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Under the black appearance, there must be a heart that loves you - TTC giant heart mechanical switch evaluation experience

Hello everyone, I am Taotie

For the current mechanical keyboard market, it is indeed becoming more and more difficult to make a difference. In the face of fierce competition, conventional configurations and functions can no longer meet the increasingly sophisticated individual needs of consumers.

Therefore, it can also be seen from the recently launched mechanical keyboards that some manufacturers have begun to focus on the switch and feel. The institutionalized niche circle has entered the public's field of vision. However, the new shaft body cannot only be based on color change, but the change and innovation of its core are equally important. (The picture above is from zFrontier)

Then this time I will introduce a brand new switch body - TTC "Giant Heart" mechanical switch, as a new product of TTC, what is the difference between it? Let's experience it in practice.

The official promotion of this TTC giant heart mechanical switch is inspired by the Japanese manga "Attack on Titan". The axis itself represents black and light, which are originally two opposite sides, contradictory and conflicting. The darkness rushes towards us, causing the light to lose its direction; at this time, the light needs to find another way to break through the darkness.

In appearance, this shaft adopts a smoke black casing, which represents the darkness.

Through the top of the shaft core, you can see that each shaft core is inlaid with a heart shape, which represents that there is still a brave and tough heart in the dark.

Although the theme set up by this axis sounds a bit middle-aged, it still has a bit of taste in the innovative artistic conception.

Speaking of the shaft itself, although its appearance is still the structure of MX, it has been redesigned from the shaft core to the outer shell.

The bottom of the shaft adopts a three-legged design, and the steel-free kit may need attention.

Perhaps this TTC giant heart mechanical shaft adopts a new mold structure, and the original MX buckle shaft opener cannot be opened smoothly.

In the end, I used tweezers to pry the shaft apart.

After dismantling, as expected, this shaft has been adjusted in many details.

First of all, the axis part does not adopt the conventional one-piece structure, but is divided into a transparent cross head and a black axis base, and the little red heart is sandwiched between the two parts.

Needless to say, the texture of the extended gold-plated spring also provides a tighter and stronger rebound force for the shaft body.

It can be seen that some areas of the upper cover and the base of the shaft body still adopt a split structure, which naturally increases a lot of cost compared with the integrated one, but since TTC is pursuing the TOP level, the new attempt must have necessary.

Compared with the TTC heart switch with the same structure, this TTC giant heart mechanical switch has a conduction stroke of 1.2mm, and the trigger efficiency is increased by 40%. The minimum initial pressure is 37g, which can effectively prevent accidental touch.

The total stroke of the shaft body is 3.6mm, so this shaft body is closer to the feeling of the speed shaft of the silver shaft in terms of experience.

After knocking with the top hand, the pressure of the shaft body at the beginning and end remains linear, and the smoothness and stability are also quite good.

After taking it apart, it is found that the shaft body is not factory-lubricated, so if it can be self-lubricated, its overall texture should be further improved.

Let's actually experience the typing sound performance.

It has to be said that this switch body performs quite well in terms of creativity, appearance, feel, and quality. As the flagship switch body of TTC at this stage, if it can be distributed to the large market of mass-produced keyboards, it is bound to have a very good performance. Nice variety and freshness.

Of course, as a consumer, more experience and more choices are naturally excellent. So if you are still paying attention to the new shaft, then this TTC giant heart shaft is really worth a try.

Well, the above is the whole content of this article, thank you for reading!

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