear face of a sports car, it has a sense of speed without transitional design.

There is nothing to say about the three height adjustable feet.

The self-locking switch pops up when the wireless function of the keyboard is turned off. The self-locking switch is more likely to be stuck after a long time. However, spraying WD-40 at this time is actually not a big problem.

The wireless receiver looks like a public version, and the color does not match the retro color of RS2, which is a little regrettable.

The logo of the cheap ass.

Then let’s talk about Jiadalong’s pluggable tea shaft. The G shaft is now considered one of the stable domestic head shaft suppliers, but in fact, compared with TTC, the shipment volume is still a little tender.

The cheap donkey here has done a lot of detail, and directly marked which button is on the positioning board. This is very friendly to people like me who often change keycaps, especially for some punctuation. The symbol teacher is easy to remember, this design deserves praise.

The feel of the G-axis tea is also very comfortable, and it is more suitable for students who have switched from the membrane keyboard.

There is also a calculator shortcut key on the left side of the knob. Press it directly to open the calculator. At the same time, RS2 also supports switching between Win and Mac dual systems, and you can directly change the function of the modifier key, Ba Shi.

As for the tuning of the big keys, the cheap donkey is also very friendly. All the builds feel basically the same, and no obvious difference can be felt by pure handwork. This is also one of the core requirements of the big key tuning.

Although the RS2 is a full-key Biden design, the built-in keyboard is opaque, which is a small pity, but you can replace it with a set of full-throw keycaps later to expose the light.

There is also a small point here, that is, I don’t know how to turn off the light of RS2 after playing for a few days. After adjusting the brightness to the lowest level, I found that the LED still has a small brightness, but I found that Fn+esc can switch to An equivalent of no lights, which turns off the lights completely.

With a 3000 mAh battery, if you use the public version, you can use it for a month or two without any problem. If you turn on the light, the battery life may decrease a little, but overall it is good.

RS2 has numerous elements:


volume wheel,

Class 98 arrangement design,

dual system switching,

modifier key adaptation,

Sound-absorbing cotton,

Positioning board key identification and so on and so on.

The price is controlled within 400, which makes many customized products and even mass-produced competing products feel trembling. Coupled with the unique design concept of the cheap donkey, it is still a keyboard worth recommending.

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