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TT Navigator C360+ Explorer X2 new product sharing, you will love this suit!

Speaking of Thermaltake, you may not be familiar with it, but when it comes to TT, I believe players must know it. Its most computer accessories are popular among players, such as water cooling, case, keyboard, mouse and so on. What I want to share today is the new products launched by TT Thermaltake not long ago-TT Navigator C360 mechanical keyboard and Explorer X2 wireless dual-mode mouse.

These two products are wireless design, the keyboard is three-mode, and the mouse is two-mode, let us take a look at these two new products together!

【Appearance value】

The packages of Navigator C360 mechanical keyboard and Explorer X2 wireless dual-mode mouse are small and exquisite, after all, the products are not bulky. There are product renderings printed on the front of the packaging box, and the appearance is very good. If you are a beauty lover, then this combination will definitely satisfy you.

The front of the box also lists the main features of the product. Take the Navigator C360 mechanical keyboard as an example: narrow bezel design, 68-key layout, full-range RGB, three gaming modes, etc. Next, let’s get to know these two keyboards from TT respectively. peripheral products.

TT navigator C360 mechanical keyboard family portrait: keyboard body, USB cable, manual, double key puller.

Explorer X2 wireless dual-mode mouse family portrait: mouse body, USB cable, manual.

It can be seen from the pictures that the TT Navigator C360 mechanical keyboard adopts a 68-key layout. It goes without saying that this type of layout is deeply loved by enthusiasts, and it is the most comfortable for playing games. Of course, if you are working in office, you don’t have to think about it. It would be very awkward without number keys. Compared with the 61-key, the 68-key has three separate arrow keys and four function keys of Home, Del, PgUp, and PgDn. These keys are still very popular for daily use.

The 68-key layout looks very small overall. In fact, I bought this keyboard for playing games. After all, the full keyboard is a bit big. It can be seen that the keyboard is designed with an extremely narrow frame, the layout is compact, and it is not sloppy at all, giving people a capable feeling.

Many people think that there are no shortcut keys for the 68-key layout, then you are wrong. The FN function keys have been arranged for you, and different shortcuts can be realized with different keys. Such as Prtsc screen capture, scrlk lock key, Pause pause key, of course it depends on your usage habits. Just like that sentence, I can not use it, but you must have it, haha!

TT Navigator C360 mechanical keyboard supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 3.0 protocols, which can be used by new devices and is perfectly compatible. Latency can be optimized to be negligible today, and it is in practice. Low latency is really important if you enjoy playing games like shooting mine. Otherwise, if you are still turning around and reacting, they will instantly kill you.

The 4 buttons of Q/W/E/R are printed with WIFI patterns on the side, which are used to switch between different device connections on a daily basis. The R button is the 2.4G mode switch. So you still need to read the manual more before using it. After all, only by mastering the skills can the keyboard serve you better.

A TYPE-C interface is designed on the top of the keyboard, which can be charged and connected to a computer. The keyboard supports three connection methods: wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G. Generally recommend 2.4G and Bluetooth, after all, choose this keyboard is to use its wireless design. The keyboard can be adapted to 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time, such as desktops, notebooks, tablets, etc., and can be switched by FN for daily use. In addition, 2.4G consumes more power than Bluetooth, and the battery life is about twice as short. As for which method you prefer to use, it depends on your actual use environment.

The bottom is designed with non-slip feet, but there are no support feet designed to be opened. There is a power switch and a receiver storage compartment in the middle, and the magnetic suction is not bad, so don't worry about it falling off. Look carefully at the bottom and there are 3 small holes, which should be used for running water. After all, it is very common for water to spill on the keyboard in daily use.

【Key cap and shaft body】

I personally feel good about the feel of the high-tech mechanical red switch. If you insist on choosing the original switch, I can tell you that the switches of other manufacturers are not worse than the original switch, and some of them have better feel than the original switch , this can only be understood after experiencing it.

The two-color PBT injection keycap has a good feel and texture. The characters are clear, and the frosting process feels delicate and comfortable.

The TT Navigator C360 mechanical keyboard has a base quick-release interface and supports full-key hot-swapping. Simply put, you can choose your favorite switch body to replace at any time, which is very suitable for personalized users.

The TT Navigator C360 mechanical keyboard supports 16.8 million colors of RGB colorful lighting effects, and the color performance is very good in low light. It supports multiple mode switching, and can be changed by FN+ combination keys in daily use. If you don't like the lighting effect, you can switch to turn off the lighting effect through a combination of buttons. Another advantage of this is that the battery life is increased.

【TT Explorer X2 dual-mode wireless gaming mouse】

The shape of the TT Explorer X2 dual-mode wireless gaming mouse adopts a hollow design. This mouse is designed for this kind of weather in summer, haha! The palm will not sweat, and it is also conducive to the heat dissipation inside the mouse. Of course, the mouse does not generate too much heat.

There is a built-in RGB light in the tail, and it is still marked with TT, which is very conspicuous. And the light changes with the value of DPI (red, blue, green, yellow, pink). This mouse supports both wired and 2.4G modes, which is a dual-mode design. This mouse is positioned as an e-sports mouse, so don't worry about latency.

The scroll wheel feels good. Behind the scroll wheel is the DPI adjustment button. This mouse supports 800/1200/2400/3200/4000/5000DPI. The daily use depends on your personal habits.

Like a traditional mouse, two buttons are designed on the left skirt, and the default functions are forward and backward. Lightweight design, plus a good mouse arc, so that it feels very good.

Let’s take a look at the bottom. There is a switch and a storage compartment for the 2.4G receiver. There is also a mouse return rate button on the edge of the bottom. The higher the rate of return, the more powerful the performance of the mouse. Of course, the higher the power consumption, the higher the requirements for the computer. You can go to Baidu for the specific situation, so I won’t explain too much here.

It is reported that this TT Explorer X2 e-sports mouse has a return rate of 1000Hz, and it is ok for daily games to be opened to the maximum. As for the delay, there is no need to worry too much. After all, positioning the e-sports gaming mouse has also undergone rigorous testing.

【About battery life】

The TT navigator C360 mechanical keyboard has a built-in 2000mAh large-capacity battery, and the light effect lasts for 6 weeks, one and a half months without turning on the lights. If the light is turned on, the battery life is only 7-10 days, and it is used for about 10 hours a day.

TT Explorer X2 has a built-in 600mAh battery with a battery life of up to 30 days. It is compatible with PD fast charging and can be fully charged in 3 hours.

【My Host】

CPU: intel i7-12700K

Radiator: Kyushu Fengshen AK620

Motherboard: MSI MPG Z690 CARBON WIFI(MS-7D30)

Hard disk: EXCERIA Kioxia PRO SE10

Monitor: MSI MPG321QRF-QD

Memory: Asgard 8*2 16G

Graphics card: Zotac RTX3070

MSI MPG Z690 CARBON WIFI Dark Motherboard

As a high-end flagship product, it uses a heavy-duty Mosfet heat sink with a composite heat pipe. It uses a thermal paste with a high thermal conductivity of 7W/mK, and the inductance part is also covered with a thermal pad. The five M.2 SSDs on the front are all covered with Frost Armor, and the motherboard uses a 2oz thickened copper foil PCB circuit board, which is also MSI's consistent material habit for high-end motherboards.

The motherboard adopts 18+2 direct-out power supply design, DrMOS exclusive to high-end motherboards, and the conduction current is as high as 75A. The inductance has also been upgraded to the third-generation titanium inductance, which is a treatment only available in the previous MEG series. If you have enough budget, this is a good choice.

Kyushu Fengshen’s AK620 tower-type air-cooled radiator has a very good appearance. It is equipped with two towers, two fans, and six heat pipes. The size of the fan is 120mm. water cooled. At the same time, the fan is also a square and fully sealed design. With the shock-absorbing rubber pad, it can perfectly fill the gap between the cooling towers, which is not bad.

The chassis is Antec's DF800 Flux, with a more radical and individual design. In fact, my model is an upgraded version of this model, adding a rear ARGB fan and a turbo fan. The triangular concave-convex design on the front panel of the chassis has a very strong visual impact, coupled with a triangular tempered glass with excellent light transmission, you will definitely like it very much when it is lit. In fact, the official said. The front panel design of this case is inspired by Star Wars, and it seems that the movie will also bring inspiration to the designers.

Well, the chassis also comes with a description of FLUX's original special air flow architecture system, which introduces a variety of chassis in detail, and also comes with a patent certificate. In fact, as one of Antec's flagship products, the FLUX platform has always been loved by players, mainly because of its heat dissipation.

This turbo anti-blade silent fan is one of the representatives. It comes with it and can maximize the air volume for the cooling of the graphics card. You must know that the RTX30 series graphics cards are all big fire dragons, and the same is true for the upcoming RTX40 series.

Power on, light up once, the overall effect is good.

Let’s take a look at the details of the Kyushu Fengshen AK620. Although there is no lighting effect, it is dark and cool.

MSI MPG321QRF-QD Gaming Display uses a new generation of fast LCD IPS panel with quantum dot technology, color gamut 95% DCI-P3, 144% sRGB, 2K resolution, supports 175Hz refresh rate (DP connection), GTG response can reach 1ms , greatly improved the problem of screen smear. Support HDR600, with higher dynamic lighting rendering, making the picture more real and excellent.


Generally speaking, the combination of TT Navigator C360 mechanical keyboard and Explorer X2 wireless dual-mode mouse is really good. It is worth recommending in terms of appearance and performance. Of course, it is mainly because of its high cost performance. This set is not as good as others. The mouse is expensive, haha! The 68-key wireless design is relatively compact, and the mouse with a hollow design is relatively novel, and it is more suitable for use especially in this summer.

Ok, that's all for this sharing, I hope you will like it.

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