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TTC released the Golden Switch Professional Edition Pro series mechanical switches, more precise and wear-resistant

TTC, a rising star of domestic mechanical switches, today released the Pro Series of Golden Switch Pro, which uses a new type of polymer composite material, which is wear-resistant and has a flexible and smooth feel.

There are three versions of the TTC Golden Switch Professional Edition Pro series: Gold Red Switch Pro, Gold Tea Switch Pro, and Gold and Silver Switch. Each of the three models has its own characteristics, and you can choose according to your preference. The main features are as follows:

TTC Gold Red Switch Pro

Precisely lubricated at the factory, using high-precision molds with injection molding, the product has high consistency, smooth and stable.

TTC Gold Tea Switch Pro

Rhythmic paragraph feel, factory precision lubrication, clear and round touch.

TTC gold and silver shaft

With a trigger stroke of 1.4mm and a trigger pressure of 45 grams, compared with the traditional red switch of 2.0mm, the trigger stroke of the gold and silver switches is 30% earlier, and the total stroke is 3.5mm. Compared with the traditional red switch of 4.0mm, the reciprocating efficiency is increased by more than 10%.

All three shaft cores are made of polymer composite material, which is durable and flexible. In addition, TTC said that it has redesigned the shaft core mold of the golden axis Pro, which is more precise and improves the matching accuracy of the shaft core, the upper cover and the base, thus effectively reducing the problem of shaking and looseness during the pressing operation.

The first keyboard equipped with the Golden Switch Pro series will be released in the near future. It will be launched by mechanics and domestically. Interested partners can pay attention to it. We will disassemble and evaluate it later when we have the opportunity.

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