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Unlock the new mode of mobile office: Rapoo XK100 Bluetooth keyboard experience

Nowadays, the performance of mobile phones is getting stronger and stronger, and the applications are becoming more and more abundant, especially the introduction of folding screen mobile phones, making mobile phones more and more new choices for mobile office. However, limited by the size, using the screen of a mobile phone or tablet to input, the speed is slow, and the screen display space is limited, so the office experience has not been ideal. At this time, a portable keyboard becomes a good choice for mobile office.

Recently, I got the opportunity to experience the Rapoo XK100 keyboard. This is a portable Bluetooth keyboard that supports switching between multiple systems and devices, easily meets the needs of different scenarios, and can greatly improve work efficiency and office experience. Next, I will share with you the relevant situation.

In terms of appearance, the Rapoo XK100 is available in black and white. This time I tried the white model, which is more fashionable and beautiful. The size of the Rapoo XK100 is 292×155×20mm, and the weight is about 472g. It is compact and light, and is easy to carry around.

Rapoo XK100 is designed with its own integrated card slot, especially suitable for tablets and mobile phones. The width of the card slot is about 12.5mm, and the length is 260mm, which can support all iPads except the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and easily meet the placement of most tablets, mobile phones and other devices.

The card slot has an elevation angle of about 110 degrees, which can provide a certain tilt angle when placing devices such as tablets, and the viewing angle of the screen is more natural. This is a very user-friendly design.

On the keys, the Rapoo XK100 adopts a 78-key layout and cancels the number key area on the right. Although the space is limited, the size and spacing of the keys adopt the standard keycap size, which helps users adapt quickly, improves input efficiency, and provides a more natural Comfortable typing experience.

Rapoo XK100 is equipped with chocolate keys, flat design, looks beautiful, and also controls the size of the keyboard. The surface and keycaps are frosted to further enhance the feel of the keyboard. The key adopts the classic scissor foot structure, the pressing force is more uniform, the key stroke is short, and it can rebound quickly, and the typing operation is relatively easy.

The transition of the corners of the keyboard is quite rounded, and the side of the keyboard adopts a wedge-shaped design with a certain inclination angle, which makes the finger placement angle more comfortable and natural.

The bottom of the keyboard is equipped with four small rubber feet, which play a non-slip role and can meet the use in the scene. For example, smooth material surfaces such as glass tables, counters, and marble slabs can also be placed stably without worrying about sliding around.

The charging interface and switch key of the keyboard are designed on the right side of the keyboard, the charging interface is Micro USB, and a charging cable is included with it. Of course, it will be more ideal if it is replaced with a more popular TYPE port.

The Rapoo XK100 has a built-in 280mAh battery, which can be fully charged in about 2 hours and can last up to 93 hours of battery life. At the same time, the keyboard will automatically enter sleep mode if there is no operation for 10 minutes, which helps to improve battery life.

There are four indicator lights in the upper right corner of the keyboard, which are uppercase and lowercase status indicators, Bluetooth pairing status, charging indicators, and power-on indicators. When the battery of the keyboard is low, the power-on indicator light will flash to remind the user to charge in time.

Rapoo XK100 is compatible with multiple systems and devices. It can be connected via Bluetooth 3.0. After turning on the Bluetooth function, the pairing name of the device manufacturer is "RAPOOBT3.0", and the combination of FN+C can enter the pairing state. Pairing is possible.

Rapoo XK100 supports fast switching between three different devices, which can be switched by FN+1/2/3, which is simple and convenient, and is very friendly to multi-device users. We can use multiple devices such as tablets and mobile phones together, which is very comfortable.

Rapoo XK100 is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems, and has optimized corresponding key positions for different systems. When switching to different operating systems, you can switch the corresponding operating system through the FN+Q/W/E combination key to ensure the normal use of the keys.

Especially when the keyboard is adapted to the Mac system, the Option and Command keys of the Apple computer are marked on the keys, which is convenient for users to quickly familiarize themselves with the operation when using the computer.

Rapoo XK100 supports rich multimedia shortcut keys. For example, under Windows system, FN+F1~F12 can realize functions such as song switching and volume adjustment. The keyboard also indicates commonly used shortcut keys, and the corresponding functions are on the keys The blue marking makes the use of the keyboard more convenient and considerate.

On the Android device, after the keyboard is connected to the Bluetooth, functions such as returning to the home page, adjusting the volume, and locking the screen can be realized through the shortcut function keys, which improves the convenience of operation, and the input efficiency is effectively improved by directly inputting text content through the keyboard.

From the actual typing experience, the use of a physical keyboard has significantly improved the efficiency of content input. Although the keys of the Rapoo XK100 are chocolate keys, the rebound and force feedback of the keys are still well done, allowing users to maintain a good typing rhythm and bringing a very comfortable keyboard experience. The small size can be easily packed into a carry-on school bag, and it takes up very little space, so it won't be a burden to carry it out.

Generally speaking, the Rapoo XK100 is a portable Bluetooth keyboard with a good design concept. It has a small and beautiful appearance, and the unique card slot design is very practical. The functions of the keyboard and the quality of the keys are not bad, and the typing experience is very good. The feature of supporting multi-system and multi-device switching makes this key easy to adapt to various portable mobile digital devices. The price of about 100 yuan is also relatively close to the people. It can be said that it is a very good equipment for users who often go out and work on the move.

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