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Ultra-high-value mechanical keyboard-new upgrade, old taste and new formula-Durga 620W CORONA

As a digital blogger, it is very common to deal with digital products. Recently, I have come into contact with some mechanical keyboards, such as the domestic brand Dujia. Why Dujia? It’s very simple. The first time I came into contact with it was their K620W fog blue 87 keys, which won my heart in terms of appearance and feel. I also experienced K330W during this period, but in the end I chose K620W as the main keyboard. Long battery life, three-mode, color-matched PBT keycaps, and fine touch, the K620W basically has no shortcomings. If you have to say the shortcomings, it is the lack of light, so this time the Durga K620W CORONA white light version is here! After using it for a few days, let’s talk about this keyboard briefly!

The packaging is basically the same as the previous 620W packaging, and the color-printed packaging is more dynamic. The upper left corner of the front is the model introduction in English, and the upper right corner is the English LOGO. The middle part is the product rendering. The overall packaging matches the color of the keyboard, and the visual experience is very refreshing.


Durga K620W CORONA continues the previous K620W 87 keys, the overall layout has not changed much

There are thousands of comments on the mechanical keyboard feel among a thousand people, but when I first came into contact with the Durga K620W, it is still the most comfortable keyboard for me so far, whether it is the feel, appearance or keyboard typing sound.


The design of Durga K620W CORONA is mainly white, with blue, gray and black as the overall embellishment of the keyboard. The borders on three sides of the keyboard are black with the DURGOD LOGO at the bottom for fault treatment. The left, right and bottom of the border are decorated with black. The keyboard Compared with pure color, the overall color design makes people feel less tired visually. The upper cover part is made of white, which makes the design more layered.

On the top of the keyboard cover, there is a switch key, a wired connection/charging Type-C port, there are not too many openings to destroy the overall feeling

The pure white keyboard bottom shell echoes the upper cover, and the 2.4G receiver storage place on the right has non-slip pads on the flat contact point and the support tripod.

In terms of support angle, Dujia K620W uses a two-stage support tripod, which can have a better typing posture, and the area of ​​the support frame is large enough, without the need to pull the support frame in reverse, and can achieve blind operation.


I used ABS keycaps before, not to say that it is not good, but I have come into contact with this 87-key position of Dujia, and I really can't put it down. The first is the color design of the keycaps, a three-color design. The ESC, space, and Enter buttons are in blue color matching, and the rest are gray and white as the main color matching, which is officially called fog blue.

In terms of details, the height of the keycaps is more ergonomic. Starting from the space bar row, the upper row will be a little higher than the lower row, which is like the design of a staircase.

Durga K620W CORONA white version is not much different from the previous K620W in appearance, but it has a certain upgrade in terms of texture and percussion feel.

Durga K620W CORONA white light version The PCB version is newly designed to facilitate the installation of white lights, while the K620W PCB version does not have a reserved light position. The lighting upgrade brought this time makes up for a small shortcoming of the k620w without lighting.

Compared with K620W, Durga K620W CORONA white version keycap adopts white transparent character printing, which can better show lighting effects. It is matched with Kaihua custom tea switch. The total stroke of this tea switch is 4mm, the trigger stroke is 2.0mm, and the trigger force 50gf, compared with K620W's straight up and down Jiadalong custom silver switch, Kaihua's tea switch has a stronger sense of paragraph, if you like the sense of paragraph, then this custom tea switch of Dujia is really suitable for you, and the sound is very refreshing.

Durga K620W CORONA white light version supports wired, bluetooth, 2.4G, and three-mode connection, which fully meets the needs of daily learning, office entertainment, and for game lovers, through the wired mode, you can get lower tapping delay and faster response. gaming experience.

Of course, if you are a MacBook user, the system can automatically recognize the switching mode and present three supplementary keys, which can be said to be a very good experience for users of dual-system computers.

The battery life problem is also a big problem for the keyboard. If the lighting is installed, the battery life will be greatly reduced. Fortunately, the K620W CORONA white version can manually turn off the lighting effects and adjust the brightness. When all the lights are turned off, the K620W CORONA White Light Edition Bluetooth connection can achieve 365 days of battery life, which is not a bit stronger than the keyboards on the market.

Of course, if you like customized keyboards, then the foundation of Dujia K620W is enough for you to use. The full-key hot-swappable, replaceable shaft and keycap design can satisfy your DIY desires in the later stage.

The K620W CORONA white light version has added lights on the basis of the original K620W, and retains the delicate touch of the original keycaps. The switch body is optional, the battery life is super strong, and the weight is full. Succeeding the K620W as my workhorse keyboard.

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