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Transformed? Cherry Office Family Bucket Set Sharing

As the absolute king in the field of mechanical keyboards, Cherry will always be a brand that cannot be bypassed. With the domestic switch body brand relying on the field of customization to achieve corner overtaking in terms of quality and feel, Cherry’s belief status has been shaken, and it has also ushered in The biggest crisis in the history of brand building.

At the same time, Cherry did not choose to sit still and actively seek a breakthrough. Today's lightweight office positioning product is Cherry's new product line, which is lighter than traditional products in terms of positioning, and more importantly, it is equipped with an ultra-thin shaft body in Cherry's traditional skill shaft, thus creating an ultra-thin and lightweight shaft. Small keyboard MX-LP 2.1.

I don’t need to repeat the classic Cherry keyboard, but everyone must have never seen the Cherry ultra-thin keyboard.

As a low-axis keyboard equipped with cherry MX-LP, combined with an ultra-thin keyboard, the overall thickness is quite thin and light, not like a traditional mechanical keyboard at all. Compact keys, flat body and personalized key layout, this seemingly simple keyboard is not simple.

The keyboard has the simple and capable temperament of office peripherals, but the compact 68-key layout is really far-fetched to talk about office productivity. Compared with the most mini 61-key layout, this MX-LP 2.1 has more independent arrow keys and DEL, INS, PGUP, PGDN editing keys, which has indeed greatly improved the practicality, and it is really no problem for light office work. Problems, but in professional fields such as PS drawing, editing and modeling, it is stretched.

If you have mobile office needs, this lightweight and portable keyboard is really suitable. It can be stuffed into a general bag, and it doesn’t take much effort to hold it in your hand, but it does feel much better than a notebook keyboard.

I like the engraved brand logo very much

The three-color ABS keycap adopts laser-engraved character technology. This kind of keycap is rare now. The characters are slender and transparent. The disadvantage is that the wear resistance is average, and the keycap will inevitably be oiled and worn after it is permanent.

And this keyboard has RGB lights, I didn't expect it.

As an office keycap, it is enough to be equipped with a monochromatic light, RGB is a bit extravagant, and turning on the light will seriously shorten the wireless battery life of the keyboard. I usually turn it off.

Side lighting is more attractive

The wireless switch on the top and the Type-c charging port are trying to reduce the sense of presence as much as possible

The shaft is equipped with a cherry ultra-thin MX-LP (Low Profile) shaft. Compared with the traditional MX shaft, it is much shorter than the naked eye. The overall height of 11.9mm is 35% lower than the 18.5mm height of the MX shaft. The height of about % is still using the classic cross axis of the cherry MX axis series, with a round dustproof wall, which is theoretically smoother and more stable.

The red axis means the classic linear red axis feel, and the trigger pressure is 45g, the overall stroke is only 3.2mm, the keystroke is shorter and the flat keycap feels very different when pressed compared to the traditional mechanical keyboard. It takes a little time to get started. Plus adapt. Flat keycaps are naturally not as comfortable as curved keycaps, but it is not a big problem, and it does not affect input efficiency at all after getting used to it.

If you don't like the feel of this set of flat chest keycaps, you can also replace it with ordinary keycaps.

The transparent cover is the key to RGB lighting

The satellite shaft structure is still used on the large key position, the fixing effect is excellent, there is no shaking or noise on the largest space, and the tapping is smooth and fleshless.

The red nameplate at the bottom is quite eye-catching, and it can be seen that many subtractions have been made in the design.

In terms of connection methods, I have all of them. 2.4G+Bluetooth+wired three-mode connections are all arranged, with a built-in 2800mAh battery.

Cherry does not release many mice, and mainly focuses on thin and simple office mice, which are relatively conservative and flat in shape. This MW5180 wireless mouse is such a minimalist office mouse.

Because of the need to coordinate with other pure black peripherals, I chose this black color for the mouse. In fact, this mouse also has several vibrant colors to choose from.

If you don't have restrictions on colors like me, several other colors are more recommended.

The "ultra-thin model" of the mouse, from the "body", it can be seen that this crazy MW5180 is quite different from the traditional gaming mouse. The specific difference is that the gaming mouse needs to use hands, but this mouse only needs to use fingers.

The simple and compact body is very friendly to female users, and the weight is relatively light, suitable for long-term use. The anti-slip grooves on the left and right sides, the whole body of the mouse is frosted, if you really want to say the texture, it must be hard blowing.

The detachable magnetic upper cover is very easy to remove, and the dry battery compartment and mouse receiver are hidden underneath.

The mouse is powered by AA batteries. One battery can provide about 300 days, and the battery life is extremely scary. Here is a good explanation why office mice are generally powered by dry batteries instead of built-in lithium batteries.

The office uses an engine with low performance and low power consumption. The corresponding use time of low power consumption is generally exaggerated, often in units of months or years. In this case, the battery attenuation problem of the lithium battery will be magnified. It is possible that the lithium battery has not been charged and discharged several times, and the battery life will suffer from diabetes collapse due to the power attenuation. Replaceable dry batteries can avoid this problem very well.

If you focus on the micro-movement of the mouse, you can see that this MW5180 wireless mouse does not use the traditional micro-movement but the silent patch button, which is very quiet when pressed, and is suitable for scenes such as offices or bedrooms.

The button clicks are indeed very quiet, basically the most button-pressing mouse you can buy right now.

Because it is an office location, the hardware performance of the mouse is very conservative, with a maximum of 1200DPI. It is not DPI but the refresh rate that restricts the use of its games, so don't even think about playing games with it.

However, in terms of configuration, MW5180 is quite sincere. In addition to 2.4G wireless connection, considering the limited USB interface of many notebook users, it is also equipped with Bluetooth wireless connection. Toggle the switch down to switch to Bluetooth mode, and the button below is for Bluetooth pairing of the mouse.

Cherry G80 series mouse pads have done many special offers before, and many players have bought them. My model is super large 900mm*350mm*4mm.

There is only a cherry logo in the lower right corner on the surface of the mouse pad, which is so simple that it cannot be more concise. It is a clear stream among mouse pads with various patterns, and it is my favorite. The size is large enough to be able to do a black background when shooting some products.

The only disadvantage of the pure black mat is that it has insufficient dirt resistance, especially the white dust, which is particularly dazzling and needs to be cleaned frequently.

In addition, this G80 series mat is available in two versions of fine surface and rough surface. The surface texture of the fine surface is woven with chaotic patterns. The friction force of the mouse is the same in all directions when moving on it, which is suitable for all kinds of games.

The rough surface is a traditional mesh fiber treatment process, and the surface is a neatly woven surface horizontally and vertically. The two processes of rough surface and fine surface do not affect the positioning of the mouse, but there is a slight difference in the mouse movement feel. If it is used for games, the fine surface speed version is naturally more suitable, and the office is casual.

The anti-slip pattern on the bottom of the standard mat, so that the anti-slip property of the mat with such a size and weight can be automatically ignored.

Headphones—cherry HC2.2

That's right, Cherry also launched a gaming headset. This is the HC2.2 with a lower positioning among Cherry's only two gaming headsets. There is also a flagship model HC8.2, which costs thousands of dollars. This is actually not cheap. Price 449.

In terms of product ideas, this HC2.2 is very different from traditional gaming headsets. At least the appearance does not look so gaming at first glance. The simple lines are quite attractive, and the slightly retro reminds me of the headsets in the computer room in middle school.

The whole body is made of plastic material, which makes the headset quite light as a whole. The weight of 266g is a lightweight player among gaming headsets, which is a good plus point for wearing.

The earphones are connected via a USB interface, and the logo on the earmuffs will light up in red when plugged into the computer, echoing the logo on the black mouse pad.

What is more unique is that the volume control of the headset and the microphone mute switch are placed on the earmuffs, the position is very eye-catching and convenient for blind pressing on the head.

In my opinion, the most handsome part of this earphone is the huge cherry letter engraved on the top, which is large but not obtrusive. The font design also fits the shape of the earphone, so it looks very comfortable.

The foldable design is also extremely rare in gaming headsets. After all, gaming headsets rarely have folding storage or portability requirements, but this fits with the office theme of this article.

The headset is equipped with a traditional 50mm sound unit and is equipped with 7.1 channels. The sound quality can only be said to be ordinary. The earmuffs are also made of traditional protein leather, which is soft and comfortable. The shortcoming of airtightness is naturally unavoidable, but there will be no such troubles when the weather turns cold.

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