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Travel the world with one keyboard, change wirelessly and wired at will, Dareu A87Pro three-mode mechanical keyboard experience

Nowadays, every digital user should have more than one electronic device in their hands. Desktop computers, laptop computers, tablet computers and mobile phones each play an important role in related fields. As an input device, the traditional keyboard is still indispensable for office users and text workers, and gamers cannot live without it.

For me, an out-and-out codewriter, the most important peripheral is definitely the keyboard. Although the notebook keyboard feels good and looks good, the typing speed is still not as good as that of an independent keyboard. And like me, a keyboard user who codes tens of thousands of words every day, I can't help but worry about whether the laptop keyboard will be overloaded and cause early injuries. You must know that changing a laptop keyboard is not cheap! Therefore, the best solution is to prepare a USB keyboard or wireless keyboard at home or in the office, and connect it if possible. Only use the keyboard that comes with the notebook when you are on a business trip or processing documents in a coffee shop. So taking advantage of the 618 event, I bought this Dareu A87Pro three-mode mechanical keyboard.

The characteristic of Dareu A87Pro three-mode mechanical keyboard is that it can support a variety of connection methods. In addition to USB wired connection, it can also connect 2.4GHz wirelessly or Bluetooth. In this way, all kinds of electronic devices in our hands can be connected to A87Pro, which not only avoids repeated investment, but also ensures the consistency of feel and experience!

There are several versions of the Dareu A87Pro three-mode mechanical keyboard. The purple gold axis sky version I have on hand, on top of the light blue tone, is decorated with rainbows and stars and moons, which is full of vitality and a bit fresh and elegant. It makes people like it very much.

Dareu A87Pro continues the narrow frame design of A87, and adopts a matte texture top cover, which is very good in touch and visual perception. In terms of key layout, it adopts a standard 87-key arrangement scheme. The smaller body size can better adapt to the compact desktop and make room for the mouse on the right. For players with horizontal numeric keys, adding a numeric keypad to the right is actually a waste.

The unique space bar adds a lot to the overall appearance. The A87Pro keyboard uses a Type-C interface, and a card slot design is added above the interface to make the cable connection more stable and not easy to disconnect.

It is worth mentioning that this keyboard uses PBT two-color closed character keycaps, the matte touch is much better than ABS, and it will not oil.

A87Pro not only supports wired, 2.4G and Bluetooth three-mode connection solutions, but also supports full-key non-retouching solutions under the three connection modes, which can effectively avoid operation errors caused by accidental touches in intense games, and can be easily handled Daily entertainment office or e-sports games.

It not only supports the current mainstream operating systems such as Windows/MacOS/IOS/Android, but also has good compatibility with PCs and mobile devices. Convenient and friendly. At the same time, the keyboard is also adapted to the Mac layout. Users can switch between the Windows layout and the Mac layout through FN+W. It is easy and convenient to use, and there is no need to worry about conflicts caused by different key functions or usage habits.

On the left side of the keyboard is the switch button for the three-mode connection. Toggle the white switch to switch between 2.4GHz, wired and Bluetooth, which is done in an instant, which is very convenient.

On the right side, you can see the storage compartment of the 2.4GHz receiver, which is easy to extract and not easy to drop.

When I took it out, I found that the receiver was also gold-plated, which made the connection more stable.

No matter from which angle you look at it, this keyboard can make a very deep first impression.

In terms of the switch body, unlike the familiar mechanical keyboard, the A87Pro is equipped with the newly upgraded Zijin Switch Pro from Dareu. Its trigger force is about 45g, the bottoming force is about 55g, the trigger stroke is about 2.1mm, and the total stroke is about The diameter is 3.8mm, and the life span can reach 80 million times.

Compared with the old Zijin shaft, it has upgraded the fence-type shaft, and uses a new grease inside, which is more stable and smooth in terms of hand feeling, and has significantly improved the shaking feeling, friction sound and noise of the shaft core.

In the actual experience, the rebound strength of this switch body is a bit similar to the cherry red switch, the paragraph sense is not too strong, and the sound is relatively small, which basically belongs to the category of silent keyboard. After typing for a long time, I don't feel tired at all.

Although it is a wireless mechanical keyboard, Dareu still adds an RGB backlight design to the A87Pro three-mode model. Of course, if you want to save power, you can turn off the light, but if you are connected in wired mode, there is no such worry about battery life.

The backlight brightness of this keyboard is quite high, which is a bit eye-catching among similar products, and the ever-changing backlight can be clearly felt in broad daylight. Since the A87Pro is equipped with a frosted and transparent PC positioning board and a white fence-style interlayer silicone, the refraction and divergence effects of the light will appear softer and more natural under the reflection of the white background.

Through the FN key and the corresponding function key, you can switch the color of the light and adjust the brightness of the light. Overall, I think the lighting and visual performance of A87Pro are quite good.

Of course, the wireless keyboard needs a battery. A87Pro has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, which can provide about 45 days of battery life when the backlight is turned off, and about 7 days of battery life when the backlight is turned on.

At the same time, because it is equipped with an intelligent sleep function, it can provide it with a longer standby time, and it can also reduce the number of times users frequently switch the keyboard manually.

From now on, I can only use this keyboard. Connected to the desktop with a USB cable, this is a good office mechanical keyboard, you can turn on the lights at will, and when I want to use the laptop to input long documents, OK! Just press the switch button on the keyboard, and the A87Pro will immediately become a wireless external keyboard for the notebook, and the operation can be completed in an instant.

In my opinion, the significance of the three-mode keyboard lies not only in the barrier-free matching of various applications, but also in helping personalized users improve their lives. The reason is very simple. If there is no three-mode keyboard, then I want to add an external keyboard to the notebook. At the same time, considering that the desktop also needs a keyboard, no matter what solution is adopted, it will either repeat the investment in equipment piles, or the cable connection will be complicated and cumbersome, which will seriously affect Experience and efficiency, don't you think so?

Before the computer peripherals completely go wireless, I feel that the three-mode keyboard is indeed a compromise concept worth promoting. At present, there are not many products in this field, and everyone’s cognition is relatively rudimentary. I think the application advantages have not been fully utilized. to the extreme. Sitting in front of your computer and mobile phone, what are your own unique insights on how to play the Dareu three-mode mechanical keyboard? Let's discuss together!

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