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Trendy and fresh technology style, Lulian FUN + mechanical keyboard experience

With the rise of Generation Z in terms of spending power, digital peripherals and other products are intensifying in today's competition. How to be introverted to the extreme can be recognized by consumers. The same is true for peripheral products such as mechanical keyboards.

What are young people's requirements for keyboards now? I asked fans and friends in the group, and they felt that in addition to being good-looking, they also need to be able to meet their own individual needs, and more importantly, they must have the ultimate cost-effectiveness, and they must also have a good reputation in office, games, audio-visual entertainment, etc. experience.

Recently, I experienced a Green Union FUN+ mechanical keyboard, which can be made in terms of appearance and appearance. As for the experience of the product itself? Let's talk about this keyboard today! Whether it's worth it is up to you to decide for yourself.

As a well-known domestic digital accessories manufacturer, I believe that many people have used their charging products. In recent years, they have also deployed earphones, keyboards and other categories. The tonality of the products is still excellent as always. The one I experienced is the island holiday model, and it also has another model that is Dreamland, and the two gradient colors are very beautiful.

The exterior packaging of this keyboard is designed in a dark blue gift box, and the opening method is very ceremonial. On the top, there are bronzing logos of Green Union and FUN+ mechanical keyboard. On the front, there is the shape of a keyboard. On the side facing us, it says "My world is vivid and vivid", which immediately improves the appearance of the whole product a lot. On the back of the keyboard are some parameter information and production information.

In terms of packing list: there is 1 84-key mechanical keyboard, 1 USB to Type-C data cable, 6 spare keycaps, 1 keycap clip, warranty card and instruction manual, etc.

This is a mechanical keyboard that supports dual-mode connections, which can be connected via wired and Bluetooth. It is enough for daily office workers. My favorite is the bluetooth mode. Without the mess caused by the wires, it can be easily connected by connecting to the computer's bluetooth, and quickly start a crisp typing journey.

After measurement, the length of the keyboard is 31cm, the width is 12.2cm, and the height is 2.45cm, which is basically consistent with the official propaganda. The body can be said to be very delicate and exquisite. In addition, its keycap adopts a mushroom-shaped outer circle and inner square structure, which feels very good when it is struck.

In terms of key switches, the entire keyboard uses LP thin-type switches, which have a brown switch-like feel, which is why mechanical keyboards continue to be sought after by many people today. The joy of typing on the keyboard can only be obtained from a good mechanical keyboard. body can only be obtained.

In terms of keycap color, this island holiday has a total of six keycap colors, which are arranged in order of black, dark blue, blue, light blue, light blue, and white. This mechanical keyboard uses an 84-key configuration, which is very small. Since there are no keys such as the number 9 key on the right, it can give the mouse more room to move and make the desktop look more concise.

The net weight of the entire bare metal is 585 grams, which is equivalent to the weight of a bottle of mineral water. It can be said to be very light. Look cumbersome.

Usually we always worry about cleaning the keyboard, and this keyboard is equipped with a built-in key puller, which can easily pull out all the keyboards to clean the dust, and is not easy to damage the keycaps. This is also something that many keyboards do not have. Great spot.

In terms of appearance, I personally think that this Lulian FUN+ can score more than 90 points. The round design and the keycap color with gradual transition are very recognizable. The ultra-thin keyboard body also gives it a lot of points. The four support points at the bottom can ensure that the keyboard is stable and not shifted, and the bottom will not be worn out. It can be said to serve multiple purposes.

I think this keyboard is very suitable for young people of Generation Z. Boys can choose an island holiday, and girls suggest choosing Dreamland. But turnips and greens have their own preferences. If your budget is not much, only more than 300, and you want to buy a mechanical keyboard that is light, portable, good-looking, and excellent experience, then this Green Union FUN+ will be a very good one. s Choice.

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