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Travel light and work comfortably: Rapoo wireless ultra-thin and silent keyboard and mouse experience

We can’t do without keyboard and mouse in our daily office work. Most boys like the game pleasure brought by mechanical keyboards. For girls who don’t often play games or have slender fingers, choose a set of thin and delicate keyboard and mouse. Undoubtedly, it can bring more inspiration in daily work.

Today, the editor will share with you a set of extremely thin and light keyboard and mouse just launched by Rapoo, and see if they are what you want?

In fact, this set of keyboard and mouse is selected by the editor. On the official website of Rapoo, they are sold in separate packages. Because the editor thinks that both of them belong to the thin and light series, I will share the experience with you. . The model of the keyboard is E9350G, and the model of the mouse is M700

Speaking of thinness, many friends will think of the iPhone. Compared with the Apple mobile phone, it can be said that the Rapoo E9350G keyboard is not inferior to the thinness. The metal frame on the lower side of the keyboard is even thinner than the iPhone7.

This keyboard adopts a compact design, with 99 keys reasonably arranged on a small-sized keyboard of 362.3*114.7mm, which is as delicate and compact as an Apple mobile phone. The M700 mouse also has an ultra-thin design, and the two of them seem to be an ideal pair.

On the back side of the keyboard, there is a type-C charging port and a switch key. It has a built-in 300mAh battery, which can be used for up to 96 hours when fully charged. According to the frequency of our daily use of the keyboard, it is calculated for 3-4 hours a day. It takes only a small amount of time to charge once. It's been fine for a month. Use the C port to charge it, and it can be fully charged in only 2 hours.

Compared with common regular-size keyboards, this E9350G is also more convenient to use and carry, and it uses a wireless connection, so it is more convenient for our daily use.

With a weight of less than 400 grams, it is lighter than the 2 catties mechanical keyboard, but even if it is so thin, this keyboard still chooses an aluminum alloy body shell, which has a particularly good texture.

The battery compartment cover of the Rapoo M700 mouse is designed with a magnetic suction press to open the cover. You can open it by pressing one end lightly, and it can be closed tightly when you release your hand. A AAA battery is installed inside. Don't worry about the endurance of the battery, because this mouse optimizes energy consumption inside, and one battery can last for 9 months.

This Rapoo E9350G blade ultra-thin multi-mode keyboard has a key stroke of 1.5mm, which belongs to the shallow stroke keyboard series. The mute effect is good when pressed, and a slight rattling sound can be heard, and it sounds very pleasing to the ear. This keyboard is also compatible with WIN and IOS dual systems, you can use "Fn" + "~" to switch with one key, and MAC users can also use it, which is very convenient.

In actual use, although it is a compact design, the chance of accidental touch is very small. I usually hate typing on the original keyboard of the notebook, because the keys are too small and the touch is poor. After replacing the original keyboard of the notebook with this keyboard , the hand feel immediately improved, and the office efficiency has also improved a lot.

Although it is a keyboard mainly for portable office, it can also be used for playing games.

In addition, this keyboard is also designed with a lot of combination keys to make our use more convenient, such as opening the home page, opening the mailbox, opening the music player, adjusting the volume, etc. During the drama, the boss suddenly arrives, one button mute button may be able to help you a lot.

Combination key application test animation-one key to open the computer network home page

In addition, the upper right corner of this keyboard is actually designed with a separate calculator button. As a financial officer of the company, I think this button is really easy to use. Just press the computer screen and there will be a computer application, and the content in it is also Quite complete, including standard calculations, scientific calculations, and even built-in various unit conversions and exchange rate calculations (which can be updated in real time online). It is simply an office artifact.

The M700 mouse adopts a three-button design, which is mainly for easy office work, so there are no complicated side buttons and so on. The overall design is very light and thin, including the buttons and the scroll wheel have a mute design. The touch of the scroll wheel is very comfortable. You can experience it yourself when you buy it. one time.

This mouse supports 1300DPI, the maximum acceleration is 20G, the mouse test software is used to test normally, and its stability and positioning accuracy are also very good, and it can be used normally on desktop, cloth, paper and other media.

This keyboard and mouse actually support three modes (wireless 2.4G, Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 5.0). It is unlikely to have a laptop or tablet, but with this function, it will be more convenient when it is really used.

Well, the above is the light experience of Rapoo E9350G keyboard and M700 mouse. It is light, small, quiet and easy to use. Do you like it?

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