Too many rolls are boring, let’s subvert it directly, really soft, really mahjong RK R98 experience sharing

Roll king and cost performance have always been synonymous with RK. In 2022, RK developed a mass-produced top-level satellite axis and a K-series axis in cooperation with Jiuzi, which truly allows entry-level users to obtain an excellent experience at a very low price. However, this is far from enough for RK. There must be a more extreme user experience, so R98 is here.

PCB single-key slotting, positioning board slotting, positioning board silicone cover with extended edge, the combination of three swords constitutes the most soft and elastic real GasKet structure in mass production, which is really visible to the naked eye. 299 can make most consumers Readers have experienced the customization of single-key slots that cost thousands of dollars. This can really be said to be RK’s subversion of mass-produced keyboards, and it is a blessing for key circle players.

TTC steel shaft, all POM material, is a linear shaft with light pressure, shaft bottoming, and early triggering. The sound is very HIFI. "This is really not TTC." Axis of hearing. There is no doubt about the smoothness and rebound of the TTC steel shaft. After all, there are only two types of light pressure linear shafts, one is gold powder and the other is gold powder. The early trigger feature of the steel axis is also suitable for gamers, helping you to be one step ahead in the game.

Of course, in order to obtain mahjong sound, in addition to the structure and shaft body, the sound package is also essential. Under the support of RK R98's unique PORON sandwich, IXPE shaft underpad, bottom cotton, and silicone pad, the factory comes with mahjong sound.

The real GasKet structure of RK R98, combined with TTC's rare voice actor steel shaft and four-layer filled sound package, constitutes the most mahjong and softest mechanical keyboard in mass production. It is also pleasing to the ear. The soft touch and HIFI mahjong sound make every tap a joy.

RK R98 has subverted the sound and feel, and has also upgraded the conventional configuration. The convenient three-mode switching switch on the top of the front makes it unnecessary to turn over the keyboard to switch modes; the 7200mah ultra-large-capacity lithium battery can be used in a wireless state without power anxiety; the left and right sides add three lines between the letter area and the number on the front Bright RGB light strips, the game atmosphere is full.

RK R98, which no longer belongs to the category of rolls, is a groundbreaking product that truly subverts mass-produced keyboards! R98 is a milestone for mass-produced keyboards with a customized experience! Starting from R98, mass-produced keyboards can also experience customization that was previously unattainable!

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