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Unboxing Chapter 4: "New Gadget" Black Magic Trackpad

In addition to updating a batch of luxury hardware such as Mac studio and XDR at the Apple conference in March, the official website also updated the black version of the Magic Control Board MMMP3CH/A to replace the original starry gray color (previously only the iMac Pro was purchased together with the black version. ), support for separate purchases. However, there is no activity for the new Magic Trackpad, and the price of 1049 is a bit persuasive (the white version is 899, Cook really made the color change to the extreme), so I have not started it for a long time. Coincidentally, in April, members of Apple's self-operated store gave a 20% off accessory coupon, which was paired with a 94% off accessory coupon, and the final price was 768.6 yuan. The white model was placed in the minority member group and was shot in seconds, so I can't wait to use the new device. Different from the previous starry sky gray color scheme, the new Magic Control Board adopts the black silver black-Oreo color scheme, and the whole black glass on the front is really cool to put on the table.

Image via Mike Peterson

The new interface is still Apple's traditional art lighting interface, and the right side is the Bluetooth switch

Image via Mike Peterson

The accessory is a black c to lighting braided wire

Image via Mike Peterson

The white version that was consistently used before was Magic Trackpad 2. Although Apple’s official website did not indicate that the black version was trackpad3, the version of the accessory that updated the data cable last year will be called Magic Trackpad 3. Compared with the 2nd generation products, the R angle of the front panel of the new Magic Control Board is larger and more rounded, and it looks a little less sharp.

There is no change in the material of the two generations of products, both are a whole glass panel on the front, but the difference in cutting angle also causes a slight difference in weight between the two. The weight of the black magic control board is 227.5g, while the white The model is 231.9g.

The matte texture of the black Magic Control Board is obviously much better than that of the white one, with greater friction on the surface, while the white one is relatively smooth; the biggest impact of daily use is the visibility of dust and grease on the surface, and the black one is obviously easier Pick up dirt and grease, and the white version is much better.

The change on the back is more obvious. The back of the 2nd generation is glossy, which is more prone to dust and is very obvious, but the back of the new model is matte, which is much better.

The back of the white model clearly states that it is Magic Trackpad 2, and the black model does not have any generational signs, so it may not be the official Magic Trackpad 3.

To sum up, the impact of the two Magic Trackpads on daily use before and after the replacement is minimal, and the more obvious intuitive touch is mainly reflected in the surface friction; there is no difference in the logo of the black and white models connected to the computer (I thought it would be white and white) , black shows black, the result is all black); but from the appearance, the black model is more in my personal aesthetic preference, and it is cooler than the star gray one!

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