Uncle Good Things Chapter Thirty-Four: 299 Playing with a customized mechanical keyboard? Pennefather V700DIY did it

In the past year, new products in the keyboard circle have also emerged in an endless stream. No, Rapoo has launched the 299 Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard, which supports hot-swappable full keys. It is also Rapoo’s first 104-key full-size keyboard. Customized keyboard, with Rapoo self-developed KA-12 linear fast silver switch/spring white switch, comes with factory run, more playability and convenience.

To say that the biggest change in the key ring is undoubtedly the popularization of customization. In the environment where the mechanical keyboard is quite mature and the price is getting more and more affordable, the homogeneity of the mechanical keyboard is getting more and more serious. Now only The highly customized attributes of the customized keyboard can bring players a different sense of freshness. Let's talk about this Pennefather V700DIY mechanical keyboard product that I started with.

Rapoo V700DIY is very novel in design, with 104 programmable keys and no red keys. PBT two-color keycaps, separate key line design, the aluminum alloy upper cover is suspended to present a simple and narrow frame, the tough dorsal fin shape on the right, the floating ergonomic keycap sorting, the selected silver aluminum alloy material upper cover and pure white keys Cap, the typical temperament emerges spontaneously.

The keyboard adopts PBT two-color injection molding process. The material is solid and kind, with fine-grained touch and even light transmission. The keyboard only uses a separate key line design with a detachable storage line of 1.5m or more, which is easy to carry. The gold-plated USB interface has anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, keeps transmission stable for a long time, and has a long service life.

Surprisingly, there are 5 special function multimedia buttons in the upper right corner. From left to right, there are mode switch button, light switch button, scroll wheel mode switch button, mute button and the scroll wheel on the far right. It is absolutely convenient to adjust the volume by scrolling.

Rapoo V700DIY mechanical keyboard, the key travel is very short, the response is fast, the touch is comfortable, the keys are full of mechanical feeling, the keyboard is relatively compact, the space is greatly saved, the initial experience is very good, the keycaps that are not easy to slip, not easy to accidentally touch . The appearance is simple and the lighting effect is amazing. After all, Rapoo is an old brand, and the quality of workmanship is guaranteed. After hot-swapping, you are not afraid of a certain key failure.

Rapoo's independent hot-swappable linear fast silver axis, calibration factory moist satellite axis, equipped with Penpoo's independent hot-swappable linear fast silver axis mechanical switch, suitable for most five-pin hot-swappable shafts on the market, and can be changed at will. Feel the impact of different touch. The short key travel triggers the signal faster, the rebound is strong and fast, and the service life of the single axis is 50 million times. Hot-swappable linear fast silver switch triggers sensitive rebound and strong fast silver switch, sensitive rebound, steady attack, 4mm total stroke, 1.3±0.5mm trigger stroke, 45±10gf trigger pressure.

Axis body composition: PVC axis + PC high transparent upper cover + stainless steel spring + alloy copper sheet + high density nylon base. Flick the white axis, faster and lighter, and trigger quickly. Surprisingly, it also supports hot-swappable, hot-swappable metal shaft seats that can be customized and replaced for 10,000 times. The hot-swappable metal shaft seat is stable and firm. The hot-swappable metal shaft seat is used, which is anti-oxidation, strain-resistant, stable and firm contact, and has a service life of 10,000 times of plugging and unplugging, which is durable.

104-key full-size key layout, USB connection can realize key conflict-free, ensure that every operation can respond accurately, and experience a smooth gaming experience. Coupled with the RGB backlight system, the game mode can be set independently by one key. The key trigger is sensitive and the rebound is strong, with a strong touch feel, and the sound when typing the keyboard is relatively quiet, not only suitable for gaming scenes, but also very good for office use suitable.

The adjustment function is also very simple. Through the combination of Fn + F1~F12, the 12 multimedia shortcut functions of the Win system can quickly switch between multimedia playback, volume adjustment, mail and other functions. Independent programming, macro settings and lighting effect settings can also be performed. Fn + Win key realizes the opening/locking of the Win key, which prevents the screen from being cut out due to accidental touch of the Win key during fierce games, and is suitable for both office work and entertainment.

Write at the end:

Customized keyboards have become the mainstream, and Rapoo V700DIY is definitely rare as a 299 hot-swappable mechanical keyboard. The key is the use of RGB lighting effects. The silver axis body is comprehensive and suitable for games. It is also suitable for office work. I have to say that the design of Rapoo is very good.

However, currently it only supports wired mode, which is still a little lacking. I am still looking forward to the next upgrade to add 2.4G and Bluetooth mode, so that it will be a more perfect customized keyboard.

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