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Ultra-thin, compatible with dual systems, Keychron K1Pro Bluetooth dual-mode mechanical keyboard sharing

Recently, when a few friends connected an external keyboard to a Mac Book, they were mad because the keyboard did not match the Mac system and the keys did not match. As far as keyboards compatible with Mac systems are currently on the market, the Keychron brand should be one of the best. This brand first became popular from the Internet, and then returned to the domestic market strongly, and won the favor of many users in a short period of time. The main selling points of its K series keyboards are: portable, ultra-thin, support Bluetooth 5.1 and wired connection modes, compatible with Windows and Mac dual systems. The keyboard I will share with you today is the K1 Pro from Keychron.

The outer packaging is still the black and simple style of the K series family. The brand, model, and keyboard appearance are hot stamped on the black outsole.

The main features of the keyboard are briefly described on the back, including: short axis, TKL configuration, dual-system compatibility, support for QMK VIA key change, dual-mode, compatible with up to 3 devices at the same time, large-capacity battery, and various lighting effects wait.

The family portrait includes: K1 Pro keyboard body, quick start guide, switch replacement prompt card, replacement WIN system function icon keycap, key puller, shaft puller, Type-C data cable, and bilingual instruction manual.

K1 Pro is installed with Mac version function keycaps by default. The keyboard has a relatively compact 87-key layout, mainly in black and dark gray. The two red keycaps dotted make the overall visual experience not too cold.

In order to achieve the purpose of thinness and portability, there is almost no extra space around the keyboard. The distance between the F area, the right function/direction area and the main key area is very close. It looks like 590 grams.

The corners have been rounded and chamfered, and the overall appearance is relatively round, and it is not easy to poke or push the hand when picking and placing.

The equipped keycaps are LSA height, and the height of each row is basically the same, which further reduces the size of the keyboard.

The keycap is made of PBT material, made of two-color injection molding process, with fine frosted particles on the surface, which is very comfortable to the touch. The spout on the back is very clean, and the overall workmanship is pretty good.

The main combined function icons are all printed on the corresponding keycaps, no need to worry about memorizing, and there is basically no threshold for getting started.

There are multiple versions of K1 Pro, the white version has 14 lighting effects, and the RGB version has 22 lighting effects, all of which can be switched through the lighting effect button on the upper right corner, which is very convenient to operate.

The two indicators of the keyboard are located on the right side of the ESC key in the upper left corner, which are the Caps indicator and the Bluetooth pairing indicator.

The upper panel and the side of the keyboard are an anodized aluminum frame body with a delicate surface and a comfortable touch. On the premise of ensuring the overall strength, the thickness of the keyboard is further shortened.

The thickest part on the back side of the keyboard is about 2.4cm, which is similar to the height of a one-yuan coin. The Type-C socket is located in the middle of the rear side, and there is an inconspicuous charging indicator light next to it.

The mode switch and system switch of the keyboard are located on the rear edge. The physical switch is very convenient to switch and the confirmation is clearer. K1 Pro supports connecting up to 3 devices at the same time. After switching to Bluetooth mode, press and hold Fn+1/2/3 for 3 seconds to pair; after that, press and hold Fn+1/2/3 to switch between 3 devices Switch quickly and seamlessly.

The large key position adopts a satellite shaft structure, which has been lubricated and adjusted before leaving the factory. There is no noise such as steel wire sound, and the consistency of the hand feel is also very good.

My switch is the short 2.0 red switch from Jiadalong. The red switch is matched with a transparent top cover, which is much thinner than the traditional switch, and the swing of the switch is very small. The trigger pressure is 50±15gf, the conduction stroke is 1.7±0.4mm, and the total stroke is 3.2±0.2mm. The overall feel is very smooth, and the rebound is also crisp and powerful.

In addition, the K1 Pro RGB keyboard is also divided into soldering and hot-swappable versions. This one is the hot-swappable version, which can quickly and easily replace other short shafts (the position of the short shaft pins is different from that of conventional MX switches). In addition, the keyboard adopts the upper light position design.

The emitted RGB lighting can be seen from the back and sides of the keyboard. Its built-in 1550mAh lithium battery can stand by for about 35 hours after charging for 2 hours (with the backlight turned off).

The bottom shell of the keyboard is made of plastic material, which is very simple. The two-stage foot supports provide common inclination angles of 6° and 9° respectively, which can be adjusted according to your own habits.

K1 Pro also supports key change and lighting effect switching through QMK/VIA, which is also a relatively leading concept among domestic mass-produced brands. At present, you can prompt the page to change the key through the operation of the details page. The experience is very good, and players with good hands-on ability can create exclusive productivity tools according to their usage habits.

The black upper panel does not reflect light very well. In addition, the keycap itself is not transparent. The RGB backlight mainly exists in the form of ambient light from between the keycaps. Overall, the lighting effect is quite satisfactory. The keyboard supports the replacement of other light-transmitting keycaps, but the original intention of being thin and light will be lost after replacement. It is a matter of opinion on how to choose.

Finally, in a brief summary, Keychron K1 Pro is indeed the best in terms of compatibility with Mac systems, and there is no obvious delay in quickly switching between multiple Bluetooth devices, giving people a surprise of seamless connection. The ultra-thin and light attributes focus on portable storage, which is very friendly to mobile office users. In addition, although this is a keyboard with office attributes, the hot-swappable design and QMK/VIA key change function endow it with high customization attributes. Coupled with the good-feeling Jiadalong short switch 2.0 red switch, the playability of this keyboard has been greatly improved. Of course, if you don’t need the hot-swappable function and RGB backlight, there are also versions that remove these two functions to choose from.

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